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  1. ok so it seems that the throttle did need some adjustment but that was not the complete reason we lost so much power. Apparently there is a hose or something for the air intake on the motor that collapsed or collapses as you run the engine. I guess they said that there was a bulletin on it a while back. I am not sure exactly what it was called and won't get the boat back until next week as they are doing the 100 hour service to it also so I will know more then. I have a yamaha so if you feel you have lost power then maybe check with your dealer and see if this may be the problem. I guess it will be a week or more before I get to find out if this solved the problem so still keeping fingers crossed.
  2. Mine is 32$ a month through progressive including trailer and full replacement.
  3. I am pretty sure it is yamaha as it is a 2016 yamaha F90. I went on their site and found that i did not get all the numbers. I believe the 14K is the pitch but still need the size. When I get it back from the dealer i will recheck it.
  4. As I search for a new prop or a spare prop I ran across this reply to a question on the yamaha website. Anybody do this?
  5. I looked at my prop yesterday and say Y-1 14K 655, do these numbers make any sense to anyone/ Not sure if the 655 was 6.55 maybe just didn't seem to make any sense at all.
  6. I shook the boat to see if there was water in them but don't hear anything. I have inspected the tubes and have not noticed anything. The only place I can't see is where the rails are. That still would not explain the lack of throttle but yeah the river is tough. I hope it is not the tubes though and I really don't believe it is. I dropped it off at the dealer tonight so we shall see what happens. I took the top off the motor and noticed that one of the nuts on the throttle cable(not sure which one) that hold it in place was lose so hopefully that has something to do with it. The dealer feels it may need an adjustment and thinks it was probably from when bennington replaced the floor. Fingers are crossed.
  7. From the album 2017 pictures

  8. From the album 2017 pictures

  9. From the album 2017 pictures

    They made us wait for the barge to get into the lock before we could move on. We just came out of the small lock and this was the first time we seen a barge go in the other lock.
  10. It really seems crazy. I understand dirty tube and more weight of a trolling motor will certainly affect boat speed but my RPM's have now dropped to 4500 and my throttle does nothing after 3/4. Here is a video which I have sent to the deal\er but still wondering if anyone has had this issue and what they did to correct it so I have an idea when I deal with the dealer. Last year we were hitting 25-27MPH and this year we are lucky to hit 20MPH.
  11. I got a couple of those also. I bought an eject one for the livewell, which I don't have, as a joke and then bought the sounder one for my depth finder for my trolling motor. I have yet to put them on but glad to see they work.
  12. Yeah we had a floor issue also was able to get a free upgrade to the seagrass. We love it!! It is 10x's better than the stock vinyl.
  13. I use a scotty mount for my depth finder thats on the trolling motor. They are great for all kinds of stuff.
  14. I slip mine right in there no problem. I put one on the front port side and one on the back and both are where the seats are. They slip right between the rail and the seat top.
  15. taylor made pontoon fender hangers I use these. easy on and off and they are relatively cheap. Never had a problem with one falling off. Oh and welcome t the 21 slx club