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  1. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    That is one great boat. It is awesome looking!
  2. Yamaha F115 Stainless Prop Guidance Please

    Yes SS will make a difference on a 150 in performance because you have more torque. In my opinion a 115 is great engine but it is not a motor your getting to be a speed demon or for high performance. It was nice engine in 2006 for me on a pontoon that went Max with two people 25MPH. I have a rocky lake also but I would get SS for any engine 150 and above and especially at the 200 and above. You just have to know your lake and be careful.
  3. Just recieved our build date, now the countdown begins.

    Mine was built on March 8th but apparently they're missing one piece of furniture, so I wait. I hope this is not going to be a eight week additional wait because of this as I ordered on January 23rd.
  4. Yamaha F115 Stainless Prop Guidance Please

    I had 115 Mercury on my 1st Bennington. My humble opinion is that a SS on a 115 is not worth it. You will not get a big or any performance lift and if your truly worried about the rocks, I would not go with the SS.
  5. Maiden Voyage

    Sounds like a great day. Nothing better than that maiden voyage with a toy like a Bennington!
  6. Its here

    Congratulations! Great looking vessel that will bring many great family and friend memories.
  7. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Everything coming together. My new boat is stranded in Elkhardt, IN while they await one piece of furniture. The boat was built on March 8 but either that part was defective or never came in. The long wait continues.
  8. Guess the part?

    It looks great. Nice work.
  9. Guess the part?

    Is that a joke or did you mean tomiss spell Bennington.
  10. Opinions Please....2017 build for 23 GCW

    Really nice build. You're going to love that boat.
  11. Where's all of the new boat pictures?

    Mine was built on March 8 but still have not received the call that has been delivered to the dealer. I am going to wait until Friday and then call to see where it is. Usually at the dealership 6 to 10 days after built.
  12. Max Wind Speed

    We have many great coves on our lake and the lake is very large with high cliffs. You can always find a spot that is protected from the winds. If it is warm out and I can swim, I never let the wind deter me.
  13. What do you do?

    Great topic Andy! It is really cool to learn what all the great people on this forum have done during their lives other than own the best Boat in the industry!
  14. What do you do?

    There are about 90,000 employees in North America, so when you think about it that way it's not crazy. Heavy regulated sector since financial crisis.