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  1. She's here!

    I know the feeling! Going through this the 2nd time in 9 months with my PADS affliction. Ordered on January 23 and still no build date. I anticipating having it on the lake in late to early April.
  2. She's here!

    The strakes/foils look very similar but if you look you at Lakelivings Benny you can see some slight differences.
  3. New boat on order

    My wife said why did you not order illumination and said sorry my bad. It looks like it will be awesome. Sound great!
  4. What model do you own (or want to)

    You got that right! I thought I was nuts until i came to this forum. People would look at my table at the lake place and see Pontoon and Deck Boat magazine and look at me like you really like boating. Nothing better for fun in the world is my come back.
  5. 2017 Boat Shows

    I also agree. I always see quality shortcuts on other brands.
  6. Touchless Boat Covers

    I am in Missouri also and have seen these. I did not go this direction for exactly what Lefty wrote. At a marina you have to deal with spiders and it's not a tight fit and compared to other options it's not cheap. I think it's all in what you want. I can see why people would want them as who really likes covering their boat. I am religious with it but this would take away that element of boating.
  7. New member with new benny on order

    Lakeliving nailed! It you will love this set-up and best value for your dollar.
  8. New boat on order

    Ordered mine on 1/23 and still don't have a build date. I know my dealer has slots it's a matter of assigning my build in the schedule. It's allowed me to add a few items. I decided to add a few of the lighting options like 6YC Yamaha gauges, remote stereo, lighted cup holders, side illumination, underwater. I hope they build it soon as keep adding stuff all though I think I have about run of anything I would want to add.
  9. SPS Plus

    I would have also on my old boat!
  10. F300 vs. 250 SHO

    I am biased as I just ordered 23 RCW with F300 was advised to go with F300 over the SHO.
  11. Welcome to Club Bennington

    I have a trailer and slip. Need the trailer as my dealer is an hour away. We also look to pull the boat to a couple other lakes during the summer. Iike the confidence of being able get my boat any where I want when I want.
  12. PADS - Ordered New 23 RCW

    Thank you! We're really excited. My dealer told me this morning they had already sold my trade-in Bennington to some folks in Iowa. Now we need the new one.
  13. SPS Plus

    As I just traded in a SPS with 200 HP, you will really like it. It's a great set-up and motor.
  14. 2017 Yamaha 150

    You will have PADS and want a new boat before you ever have toworry about the motor.