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  1. Correction I'm looking for seat covers to use in place of my playpen cover for the dock setup I have at my marina.
  2. I'm trying to price out canvas covers to replace the Bimini top and extension poles. My marina setup is difficult to install the Bimini because the dock only extends half way down the port side. Anyone have a ballpark price Ofvwhat they have paid in the past I'd like to cover each section and leave the floor open Boat is a lounge 21slxp.
  3. If you get 6th and additional year for an extra 200 take it. I was offered 600 for the extra year.
  4. This is the best forum everyone is so genuine and supportive. I heard from the dealer today with an apology and a 3+2 confirmation On the Yamaha warranty
  5. Just in under the wire on the Yamaha extended warranty....whew.... Congrats on the Anniversary and the the new boat. My new boat is sitting in the yard under wrap. Can someone tell me about he Yamaha extended warranty. Dealer has made no mention of this.
  6. Thank You Marine, The link worked. Semper Fi
  7. TomS Funny question they continued to ask me, How far are you planning to drive the boat ?. like that matters if your in an accident or much worse. After I pulled that specs from the Bennington catalog and the load rite trailer web site, they bit and ate the $1500.00 difference. Goes without saying the operator needs to be more responsible then the passengers or Dealer in this case.
  8. I see that I opened Pandoras box. I never received the stickers or letter from Team B on the 1st boat, but that was a dealer model. Maybe with the build your own it may bring a letter and sticker. Your correct I shouldn't expect a shirt.
  9. Proud Owner, Second Boat in 7 months. Is there a welcome packet I can expect from Team Bennington. I recall other members mentioning this topic when I purchased the first Benny in August. I never received anything but this Forum from the dealer about Bennington apparel or marketing. Dealer has not even offered a t-shirt with there logo. New boat is 21 SLXP yamaha F150 SPS that is under wrap and will be sitting on new trailer in 2-3 weeks. Hope to crest th water early May.
  10. New boat arrived yesterday. 2017 21 SLXP pictures to follow. Issue with trailer began with a single axle LoadRite with a weight capacity of 2380 lbs. Problem being that my boat weighs 2600 lbs add F150 450 lbs and were at approx 3100 lbs. It pays to know your boat and the specs of your trailer. Dealer finally came around to my understanding that you cannot operate a trailer over its specs and capacity. I now have a tandem trailer with a 4100 lbs capacity and brakes.
  11. My new boat just arrived. I will sign papers this week. Is there any specific paper if Im already a member from my first Bennington.
  12. From the album Airlifter

  13. Thank you, I will have the additional sealed lifting strakes removed. It will drop the boat price another $700. In my mind it was not making sense to add anything to the outside of port and starboard toons which takes away from the SPS turning performance. The ext aft deck has been added to the Purchase Order. I will finalize everything line by line this week. I've said it before this has to be the best forum. The members here helping others ROCK.
  14. Do I need lifting strakes sealed Additionally to the SPS pkg. it's difficult to imagine if this is added to the outside toons. The build has taking a few hours to finalize. The dealer is unsure if the strakes being sealed for saltwater or it's added to the outside toons . Very annoying
  15. Can someone answer a Question. I'm getting a full refund on my 20 SLXP F90 with strakes and wavetamer. I am very pleased the Senior sales rep stepped up and listened to the issues and degraded performance. What I was told before the purchase never evolved and after 44 hrs in 6 weeks I'm building a better Bennington. The new build 21 SLXP SPS F150 Simrad GPS G05 EXT AFT DECK, will it need additional strakes and a wavetamer to bow 3 tube upgrade beyond the SPS pkg. Am I paying double for certain items below deck. Thanks in Advance