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  1. They no longer put it on the door from everything I can tell. They changed from the door to console for and Q series for the 17 model year. Highly doubt they willl do that on your model. Call your dealer they may know.
  2. Do you think whoever bought that read the forum and bought as much horsepower as he could afford.
  3. It will be much longer than 12 weeks. I am still waiting for part of furniture and it has been 5 months and 2 days.
  4. I agree you should be in the low to mid 50's.
  5. How fast did the Q go? Keep in mind that boats 5 years ago were lighter in weight based on my research.
  6. 2014 F150 King Ranch V8 5.0 liter. Purchased new in 2015.
  7. That's brutal. I would be beside myself in your shoes. I realize now what a risk I took in January when I let my dealer have my trade in Bennington before I had my new one. I did not do that with my first trade as it was boating season and I wanted a boat until I had my new one. I figured ordering on January 18 there was not much risk as they told me 6 to 8 weeks for the new one which took 12 weeks. Throw in an issue like your experiencing and I have no boat for the summer. Hang in they will get this right.
  8. Very cool and thank you for your service! The pics look great.
  9. A lot of owners do not. I see I left the don't off inadvertently in my previous post. I just edited that post. I see expensive and inexpensive just horribly taken care of. My theory is some people who purchase boats have no idea the work involved to keep a boat up. I really don't think of it as work to cover my boat or to keep it clean. It is just some thing I take pride in and actually enjoy doing. It is part of the whole boating experience to get to the marina an hour before I go out to clean up the boat. This is just my observations over the last 15 years at the marina's I have been slipped in.
  10. My first pontoon was a 2006 Bennington 2250 GL. I had a covered slip and the only time I did not cover it is when I was using it the next day and no rain in the forecast. A few slips a way the same version in the R of mine was purchased at the same time. These people did not cover there boat often. By the need of the first summer I considered the non-covered boat to be trashed. The birds and spiders had done a job on it. Fast forward 10 years and my furniture looks brand new and the carpet had also looked good. The non-covered Bennington has ripped and rotted seats. Every one of them. I would not step on that carpet for fear of catching a disease. I would always say to my wife and that is why we cover the boat and spend a minimum of half hour every week wiping down the outside and inside of the boat. I have had my 23 RCW 2 months and I spent an hour beached waxing it on Saturday. It looks great! I am astounded at how many people take don't care of their boats.
  11. Great looking boat! Now the fun begins. Enjoy.
  12. I would not change that prop. That is great performance and the same prop I had on my F200.
  13. Nice job Andy...Looks great.
  14. I am not using either. Dealer strongly advised against it. I never used it with my first Benny and the seats looked brand new after 10 years. You do not need protectant for the Simtex vinyl.