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    seat forward position
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  10. Hi 

    I see you have the bow recliner upgrade, how well do you like them and do you think the upgrade is wroth the price. Also do they slide a lot of the boats I have seen the seats are to close to front no leg room.

  11. Yes on the Ipilot for the "anchor" button on the remote. It will keep you (the T motor) within a couple of feet of a spot. The stronger the GPS signals, the more precise the control. The remote is great in that you control the mtr from anywhere on (or off if you are nervy) the boat. The GPS also allows way points to be set and allows you to retrace a track up to 2 miles in length. It remembers up to 6 tracks for playback. It will navigate to a track start point and then follow a recorded track. The GPS will also keep you on a set heading in autopilot mode or track to a set point (compensating for wind and current) in advanced autopilot mode; not tested yet. My 22 SFX moves well with the 24V 80lb system. So far I have only used it in light winds and currents. Where I have it mounted creates a tripping hazard when stowed but I think the bow is a better location for control purposes than perhaps on a corner next to the outboard in the stern. I also think that it is important to be able to retract the motor when stowed to allow docking bow first, as well as easy removal for security or more party space. The fact that I could get both batteries and the charger into the bow storage was another factor in choosing the 24v. system. I already had a harness and half gate on the boat.
  12. Hi Dev75... Here is an excerpt from my previous post in the "Trolling Motor" post listing what I have installed. Pictures of it installed are in the album "Trolling Motor" in the Pontoon Gallery. I added some new photos of a bounce preventer I rigged to minimize the bounce to the stowed motor when trailering or in heavy wave action....without mounting anything to the interior deck. I am pleased with the performance of the motor although it is a little heavy to deploy and stow since you have to reach out to lift it up and in. The auto deploy might be worth considering in you want to spend the extra bucks. I love the Ipilot system. I decided on an 80 lb thrust Minnkota Riptide with Ipilot and 2 batteries for 24V, 60 inch shaft for my 22sfx. Bow mounted with a sliding bracket to retract the motor when docking bow in. It also allows removal of the motor with the removal of one bolt. I chose 80 based on dealer recommendation, talking to some other fishermen, and online research. I wanted to sufficient oomph to manage a tall and heavy craft for windy conditions or currents in whichever bodies of water I will be operating in. Here is an excerpt from Cabela's info on choosing a motor: Simply put, the bigger (or taller) the boat, the more thrust you'll need to control it."The size and weight of your boat translates into your need for power (thrust) and endurance. The basic rule of thumb for determining the amount of thrust you need is five pounds of thrust for every 200 pounds of weight. Don't forget to include the weight of your boat's contents in the calculation. To be sure that you have enough power, take the boat's estimated weight and add in its maximum weight capacity. A boat that weighs 1,500 pounds, and has a maximum weight capacity of 1,200 pounds would need a motor with 67.5 pounds of thrust. (1,500 lbs. + 1,200 lbs. ÷ 200 = 13.5 x 5= 67.5)
  13. From the album Trolling motor

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  15. From the album Trolling motor

    Bounce buster made from a Bicycle flashlight holder clamp and a section of curtain rod for 60" shaft MinnKota trolling mtr