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  1. I was just curious to see how many lake trips you all take on average? We bought our boat in early June last year and after doing some work to it got in the water later that month. Ours is a 2575FS and I trailered it pretty much every weekend last season till we put it up in late October. We had already decided that we would be getting a slip at one of our local marinas on Norris Lake for the 2017 season. So we started looking in January to see what they had available and in February we picked one out. By far the best decision we have made. We put the boat in the water in mid March and up to this point we are at 18 trips total for the year. We are definitely getting our moneys worth! Its so nice just to head to the lake, uncover and head out.
  2. Can't wait to see what numbers you get out of it!
  3. Looks great!
  4. We keep this one on the boat and really like it. Its super small and does great!
  5. Mine has some pretty bad dents in it. We bought the boat last year from the original owners and have put a ton of sweat equity in it getting the interior all cleaned up. The outside now just needs to look as good as the inside. The price of the aluminum insert isn't that bad at all. Looking like it will be a Fall project
  6. I'm thinking about trying to tackle this myself on my 2001 2575FS. Just curious if anyone has tried it? I've been doing a lot of research on it and it seems to be doable. Any info would be much appreciated!
  7. That's one nice boat!
  8. That boat is beautiful. We just got in from Norris lake where we keep our boat. It's so high and there is trash everywhere! Hoping our lake will clear out by the weekend too.
  9. +1 on the starbrite mildew remover. When we bought our boat last year the seats were horrible. I have some before and after pics but cant get them to post. Unreal results
  10. Mike31406, I wonder if we have some of the oldest boats on here? We bought ours last year from the original owners. It had been neglected the past 2 or 3 years but we got it all cleaned up and have really enjoyed it.
  11. Well we bought our boat last year and Ive been playing with props the whole time. I tried a new one last night that I think is gonna take the prize. Our boat is a 2001 Bennington 2575FS with a Yamaha F100 four stroke(carb). When we bought the boat it came with a factory Yamaha 13.25x17, way too big, and I could get to 5200 rpms. It also came with a spare Yamaha 15 pitch but it just didn't carry the boat well and I could only get 5400 rpms. I bought a Solas Amita 3, 13.75x13, toward the end of summer and really liked it. I could run 21mph(gps) at 5800 rpms. Then I found a Powertech stainless 3 blade, WBH3 in a 14x11. I ran it and would do about the same, 21 at 6000 rpms. Long story short last week I ordered a Solas Amita 4 in 13.25x13 from overtons. Went out to an island last night and switched them out. I love this prop! With me, my wife, 2 small kids (4 & 8 year olds), 3/4 tank of fuel and all our junk I could hit 23mph at 5900 rpms. Holeshot was great, turning was great, it just really did well on the boat. My son wanted to tube last night so he put his wetsuit on and jumped in. Did great pulling him too! So I think Im done with the prop testing, at least for a while lol. Ill probably end up selling the powertech now and keeping the Amita 3 for my backup.
  12. That is a beautiful boat. Keep us updated on performance.
  13. I have a 2575FS with a 100 hp 4 stroke Yamaha. What's worked best for me so far is a Solas amita 3 13.75x13. I can run 22 mph at 5800 rpms with a full load. I also have a powertech wbh3 14x11 that I'll be trying very soon.
  14. Check out beach island marina. They have cabins that they rent out. We're on Norris pretty much every weekend. Love it!
  15. Ran the Solas yesterday and really liked it. Way more torquey on holeshot and just seemed to carry the boat well. With 9 on board, I could still turn 5600 rpms @20 mph. With just me and the wife I hit 23@5900 rpms.