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  1. Alarm system - Installed!

    Drain on my number two battery is very minimal. Only time any real power is consumed, is if the system is triggered. They told me the exact draw it takes when armed but inactive, and it was miniscule. I can't recall the numbers they told me though.
  2. Alarm system - Installed!

    Stereo shop did it for me and did it very well. Very clean... Pretty much looks factory. With the size panels above the pontoons unbolting, it makes access fairly easy. They spent a couple days on it.
  3. Alarm system - Installed!

    Well, I've finished installing the alarm system on my 2017 GPD. With talk of theft and vandalism at some of the marinas it got me wondering why no one protects their boats with an alarm system like they do their cars and their homes. So I started digging into options and this is what I landed with. Marine Guard alarm system with four deck sensors placed around the deck that detect human weight walking over them. Also, door sensors at all three doors. A large siren, and factory headlights and overhead navigation lights wired to illuminate when triggered. I also opted for the cell phone communication system to alert me via email and text when the system is triggered. The system when triggered will charm immediately, and go into full alarm after a 15 second delay. It will sound for two minutes, and reset waiting for another trigger . Here are a couple quick videos. One triggering one of the front deck sensors, and the alarm sounding. Another walking over the deck sensors around the boat with charm only.
  4. What model do you own (or want to)

    2017 GPD
  5. Security systems?

    Parts ordered! MG01C: $ 351.00 2-zone control panel enclosed in a NEMIII, weather-resistant box. Components are hand-coated with a humiseal product to protect them from marine environment. 2 Deck Sensors (1 DSE2 sensor package) White siren 2 water-resistant key FOBs 1 LED to indicate alarm system's status - Two additional Deck Sensors (DSE2) $83.00 - Three Large Door Contacts (MGLC) $81.00 - MGR Non GPS Transmitter (For cell phone and email alerts when triggered) $227.00 - One year subscription for cell service $150.00 (occurs yearly) Pretty excited about this.... There are many options you can add if you like. Bilge alarm, GPS, more comprehensive cellular service with can include 24 hour 7 day per week live monitoring which can contact police/fire for you. I'll keep the thread updated when we get into installation once it arrives. The boat goes on the water in about 30 days. Hopefully this is all done in the next two weeks.
  6. Bennington Owners Age

  7. After a couple months of trying to figure out how I want to mount a BBQ, I finally got it all nailed down! I'm glad I didn't rush into things... The dealer gave me a Kuuma BBQ with a pedestal style mount, and I decided to hold off on installing it last minute. Drilling the pedestal mount into my floor had me uncomfortable and the location options were just OK. Rail mounting on this floor plan is not ideal either. Finally, I found this surface mount from Magma and decided to buy the Magma Kettle, and one of their MANY options for mounting solutions. This mount rotates to eight different positions, so I can swing itout of the way and over the water (for drippings if they occur), or swing it inwards for docking, and storage when the bimini top is down. My wife did not want to loose any food prep area, while keeping itconvenient to reach. It's now my wife'sfavorite part of the boat! lol.
  8. Security systems?

    I agree.... It's mostly about the piece of mind and stopping a day or weeks from being ruined by an incident. I understand that I have insurance and things will be covered, but that's not the point. Could you imagine showing up to enjoy a nice day on the lake, perhaps with friends and family to find your boat was a victim of theft or vandalism? It would be terrible. My boat will be on the water for 7 months straight.... I can go check on it often and plan on using it a lot, but I'm more worried about the in middle of the night incidents. Having trouble figuring out the logistics of this stuff.... Actively working on it though.
  9. Security systems?

    As far as being more secure then the next guy... I'm fairly sure no one else will have any sort of security system. I hope my alarm is loud enough that they would leave the marina all together, and not just move on. The system will go off continuously for two minutes straight if triggered, and then reset waiting for another trigger. If I hustle, I could be there in just over 10 minutes should I get a trigger.
  10. Security systems?

    I may add some door sensors. As faras crawling in, they would crawl over a deck sensor anyways though and set the alarm off. Deck sensors will be positioned strategically throughout the boat, not just on the front and rear decks.As far as motion, I'm not so sure... Motion sensors will get me false alarms with people walking by, or small animals. I think other people mooring at this marina won't appreciate 120db sirens going off all the time. That's why I want to stick to sensors which involve people directly touching my boat... Doors and deck sensors. At the very least, we will wire in the boats "headlights" and I may add a flashing siren style light as well. Any 12v light will wire in easily and the system has a spot specifically for that.Thank you for the suggestion of taking off the side aluminum. Only issue I see with that, is trying to position a desk sensor near the helm in middle of the boat. We will figure all of that out though!I'll be sure to post photos and maybe a video of the system in action once complete. I have to wait until monday to order parts, which I will receive the same week. Install will happen the week after next.Reserved my slip on the lake yesterday. (Good thing too, only three spaces left in the size and section I wanted)... Fills up fast when this enormous lake is full!
  11. Security systems?

    Talked to Marineguard.net and I think they are who I will go with... Part number MG01C is $350 and includes the main box, a siren, 2 fobs, led indicator light, and 2 deck sensors. Addtionally, I will add 2 more deck sensors for $83.00 and the cell phone communicator for $227. The cell phone communication will be an additional $150 yearly subscription. We will also wire the system to trigger the front "head lights" as well. Skipping the door sensors to avoid more wiring and because its not really needed anyways. The deck sensors detect flex in the flooring when a human steps on them. Not sensitive enough to pick up small animals or bird for false alarms. The only issue is, figuring out how to get the deck sensors installed with the entire bottom side of the boat being sheathed in aluminum wave guard. If anyone from Bennington wants to chime in on that, that would be great. It's a 2250 GPD with SPS package.