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  1. new options

    Looking at the boat builder and noticed a couple new options and wondered if anyone had experience with them. How do the Roswell speakers compare to the kicker system and what head unit does Roswell use? i can't tell if the Roswell system is for the cladded arch or open arch. Anyone use the Giant turbo ski swing? I saw they video and wondered if it would fit all horsepower options. i am looking at the Mercury 400 racing engine.
  2. Double Bimini

    Looks a lot like Havasu's boat when both tops are up. If you will pm me your cell number I will text you some pictures of myboat with the tops folded up. I don't think I have any with the tops opened up. I am not to good with computers or I would post here.
  3. Double Bimini

    If you want the factory front Bimini you will have to change the reartop as it has the zipper to attach the front Bimini to the arch. The standard top doesn't go over the arch it attaches to the rear of the arch.The double bimini rear top goes over the arch and has a zipper at the front.
  4. Double Bimini

    You also get a little bigger rear top with the 2 top option.
  5. Double Bimini

    You can take it off in 2 minutes with 2 people. Very easy.
  6. Cladded Arch

    I tow with it up and have had no problems. It ships with a trans shield cover on the arch. Have the dealer give you the cover and you can tow with it on and don't have to worry about getting it bugged up.I don't know about a power option for folding, it wasn't an option on my 16 R when I ordered it.
  7. Cladded Arch

    They do fold down or at least mine will. They are hinged doesn't look like it would be hard to fold down.
  8. Mercury 400R

    Not sure on all the boats, but it is available on R2550 RSBA fastback with arch which is the boat I have.
  9. Looks like Bennington is offering the Mercury 400R racing engine on there boats now. 6 to 8 week lead time. I quess I should have waited.Should be a great engine although a little pricey compared to the 350.
  10. gas tank capacity

    I don't know if they have to on all boats, but my dealer had to calibrate my fuel gauge with the tank. He said they put in so many gallons at each point 1/4 1/2 3/4 and full and mark it with the gauge.I have the 50 gallon tank and I don't know if it is different. Anyway you may have the right size tank it may just need to be calibrated.
  11. Kicker KMC10 Stereo Questions

    I changed out the KMC 10 for the KMC 20 to get Sirius built in. You have to buy a $30.00 tuner to make it work and install the antenna. It is plug and play and same mounting holes for head unit.. You do have to mount a control box, but there is plenty of room under the helm next to the amp.When installedlooks like Bennington put it in. I just wanted a factory look and it was easy to do. You also get extra inputs with the KMC 20 and 2 zones if you need them.
  12. Kicker stereo upgrade

    It must be to theAux up by the gps.USB has its own input. Thanks for the reply I will probably never use the Aux input so I will just unplug it and use that for the XM.
  13. Kicker stereo upgrade

    I got new boat in and noticed the Aux input is used on the KMC 10. I haven't had time to see where it goes to, anyone know? I was going to use it for my Sirus /XM
  14. New 2550 RSR Fastback

    That is correct on the flooring. Dealer had to talk Bennington into it but they agreed to do it. Something about needing longer screws for the snaps because the teak vinyl is pretty thick compared to thebase vinyl.
  15. New 2550 RSR Fastback

    I will post pics as soon as the boat gets here.