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  1. vinyl flooring maintenance

    What does everyone use to clean and protectonic their viny flooring? 303 cleaner and protectant? Other products? Would the 303 protectant make the floor slick?
  2. adkboater thanks for adding in the ladies part!
  3. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Mercury has the same deal going on 3+2 until the end of March
  4. Yamaha SDS or not for F150

    kysportsman We ordered the same engine. Boat is in but no water test yet as we are locked in ice. Our dealer plans to use the Mercury Enertia. There's a lot of great info on the website. I can't wait to see what that engine will do... the description sounds really good! Ours is going on a 20SSRCXP.
  5. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Wow CapKaz - didn't mean to get you all worked up! Deep breaths... To the others, thanks for the replies! I was just checking to see what others had experienced. Sounds like it's all over the board. We knew we had to pay when it arrived even though we are nottaking delivery until the end of April. Can't take delivery until then as the lakes are iced-in and no way to prop and water test until then. The warranty issueis my main concern, the money has been sitting in the bank since Oct!
  6. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    myv10 My boat came in two weeks ago and my dealer isasking (read requiring)me to pay now. Says they have to pay right away so we do too. Made it seem like standard procedure. didn't seem right to me to have warranties and all start 3 months before we could even get it in the water. Not mention we have to begin insuring it while it is still in their custody. What have others' experiences been?
  7. Cover Rear of Boat and Motor in Wet Slip

    Craigbk - I want to get a cover extension likes yours. Have you any photos of it that you attach?
  8. Thanks for the ideas but We customized the layout of our boat so I highly doubt there's another one it there like it. I'm satisfied with the end result and an rest for ice out to hit the water!
  9. Just got off the phone with the Bennington rep. They offered to reimburse the $1086 we paid for our flooring upgrade. My hubby couldn't believe it when I told him! I'm very happy with this outcome. It's for the best - We will not rebuild as we don't really love any of the flooring options and the one we have is just as good as another. A rebuild would push us back dangerously close to ice-out and we want to be out there ASAP. I can't say enough good things about Bennington service. My dealer...hmmnnn, well - I'll make no further comment.
  10. I should know this but...can anyone tell me what features the standard gauge cluster includes? I don't have my first Benny yet and cannot remember what I saw in the showroom! I know you don't get a speedo(meter), does it come with a depth gauge? Can't find the info on the Bennington website and live an hour from my dealer so can't get there to check it out. Also, does anyone have personal experience with the Mercury Marine MercMonitor all in one gauge? Looks like it does just about everything. I'm thinking about having one installed. Thanks!
  11. The day before yesterday, I went to the Bennington Facebook page and sent them a message. this morning, I received a kind message back. They requested that I phone a company rep. I've done so, left a message and am now waiting for a call back. I'll keep you posted on the results of that call.
  12. How would I contact Bennington directly? I'm still not feeling that we were treated fairly by the dealer but they are not doing anything for us. Is there are customer serve number to call?
  13. After contacting his Bennington rep, the GM apologized for his behavior and offered to do a rebuild. We looked at the flooring options and didn't really love any of them more than any other so we decided to keep the boat. They offered no compensation, refused to remove the pricing upgrade we paid for the flooring we did not get (the flooring it came with was the same price). I'd have thought they could at least do that but I guess it is what it is. GM claims he had no room to move on the pricing. Sure, whatever...
  14. The conversation with the dealer did not go well. The flooring we ordered (for which we do have the invoice) was discontinued so they substituteda different one without notifying us. The general manager of the dealership becameEXTREMELY defensive, saying the flooring we got was actually a free upgrade, couldn't seem to see our point that it wasn't what we wanted and it wasn't the alternative we would have chosen had we been notified that our first choice was discontinued. It would have taken two phone calls or emails for this situation to have gone very differently. One from Bennington to the dealer to let them know of the discontinued flooring, and a second from the dealer to us to let us choose an alternative. Instead, we were flat out told that, since our boat was a special order, a rebuild was not an option. No offer was made to compensate us in any other way (I would have expected that, at minimum, they would offer to subtract the cost of the flooring upgrade we ordered). Instead, we ended the call by telling the general manager we would not be paying for the flooring upgrade and he said he'd have to speak to the Benny rep and get back to us. We did emphasis that we want to settle this in a mutually acceptable way and maintain a good working relationship. This is the only dealership around so we have no choice but to continue doing business with them. The reaction we got to our first problem is not promising. I'll update when we hear back from them.
  15. We were soooooo very excited to go see our new boat today. My stomach dropped when I saw that they had installed the wrong flooring. Of all things, the wrong flooring. Pretty hard to fix that without a rebuild, I'd say. We ordered the full vinyl teak PLATINUM and got the vinyl teak SLATE. Big difference in the look. The platinum flooring was the very first thing I fell in love with when we checked out the floor model boats at the marina. The slate would not even have been my second or third choice. $1086 upgrade. Ouch. Worth it for the flooring I loved, otherwise, not so much. Our sales person was not there, setting up for the Boston Boat Show so we left without paying for the boat and unsure what the resolution will be.