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  1. Swim Dock overhaul..

    Cancelled the launching this weekend due to weather and other related activities... Anyway, here are the last pics before it gets wet. In its previous life, it never was properly anchored, so part of the anchor systemare 2 poles screwed into the lake bottom that'll slidethru these flanges I made out of Delrin (plastic). I tried to find something off the shelf, but I came up with my own instead: Installed with the screw / pole anchor: Helps to have a cheap lathe for stuff like that: And the old ladder got some new attaching hardware:
  2. Swim Dock overhaul..

    I sourced the aluminum 1"x4"x12' tubing locally at Shapiro metal supply in St Louis. Amazing place to look around if you're into that sort of thing.. Composite decking was from Menards. The rest was from Home Depot (dock hinges) andLowes andhonestly, if I was looking for a 4' wide dock section, I'd just buy something premade. I wanted a narrower 34" width.I don't think I saved any money, and It took way longer to do than I thought. I've probably got 15 to 20 hours in the plank-way thing. Its also heavier than I wanted even with the"lightweight" decking. I need to do a final tally buy I've got over $1300 in materials split evenly between both parts! Other than a few very small details its all done. I'll get some final pics at the launching
  3. Swim Dock overhaul..

    Ran out of glue yesterday... Only half of itwas able to be glued down.: Glued down the other half today: Also started the decking on the access plank.. and ran out of decking clips.! Another trip to Menards tomorrow...
  4. Swim Dock overhaul..

    Very close to final carpet and the ramp is all done but the decking: My tig welding skills are a but weak, but it'll get the job done. All hidden anyway. Warm enough today to let the sun settle down the carpet before it gets glued. The top has made a good work bench:
  5. Swim Dock overhaul..

    Another small update. I'm waiting for some dock hardware to arrive. Who'd of thought Home Depot sold this stuff... Anyway I started mocking up how the 12' ramp will attach. Previously the wood ramp was attached (with more wood) to just the plywood decking and aluminum rail. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. This time it will also be supported by the steel cross beams, which means I need a bracket to bridge the gap. First mock up for measuring purposes
  6. Swim Dock overhaul..

    Love the Ryobi 18v I've got the drill, 2 different lights (one flashlight, one larger area light I use camping, and the chain saw. The saw works amazingly well with the large battery
  7. What is an Adequate Dock

    I love our U dock. Boat lift is not allowed on our little lake, but it'd be a nice option.
  8. Swim Dock overhaul..

    Also bought some 1X4 aluminum rectangular tubing to fab up my walk ramp.
  9. Swim Dock overhaul..

    More photos as promised.. Laid out my $200+ plywood and cut the one in half just as it was done originally Test fit: My hardware came in yesterday so finalized the decking today: Laid out the new carpet so that it can relax for a day or so. Probably glue it down this week: Glue... Hope it works... Question. My photobucket account is acting strange. Can you all see the earlier pictures still?
  10. Bennington on the bed of a pu truck

    That has to be 15 or 16 feet to the top of the bimini!
  11. Swim Dock overhaul..

    Another small update: Brought home the carpet and"marine grade" plywood and made the onecut (in half) to make the 10 X 8 foot platform. Laid it out and should work fine... BTW.. photobucket sux ... site is down so I'll edit this later for pictures
  12. Swim Dock overhaul..

    Today I focused on cleaning the pontoons. This is as good as it gets: Before During: After: 90% of the work was done by the cleaner: 10% was done with a scotchbrite pad... Plan on a final wipe down and sharkhide to keep the raw aluminum from staining too soon.. no polish for this one: As it sits now:
  13. Swim Dock overhaul..

    Thanks for the encouragement! Here's a pic from 2004 that shows how we used it. I plan on rebuilding a small access plank again, so that's the second part of this build. Amazingly, we still have the ladder and it'll be reattached. Good idea on the Bennington decal! To think, most of these kids are all 23 to 25 years old now...
  14. Swim Dock overhaul..

    Had to drill out all the deck bolts... This step was the slowest. Once the wood was removed, it was much easier to move onto a smaller movable improvised dolly: I ground off some surface rust on the galvanized cross beams and spray bombed them with a can of "cold galvanized" paint from Rustoleum. I also tested a spot with some "Toon Brite". My goal is to just make it lookOK above the water line: Also located some "marine grade plywood" locally so that will save on shipping.. More updates tomorrow
  15. Swim Dock overhaul..

    This is only partially Bennington related so if this is of no interest or disallowed, just let me know. This was my old dock when I made due with just a john boat. Its been relegated to "farm swim pond duty" for the past 12 plus years and has dissolved into this state: This was removal day Saturday: Got it home on a makeshift trailer: Had to drill out all the deck bolts: Got it all off after a bit of trial and error: Lots of critters in hibernation: So far just much pressure washing has improved things already: