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  1. Anodized Rub Rails

    Thank you MrG. I wonder what the cost of new parts would be? That's an awesome job, but for me, I don't have the time to do all that work. I sure wish there was an easier solution. My sides look just as bad as the front...even my rear is scratched from loading up my large Yeti. Maybe I deal with it one more summer and over the winter see what my dealer can do for me.
  2. Anodized Rub Rails

    Yes, I'm afraid there's not an easy fix. Has any priced having a new rub rail installed?
  3. Here it is!

    Sweet boat! I had to change props and the mounting hole initially selectedon mine. It definitely made a difference. Good luck and have fun! I would suggest you find the sweet spot during breakin. Personally, I would suggest breaking theengine in withits ideal position and prop. You can exceed the breakin speeds...just be sure to do it for short bursts. That should be enough to tell what's right for your Benni.
  4. Did I buy enough?

    Keep the 150 and don't think anymore about it. Your cost will just keep going up. ...that said the 200 is very nice...and I'm sure anything above that would be even better. For us, I cruise around at 3000 RPM. I really don't check the speedometer very much...but when we need to get up or downriver quick. The 200 makes it much easier...and it is fun passing some fiberglass boats.
  5. Anodized Rub Rails

    Good day everyone! I purchased a new Bennington last year and I used the heck out of it. While I was out having fun, I was not diligent protecting my anodized aluminum rub rails. My boat still looks great, but my rub rails show some serious age. Does anyone have any suggestions for removing scratches from the anodized aluminum? I'm a bit OCD and those scratches are really starting to get to me. Thank you in advance for your advice!! Alan
  6. Wrap BEFORE pics.......

    From old to new... It looks great BK!
  7. Prop Specs for 23 R or G F300 Yamaha

    I went from a 17 to a 15. For mine, the 17 just didn't feel right nor did the motor. I put the 15 on and it sounded better and rode better. The 17 was faster, but it just didn't feel right. Hopefully your dealer will let you test ride them. I switched pops out on the lake which helped me determine the one I wanted. That's one nice motor! I'm sure your going to enjoy it! ...and the boat isn't too bad either!
  8. Prop Specs for 23 R or G F300 Yamaha

    Hi AliceDream, Try this link to a Yamaha service bulletin that is very close to your build. I used these bulletins for my prop selection and it turned out great. The dealer was dead set on one that Yamaha recommends, only to find out that Yamaha had changed the prop size. I did some testing and found the one recommended in the service bulletin was the right one for my boat. Good luck! Service Bulletin: Service Bulletin Selector: (In case you want to see what else is available.)
  9. Keeping the Toons Looking Great

    Good luck! I've decided to do mine as well. I got on Amazon and ordered everything. I'll have the Sharkhide on Tuesday so hopefully by the weekend I'll have this job completed. It sounds like we're in for a serious workout, both mentally and physically. I hope yours turn out fantastic!
  10. Honey, what do you want to do tonight?

    Congratulations PonTuna Salad! Switching over to a pontoon was the best decision we've ever made. The second was buying Bennington. Welcome to the club!
  11. Used Bennington's Selling

    Yep. I didn't sleep well last night and was browsing the forums...I think I'm going to visit my dealer today and take a look at a few consoles. My wife gave me a hard deadline to buy the boat. I tried to get one extra day and it was, buy today or no new boat for us. ...I bought the boat. The console on my boat isn't laid out as nice as on the 2017. I might see if I can order a new console so I can have a new look and better placement for my GPS. Stupid forums...
  12. Fender clips

    @Link, can you post a picture with the fenders all the way up? I'm all about having more storage in the boat. Those fenders take up a lot of space.
  13. Console Trays

    Do you have any pictures of the final product? I like the idea of counter-sinking the plugs.
  14. Where does your Benny rest?

    My rests on a trailer. Luckily I have friends with docks I can use on Lake Wylie and Mountain Island Lake. The rest of the time my boat rests at home. I bought the boat and then had to demo my old boat port and build a new one. (The picture shows it while under construction.) I didn't want any sides, but with the sun and the wind, I ended up installing siding the siding half-way down. It might look a little odd but it's very functional and I like the little draft I get since I don't have it fully enclosed.
  15. Boatport

    From the album New Home for my Benni