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  1. Winter Storage .... How much gas to leave in tank?

    Right! With my old pontoon I had a Honda 9.9 and it had a 3 gallon tank that I'd just carry around for fill ups and such. Still getting used to the mounted unit. I think I've run about 8 gallons so far this summer in 30 hours.
  2. Winter Storage .... How much gas to leave in tank?

    I have no access to Ethanol free fuel here, so I drain out as much as possible.
  3. I have 2 fuel options for winter storage. Thoughts?

    I'm in the "less gas in the tankthe better" crowd. I know all about room for condensation, but when I store all my stuff...Atv, jetski, scooter, I always drain out as much fuel as possible, then add stabilizer. Never had an issue, but it is stored indoors... EDIT.. I confused this thread with the other gas level thread Sorry
  4. Super cheap underseat LED light project

    Yea, I did change that up when I went back and cleaned up the wiring. I actually used some stick on pads that you can run a zip tie through and stuck them to the cross members. With a 9.9 I don't have to worry about under splashing.. or any splashing ;-)
  5. I've had these LED cheapies from walmart all summer and finally got around to pulling the boat out of the water and running some wires for them. Pic are pretty self explanatory : I powered them up with the 2 rockers that are all wired, but unused. The switches came with the LED side light package, ready to crimp on some matching connectors: Can never have enough of these puppies: I was worried that the 3M adhesive wouldn't stick to the mesh under seat material, but amazingly it stuck very well. If it fails later on, I have a plan B Ran a quick wire job under the boat using the speaker wire holes , then over to the console: End result one in front Starboard side and one rear port side:
  6. Remove Sharkhide

    Probably goes without saying, but only do this in a well ventilated area.
  7. Do you keep your bimini top up or down most times?

    Didn't want to start a new topic, so I'll throw this question outhere. How do I tighten up the canvas to eliminate rainwater pooling? Like this:
  8. Horn issues

    Yep, my cheapie S series horn is under the helm with a little grill that covers the opening in the side. Really loud for the operator.... Mine quit working within the first month, but it ended up being the switch itself. Terminals inside were a bit corroded, cleaned them up a bit and now it works great
  9. Domed numbers came through... In less than a week to my door today. Installed in about 10 minutes! Got to have some pics.... Now time for a cocktail!
  10. My registration and title finally came in the mail yesterday...(April 28th delivery) and its almost August.. Thank you state of Illinois... Anyway, ordered up some chrome numbers today and will post up the results when they arrive.
  11. Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    Nice looking truck! The OE tires on mine will probably be the first to go.
  12. Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    Traded in my 2006 Ram for a new 2016 Cummins MegaCabthat I ordered last month. So far very happy..
  13. Drought = low lake level

    What lake are you on Maynard?
  14. Hazy/Foggy windshield

    Not sure about toothpaste.... You want to buy Lexan polish...(Lexan is polycarbonate) .... or maybe even a kit that has several grits of polish I think even Walmart sells the stuff Meguiar's stuff is usually good I'd try a small test area with the least abrasive stuff first. I have an old bottle of RV type wax (that has cleaners in it) that is my go to test paste. It usually works with 90% of the stuff I need shined up.
  15. Lake Horseower Limits Question

    We have probably one of the weirdest situations. I live on a neighborhood lake with a 10hp limit but by a quirk in the bylaws, PWC are exempt so we have 9.9 party and fishing boatsalongside200hp 60 MPH Jet Skis. It actually went to local court when one neighbor, a lawyer (aka sharks)....sued another neighbor with a PWC (aka jets) It pitted the whole community against one another as about 2 dozen or more+PWC owners (including me) whom already owned them didn't want to give them up. Amazingly, the judge sided with the jets So far so goodand that was 20 years ago.. This is only about a hundred acre lake: