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  1. I have a S model and have the tow bar, even put pole holders on it.
  2. Boat Lake St. Clair. Was down by lake yesterday and saw 4 boats out on the water. Ice is gone.
  3. First round of golf weds. Boat is still 4 weeks away. Have a feeling we might get hit one more time with snow. I put snow blower away so blame it on me.
  4. Go with factory cover, better fit and looks good.
  5. 70
  6. Any pics to see their work? You do need some air flow.
  7. Lake St. Clair and St. Clair and Detroit Rivers.
  8. Take carpet in also.
  9. Off for sure. Make sure cover is clean and DRY and store in niece warm house.
  10. Try Wilson Marine. (517)546-3774. Good Luck.
  11. Small Mouth jump in your boat. Morning hours the best, after that the hot rods are out.
  12. New to forum but not to Bennington. How many are boating Lake St.Clair? We are at Waypointe Marina, Harrison Twp.