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  1. I have seen some listed on ebay...
  2. I have two #8 Danforth's (one for the bow and one for the stern) with 10 feet chain - 100' of rope for my SL20 in the inner coastal at Pensacola Beach. I usually run out 10" to 1" and it set solid with no dragging what so ever. My anchors sit in these when not in use: https://www.amazon.com/AnchorSuit-Storage-Danforth-Fortress-Fluke-style/dp/B01CISXFEO Gook luck!
  3. I have several bent snap studs (for the cover) on most of the front end of my new (new to me) 2013 20SL, does anyone know the stud/snap size for me to purchase for replacement? Thanks in advance!
  4. looks like 15+" wide by 17+" tall for the door opening....
  5. thanks!
  6. does anybody have any idea of the "fit inside" the helm console side door dimensions and/or floor space behind the door for a 2013 20SL? Thanks!
  7. OK, thanks so much for the insight and tips on log cleaners...the 20SL has been used in the salt waters of Gulf Shores, AL for two + years now...and will continue to be used by me now on the bay/Inter-coastal waters off of Pensacola Beach, FL where it will be trailered in my 1st tier house driveway... Any particular advice regarding operating my 20SL in those conditions that ya'll could share? Thanks in advance!
  8. here is a picture of my logs.... do they look that bad to ya'll considering salt water usage the last two years by original owners???
  9. Brand new to this forum, just purchased a 2013 20SL from the original owner last week...so I want to clean up the logs and was considering using JJV's Best ALU100-Q Aluminum Pontoon Cleaner to do the job. Thoughts? Thanks!