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  1. Probably the biggest complaint we had with our boat was the lack of cupholders. Luckily the dealer saw fit to give us a couple. I know that sells some which we bought for our old boat. They are no to bad and the part that goes in the seat is vinyl which is good because you can also set them on the floor.
  2. Anytime. We spend most of our time on the river. We went to caesers a couple years ago in our old boat. It was way to crowded for us. The river is fun and never gets to bad unless you go to cincy. We generally stay south of that and launch out of boones landing. We like to head south and go through the locks to the mcalpine pool. Cleaner shore lines and water for the most part. Pick a good weekend and come on down. I have a 90 on my boat so i will be a little slower than you only get to 28MPH.
  3. We took delivery on our boat sometime in june last year and put 80 hrs on it by the end of the summer. Granted we are the ohio river so we can run pretty far. We did 2-3 100+ mile trips and this year we plan to travel to louisville. They apparently have a decent public dock that you can moor you boat over night and hang in the city. From what I understand it is even patrolled so we shall see. We also towed it up to indian lake just to check it out and stopped by grand lake of st. mary's which was a big mistake. Ended up putting a couple nicks in my prop there and couldn't even get in the water. Probably will never go back there. We also try to get out during the week when we can. We are lucky as the storage place we have is right where we launch from. Takes 30 minutes to get there but the ramp is probably 300 ft away from the storage area. The way it is this year though it may be july before we get out with all this rain. May possibly take it to brookville lake this weekend but not positive. Hate holiday weekend on lakes.
  4. We are hoping to finally get out this coming weekend. Just to much rain.
  5. I had actually seen those when I had my old boat. The thing is I use that same battery for my small trolling motor only boat. Hopefully try to get out on the river this weekend but looks like it may rain and cool off sunday.
  6. Be honest i usually drive because she drinks and I don't. This was on the way back from Madison indiana. We had been on the river for around 8 hours or so. I just needed a break so she drove.
  7. Thanks, I love the seagrass floor. Much better than the stock vinyl that was on it when we bought it.
  8. Check the new picture I just loaded.
  9. It actually barely goes past the hinge side of the gate and does not block the gate at all. I think I have another picture of it head on I will post.
  10. I have a 21 SLX which has the deck on the front but not so much on the back. I could see where that have a deck on the back could give you the box look on the water. With the 21 SLX you lose that look because you don't have the big deck on the back. Hopefully you get it all straightened out. I bet though once your in the boat you'll never notice what it looks like from outside the boat!!
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