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  1. vinyl flooring maintenance

    +1.... Very easy to clean with water and a broom.
  2. Love at first sight!

    Awesome welcome to the group! Great build and love the pics.
  3. Motor raised and prop changed on the 350

    But Carl.....You will get 20% to 30% offof MSRP.....I know the numbers are mind numbing.
  4. Upholstery color choice

    I have the sandstone and had it on my previous boat. You are right itis a grayish white. We had no issues keeping it clean. I have had the new boat with BennTexx upholstery for only a few weeks but my initialimpression is it will be easier to keep clean. I had a couple spots and sprayed fantastic and it just wiped clean. I can't speak to how hot driftwood might get but my opinion is every material gets hot if it is really hot out so I don't worry about it to much.
  5. 350 HP on 23 G And R Series

    You and me both. I did not want to go to the 25 which is a 27' boat. The 23 at 25' is plenty and works well in my 28' slip.
  6. First impressions

    Sounds like a great day. Power steering with SPS is the key to getting full performance out of that set-up. It makes the whole boating experience more enjoyable.
  7. 350 HP on 23 G And R Series

    I am very happy with my boat. You will love the 200 on the 24' Bennington. It is a great set-up on the SPS. You will be thrilled with your boat. How do I know i had the 24' G with a 200 last summer and it's great.
  8. 350 HP on 23 G And R Series

    For the heck of it i priced my same boat with the 350 both Yamaha and Mercury to see how much more I would paid with the same amount off of MSRP. It would have been $4k more for the 350 V8 Yamaha and $1k more for the Mercury Verado 350. The Mercs are cheaper than the Yams. The $1k makes me shake my head.
  9. 350 HP on 23 G And R Series

    For all you speed demons out there. I noticed today on boat builder you can now get a 350 HP capacity tag for R and G series 23models. Just amazing how the HP continues to increase for all of these models. I am very happy with the 300 on my 23 RCW but if this had been available then I probably would have done it. And no Pads is not coming back that won't happen. 47 to 50 MPH for me is plenty fast!
  10. Ready to launch

    Congratulation! Great looking Bennington.
  11. New delivery - 21SFX

    Congratulations! Big or Small or in between a new Bennington is a big deal and willabsolutely be just as much fun because it is what you wanted !
  12. Motor raised and prop changed on the 350

    It's always great when the adjustments work. Congratulations that is fantastic performance.
  13. 22 SCWX vs 24 SCWX - Deck Length?

    There was an earlier question on this and we believe the 24 information is wrong.
  14. Finally In The Water

    F200 I had maybe lost a 1MPH when water was real warm. I will also gain some speed when conditions are better the wind was just awful.

    Alicedream( Ray's Boat) Boat Model- 23 RCW Closed Stern Model Year- 2017 Tube Option- ESP Power Option- F300XCA Yamaha Prop Specs- 15.5 -17 Performance- 5900 RPM 49.3 MPH with 28 gallons of gas and 1 adult and 100 pound dog. 5800 RPM- 48.5 with 3 adults and 100 pound dog and 48 gallons of fuel. Conditions were temp low 50's heavy chop in winds ranging from 15 to 30 MPH. Strong performance.