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  1. I am glad with the Simtex there is no need for the 303 any more. I love the new vinyl. Cleans really easy.
  2. Yep know it well and agree the small lakes in that area are very nice.
  3. SuBe what lake are you on in SE Wisconsin?I grew up in Twin Lakes on Lake Elizabeth. My brother has a Bennington on Lake Mary. It has been 41 years that my family has had boats on those lakes.
  4. There is a sunset red with campaign accent Q on our lake and it is stunning. This was our 2nd choice of colors. It looks great. I would not Hesitate to get this color.
  5. I agree and would add that higher end models G,R,Q normally have higher discounts to MSRP and it is possible to get as much as 30% off of one of these models.
  6. Also have eliminated privacy curtain on every Bennington I have owned. Never have need to change on the boat. I like maximum storage space.
  7. The EPP package is not a banking,performance system. It will give you more buoyancy and speed but it will never turn like an SPS or ESP.
  8. I also have stainless steel and they work great only use when docking at my marina and they do exactly as intended.
  9. Great looking Bennington! Enjoy.....Nothing better than the first hours on a new boat.
  10. We have a lake place in Warsaw. Permanent home in Kansas City. Drive through Peculiar every weekend on the way to the lake. Did you get your Bennington at Midwest?
  11. The 200 I had last year was top hole.
  12. Congrats! Awesome looking Bennington.
  13. Congratulations on pulling the trigger. I would think very carefully about the EPP verses the SPS. If you're going to up grade the SPS or ESP is the way to go. I have had both the SPS and ESP and yes the ESP is better for banking in turns but not way better. There are some slight differences but I think the SPS with power steering assist with a 150 to 200 is a great set-up. Enjoy the upgrading no matter what you decide!
  14. Awesome looking boat. Enjoy your Bennington!
  15. Really sad to see this. Thoughts and prayers.