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  1. Thanks and that is what i was thinking. I wish I would have gotten the 70 V2 but bought the 55 V2 on my original boat which was much smaller than this boat. It is good to see because it is the exact same setup I have as far as quick release. May have to see if i can sell my 55 and get a 70 in the near future. Looks nice! Also how dd you run the wires for the batteries and did you use a boot or something else?
  2. I plan to install my trolling motor on my 21slx this year. Thefloor is seagrass and I guess I am just wondering what anyone may have doneto the flooring before drilling holes for the mount. Did you cut slits in it to get to the wood or just drill through the vinyl? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Video of our trip this past weekend

    Well tomorrow we are going to hit a couple lakes near by if that makes you feel better. We had a weeks worth of rain so the river will probably be off limits. We have yet to take it to a lake so we have 3-4 decent lakes within an hour or so. Nothing really big but I will take the video camera and do a small video of them.Paint Creek State ParkandRocky Fork Lakeare top runners but we may abandon those and head to Taylorsville Lake in kentucky. Still kind of up in the air as of now. Make the final decision later tonight.
  4. Video of our trip this past weekend

    Here is the garmin adventure of the trip.It is edited some gives a good idea what all we did that day. It says 99 mileswhich is a bit shy of what the GPS told us.
  5. Video of our trip this past weekend

    My wife takes care of that. The whole time we are running I wait for one to fly up and hit me in the face but it never does.
  6. Video of our trip this past weekend

    We used about 3/4 of a tank on the way down because we did a few detours but on the way back we used probably a half a tank. I have a 21 gallon tank.
  7. Video of our trip this past weekend

    I have a go pro knock off called Xiaomi yi action cam. It does 2k video and has an option to take away some of the fish eye effect. I think it cost me 54$ dollars at the time. It actually is well made and does great video as you can see. I also have the kodak waterproof camera but have not used it in a while. I use it on my homemade hat cam but will probably get a scotty mount to put it on the boat bimini top.
  8. Video of our trip this past weekend

    We went from our spot at Boones landing, Ky to Madison, Ind. We wentthrough the Markland Dam lock. If it looks funny it is because I sped the video up during the time we were in the lock. This was our first time in the big lock and it was a bit different. The wind made it hard to hold in the boat in place. It was great weather all weekend and we ended up putting 15hrs on the boat. This was on monday and it was really nice out. We also checked out the Kentucky river Lock #1. Did that for a future trip. This was just me and the wife. It was around 8 hrs+ and 100 miles+ River trip to madison, Indiana
  9. Wow 40 hours already

    We had the 20 hour service done at 40 per the dealer. This past weekend was great. No chance of rain, low humidity and the wife's birthday weekend. We went from 40 hrs to 55 hrs just this weekend. Giving it a rest this week and see how the weekend pans out since they call for rain all weekend.
  10. Yamaha 90 stalling

    I have the 2016 F90 with 55 hrs and have never had this issue. If it has done it from the start i would take it back.
  11. Coast Guard approved

    We decided to head up by town to go to the Four seasons restaurant for my wife's Birthday dinner. Dinner was good but on the way back we ran into the coast guard. First time I have ever been stopped and besides my wife asking why they stopped us everything went good. Later I answered her question of why they stopped us. The answer is "Because they can"!! Everything was in order though had my registration, lifejackets, throw pillow, horn and ID. I do not drink so I was good there. I guess the worst part is my wife being all googly eyed over the buff coast guard guys!!Although some on the boat were drinking, I was respectful and did exactly what they wanted. It actually was an informative encounter and It was great experience. Itverified that I was legal which is awesome!!
  12. Wow 40 hours already

    Yeah we kind of wish we would have but the 90 does good. Boating on a river system I think is a little bit different than a lake though I guess unless it is a huge lake. We have done a 100+ mile trip spending 8-9 hours out on the river. Getting ready to do 200+ mile trip later in the year to frankfort, ky asI showed in the link above. This weekend we will go to madison, indiana probably and maybe go hit a lake somewhere as we have yet to take it to a lake. Next year we are going to go to Louisville but we want to drive down first and scope it out so we can see exactly where we can dock the boat overnight. Aparrently there is a few places to do it there so we are hoping that it all works out. We went out for a few hours last night. Like evening cruises but it's a pain putting the boat up in the dark. LOL
  13. Mounting a trolling motor

    Well still have yet to figure this out but since the floor has issues and will probably be replaced I am holding off installing the trolling motor until next season. When I return it this fall i am going to ask the dealer what they suggest to do when I get the boat back.
  14. Trolling motor

    I had a 54 lb thrust on my old boat which was a 20ft. pontoon. It did good in most conditions. I plan to put it on my new one next summer after it gets sent back to have the floor and other stuff worked on. It was no barn burner but it kept the weight down and was perfect for the small rivers that we like to float around in here just to get off the Ohio for a bit. Not sure how it will work on the 21 SLX but since the people that bought my old boat did not want I guess I am going to have to use it on the new one. Not wasting 500$because I know I will never get that out of it.
  15. Wow 40 hours already

    We went up to Indian lake when we started looking for a new boat earlier this summer. Never been there before and we were very pleasantly surprised. That is were we ran into the benningtons at one of the dealers there. When we came back home we looked around here and found a bennington dealer which is were we bought the boat. We keep talking about towing the boat up there for the weekend but have yet to do it. Very nice lake and surrounding area. Maybe if we head up that way I will look you up. I wish we had some lakes with that atmosphere around here.