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  1. Bill, thank you for the information. VERY HELPFUL... and I didn't have to drive over an hour to a dealer to get it.
  2. Well, I can see some things that I will need to purchase for the boat in the future. The dash needs replacing, I need carpet... this is a gorgeous boat design, I can't understand why it was such a short lived project (4 years if I am correct). Nothing major, just little things... like I might want to replace the rub rail as it is starting to get some wear here and there. I have only owned the boat for less than a week, and I I do like it, just want to make sure I can keep it going. Thanks for the replies.
  3. I sent an email to Bennington about 4 days ago and have not gotten a reply. If there is an actual Bennington Rep or employee on the forums, I would love to speak with them about my RL210 deck boat. Thanks
  4. Thank you for the reply. I will post some pics when I get them uploaded from my phone. Thanks!
  5. Hello all. I recently purchased a very nice RL210 deck boat from an individual. Shortly after, I found out that Bennington no longer makes these gorgeous vessels. Since there is no apparent forum dedicated to the deck boats, I figured I would just post here. I have a question about drainage from under the seats and the ski storage area. The water is VERY slow to drain, and for the life of me I cannot understand why. Is there anything that I can check that might show why the water drains so slow? Also, where can I get parts? My boat COULD use a new windshield and dash. Mine are intact and complete, but the windshield has some crazing and the dash " wood like " sticker is peeling off. Thanks, love my boat!