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  1. Boat trailer latch

    Yes. I ordered this setup but without the connector. Here's a link. It's supposed to be an excellent product.
  2. Friday the 13th

    @BigKahunaYes sir! I did have a polar plug in both Lake Wylie and Mountain Island Lake. Mtn Island was much cooler!! My goal was to go boating and swim, or at least get in the water, every month for a year since we purchased our boat back in June. So far, I've managed that goal. It seems the worst part is behind us! Did you get your boat wrapped yet?
  3. Stern Loungers

    Rear loungers....was not at all my first choice for the boat! However, due to a very impatient wife, there was a boat that met all my specs including the engine and it was ready to leave the showroom floor immediately. I caved in and bought the boat with rear loungers. Now that I have it, I would NEVER get another boat without them. Ours allows for you to put your feet on the floor or on a cushion by the back gate. I love ours and recently had a nap while fishing.
  4. February Fishing in NC.jpg

    From the album Night Fishing in February

    A wonderful clear somewhat warm night in February.
  5. Friday the 13th

    Yes. It was so warm, at low speeds, that I ended up in just my swim shorts. I did jump in the water and got out really quick! I checked my gauges and found the water temperature to be a busty 42 degrees. I will say, that one day on the water really lifted my winter blues and made me very happy I purchased a Bennington and sold the Sea Ray!
  6. Friday the 13th

    Tomorrow is Friday the 13th...but around Charlotte it's going to be a sunny 69-74 degree day. It's a lucky day for us. I'm taking a half day tomorrow and getting a little sunshine. You've got to love January boating in NC! I can't wait for another ride on our Bennington!
  7. Floating Water Pads or Mats - Any Suggestions?

    We have one. It's a4 inch pad. It works great, but one big drawback is taking it out on the boat. The pad takes up a lot of space and wants to blow out while underway. Sure you can strap it down and find somewhere to store it; however, after taking it out about five times, even with us liking it, it sits beside the boat house.
  8. Boater safety quiz.......

    I missed the fire extinguisher and the alcohol one.
  9. Getting Big Kahuna wrapped.....

    Sounds awesome! In my opinion, I would go with the reg and boat name in the wrap and then buy a nice set of the Benni chrome logo names. That would look really nice. Good luck on your wrap and like everyone else, I can't wait to see the results. I'm sure it's going to be awesome!
  10. Loss mph under full load of stuff.

    Very happy to see you got your boat back! Lake Norman is beautiful. I boat on Mtn. Island, which is where the Neck Road boat landing is. I read your post this morning and my heart happy to keep reading and find your boat made it back to you intact. Enjoy the boating season isn't over yet. I'm going out later this morning!
  11. End of Season

    Wow...NC folks, I can't believe you're giving up on boating. I actually took a day off tomorrow to go boating. I LOVE this weather!!
  12. Caution: Whatever your budget is...double it!
  13. Winter Storage - What would you do?

    Please get rid of it! I miss the snow...a little. I like it here because it falls and melts. Up in North Dakota and Alaska, it fell and then we had to wait months for it to go away. ...that's why I moved back home to North Carolina. Fishing and boating all year round!