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  1. Jacob, here are a few photos of my setup for your consideration. PM me if you have questions... I've been very happy with this setup. It's not in the way of my forward view in any way, and is easily visible from the chair, and is also easy to reach.
  2. No, there's no snow yet here, and they say this winter could be milder than average due to la nina still being a factor. But it's pictures like this that make us long for the long hot days of summer!
  3. Don't know if these are the white ice version, since they aren't white, but blue...but here you go anyway! These were factory installed. Surprisingly enough, they do cast a nice blue glow for being just 6 lights, but it needs to be dark for them to be seen.
  4. This coming Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are supposed to be in the mid 80's here and sunny. The high today was 58 and very overcast and damp. Maybe it's still la nina affecting the weather patterns in the mid-south...who knows, and, I'll believe three days in a row when they get here, if you know what I mean. I can see us going for homemade pizza 6.5 miles up the lake at our new favorite small town lakeside restaurant at the Pontiac Cove Marina in Missouri. Then maybe out again on Monday or Tuesday...or both!
  5. Some of the evenings here have been very peaceful and beautiful recently...
  6. Another beautiful evening near our house on Bull Shoals...
  7. I would suspect (depending on your state, of course) that you could open yourself up for a warning for allowing passengers to ride back there while underway. I've heard of that happening before while people were outside the playpen while the boat was moving. I know we certainly wouldn't want children back there while I was moving, no matter how slow I was going, which means keeping an eye on little ones even more. That being said, I really like the look and size of the Swingback, and if we felt compelled to have one, I'd definitely get the stainless rail system around it. Expensive or not, I'd feel a lot better having that railing back there while underway. On the other hand, we love our rear lounge on the SSLX, but I don't think it is available on very many models, which I think is a shame. It's very comfortable for two adults, and we feel safe if a child is back there...as long as an adult is sitting right there next to them! But then, we rarely have children on board, so it's a great place to watch the light play off the wake from the engine or to get sun and just relax. It surprises me that Bennington doesn't offer an upscaled version of this lounge on the G series. I think it's a great idea for retirees We've said if we ever upgraded, it would be to either a 23 GSB with the Swingback, or the 23 GCW with the dual loungers. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the option called the Stainless Steel Railkeeper (Swingback) for $747 is the rail system surrounding the Swingback? A swingback with the surrounding rail system. It doesn't look like much protection for little ones, though.
  8. And a couple more...
  9. Photos of some interesting lightning storms we've seen on the lake...
  10. An interesting sunset from four days ago, down at a spot we call "the beach". The dock for the community boat ramp is just visible in the bottom left of the photo....
  11. Here's one mounting idea where the holes will not show...and despite what my wide-angle lens makes it appear like, my Helix 7 does NOT get in the way of my view at all. I now have the ChartSelect maps for Bull Shoals Lake on it, and love the detail it gives me. I do not know if the Helix 5 will accept a ChartSelect map or not, however. PM me if you'd like more pics and details on the mounting system.
  12. Very surreal and totally beautiful. I would say it's rare to see lake water that smooth. It's almost spooky. Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful lake.
  13. Thanks! I had a local machinist fabricate a piece of sheet steel to my specs and it turned out well. PM me if you want pics of it. I love the Helix, but then our lake is huge and good maps/charts are a must! BTW, I really like your Benny. Turns out it's the exact opposite of ours in terms of color!
  14. We're having cooler weather this week, but it's been 90 or so every day for the past week or two. The surface water temp is still in the upper 70's, plenty warm to swim. But the days are getting shorter, and unless we take the Benny out to fish a little, our trips on the lake will be shorter and further between. Time to get the Harley going again!
  15. I installed a Humminbird Helix 7. I immediately bought the ChartSelect map of Bull Shoals Lake from them for $30, which has tons of features and bathymetry data down to 1' intervals on the contour lines. I mounted the transducer on the port tube, which had a rectangular "box" welded to the rear bottom of the toon (it came that way). The system works pretty flawlessly, once you get the sensitivity settings dialed in, but then my top speed is only 30. The Yamaha has a RH screw, so it follows that you mount the puck on the left-side toon, and Bennington made that easy for me.