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  1. We've had "speed boats" for many many years but since there are no marina services on the lake and you have to haul gas, it keeps the bigger ones away. But these wake boats are an issue...for other boats and the shore line! The main issue on the holiday weekend is the amount of boats. Everyone wants to be at the lake! So many wakes!!
  2. All of this pontoon stuff is more complicated than I thought...compared to our previous fiberglass boats! We thought this boat would be a little easier to care for LOL! I wrote about a "bad acid wash" on another post and now we have this bent panel situation. The dealer is going to look at ours after he gets it back (from having our pontoons polished) to see if it can be pulled out. There wasn't any cracks in the metal but it definitely was pushed in off the track and I'm sure there will be some creasing even if it is pulled into position. He said usually they have to replace the panel when this happens. Our lake does not usually have heavy traffic, only around the 4th of July. The only other time we took on water was last year during the same holiday weekend. We'll stay on the dock next year!!
  3. I just noticed the exact same thing on our boat. I couldn't figure it out so I looked here and found this post and comments. Zforsyth, what was your fix?
  4. I think I'm going to hold off. I talked to another Bennington Dealer today. She said she always orders Sharkhide on her new boats...but mostly for transporting them to her. She says it is great for trailered boats for road debris, etc. but doesn't see much difference for docked/moored boats in water discoloration. We have a lot of kids that play around the boat, I think I'd be more upset about the application getting dinged. At this point, since I don't know the company who is doing my polishing (long story, see my "Bad Acid Wash" post), I think I'll play it safe and avoid it. I also don't want to be out $3-400 for the SharkHide if we aren't happy with the 'clean up' of the damage, not keep the boat, and sue the dealer! Thanks for your opinions though!!
  5. Hi all, I am getting my pontoons polished for free as reparation for a bad acid wash by my dealer. I've read pros and cons about applying SharkHide. I'm wondering if I should pay for it as an additional treatment or not. The pros seem to say it will delay some of the discoloration from being in the water. The cons seem to imply there is maintenance that needs to be done to the SharkHide itself and/or that it doesn't buy you much time anyway. We keep our boat in the water in a spring fed lake in Maine. The water quality is very good, but certainly discoloration happens. It is in the water from mid-June to late-September. Is it worth the $300? And what maintenance does it need? My husband usually rubs down the pontoons every couple of weeks anyway. I appreciate any feedback!
  6. What did Sharkhide say? I'm having my pontoons polished and was wondering whether to have it applied.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that many of you have had bad experiences also. Our boat, as well as all of yours, brings us wonderful fun and relaxation. However, it is for only for about 3-4 months, at the most, in Maine. It is a lot of work, too! Just uncovering and covering each weekend takes some labor, never mind keeping it clean after having fun with lots of people! But to make it all worthwhile, it's nice when taking care of it is not stressful...that's why when things go wrong when they shouldn't...it makes it that more upsetting! As far as my current "Bad Acid Wash" stands...The dealer has twice refused to let me speak directly with the "sublet" (as he called them) who will do the 'repair' work, "We don't want them getting in the middle of the dialogue". So I am at the dealer's mercy at this point to hand the boat over. It is scheduled for pick up this Saturday, July 8th. The dealer has assured me the boat will come back to me in "original condition," except for the pontoons which will be polished. Since I can't talk to the sub-contractor directly, I don't know how they will deal with the spray on the anodized parts or the motor receptacle area. We will await the final result and decide whether we accept it or will start a legal battle. Like Michiman, I was ready to ask to give up some money for it's use last season and push for a remaining refund. My additional concern for the future (besides the oxidation) is that our dealer is the only Bennington dealer in our local area (40 minute drive). If there is any further warranty work to be done, we will have to use them or drive a distance. But I have to admit, I love our boat. Bennington was one of 2 brands that had the equal length front longer loungers I wanted...I have symmetry issues LOL and wanted to look straight across to the person lying on the other lounger! Tahoe/Avalon was the other brand that had them, but we liked the Bennington quality so much better. I really don't want another brand. We also loved the wrap around lounger near the captain's chair with the front lounger layout. We ordered it so we got everything we wanted (colors, vinyl, flooring, etc.) and avoided all the things we didn't want (all the 'bells and whistles'). We were very happy last year. We have no choice but to be hopeful. I will keep you posted!
  8. Hello all! I wanted to thank you for all your responses and ask another 2 questions (see last paragraph). I was able to insert your quotes (no names...or nicknames LOL...included) into my next email to the service guy. I was also able to quote the 2 other marinas that I called and sent my pictures to. They were shocked as well. "This is totally unacceptable, we would never do this to a customer's boat...It looked like a teenager who didn't know what he was doing did the job...You need to call Bennington!" So I called and sent pictures to Bennington. They were concerned, too, and said they would put pressure on the dealer/boat yard. I just heard back from the boat yard. They consulted with a polishing business. The boat yard/dealer is offering to pick up the boat, deliver it to the polishing business, get the pontoons polished, remove the oxidation from the stray areas, and then return it to us 5 days later. All for free. I asked for the polishing business' name so I can speak with them directly and research their reputation. I'm so wary now!!! I don't want to accept polishing vs. replacement before getting assurances. Do any of you have experience with polishing and if so, have any advice about asking the right questions, etc???? I also want to know if shark hide is worth it? I may pay extra for it if they can apply that as well. We leave our boat in the water for the 3 month season and do not have a lift. My husband does rub the pontoons frequently though.
  9. I commend you looking at reputation vs. proximity. I bought close without doing that research and had problems with the service we had on the boat. Good luck! Our boat is in Maine so I'm not any help...just wanted to compliment you!!
  10. Please post a picture of what they look like! I'd love to have something to compare to. Especially if yours is a newer boat and this was the first time. I'd also like to know if it splashed anywhere else!
  11. Yes, it is tricky for insurance...I wouldn't even want to make a claim and risk raising my premiums. Right now I have pontoons that look hideous but they are intact. I'm guessing the dealer might be able to even them out. But even in the video, the guys protect the rub rail and motor area with plastic and do the WHOLE pontoons evenly. I'm guessing the service people at my dealer sprayed the stuff heavily on the bottom half of the pontoon and got extra spray on the top of the pontoon, rub rail, ladder and motor area. Even if they power washed it off, wherever the acid landed still turned the spots white. For the dealer to now have to acid wash the whole rub rail, ladder, etc. to even them out as well, it will result in the rub rail a different color from the rest of the rail that surrounds my panels. As I said, it just ruins the aesthetics for us, as well as diminishes the resale value. I'd rather have it replaced. But if they remove the rub rail, will it then compromise my flooring by making small tears? Ugh!!! Such a domino effect!
  12. Hi everyone, thanks for all your support! You totally made me feel validated. To answer a few questions...1. The boat was picked up in the fall, no chemicals on the road. If they took it on a road in the winter, I would have no idea. 2. I tried to rub it off with a wet towel, looks the same. 3. There is not a different feel to the spots on the pontoons, ladder and rub rail, there are bumps in the motor area, we think it must be steel in there. The only response I got from the dealer was a 'matter of fact' email saying the work that was done was all part of what we agreed to: a "Bottom Wash," warranty work and storage in the fall...and then the spring commissioning service (test drive and wipe down of upholstery, etc.) I felt forced into. They did not address the quality of the work (or lack thereof)! Since I now know the "bottom wash" (no chemical was mentioned) was done in the fall before storage. it makes me even more concerned about the metal exposure. I responded that I never complained about the warranty work nor the interior cleaning, only the quality of the "wash" they did to the pontoons which also got on the other areas. For professional opinions, I also sent pictures and talked to 2 marinas we used in the past for other boats. They also agreed it was a shoddy job. "You would never see that here. It looks like a teenager went crazy on it". The other suggested to contact Bennington, and the company that manufactured the chemical that they used on my boat. I contacted Bennington and they will try to put some pressure on the dealer to fix it. I also told the dealer THEY need to contact the chemical manufacturer and get a letter from them assuring me there will be no compromise to the metals. I can only imagine the manufacturer won't write the letter since they can't be held responsible for how it was applied. We did go to the lake to this weekend and I tried to rub the spots off as one of you suggested. I only used a wet towel and some elbow grease (didn't want to risk another chemical). It would not come off. And the metal around the motor area has bumps where the acid is...it must be steel. This just stinks. I was pretty upset in the email I sent to the dealer after their reply, and I reiterated if the fix cannot be guaranteed I wanted a new deck and pontoons. Even the Bennington rep I talked to said that the aluminum is very susceptible to damage. I found this video looking to see if I might understand what happened. It looks like my boat at about 2:20. It would appear from this video, they never finished the job and the spray got elsewhere, too. Again, looks like the chemical has been sitting on it since the fall. Thanks for all your support and suggestions. The fight continues!
  13. Thanks for the reply BigKahuna. I was told they were going to 'clean up the boat and pontoons' in addition to the water test drive. I figured out how to add more pictures (I had to delete some from some old posts to give me more personal space on this forum). They are on my original post. As I said we do most of our own cleaning, I take care of the interiors. We had a Boston Whaler center console, and a Tahoe deck boat before this. My husband has done the different acid wash on the exterior of our fiberglass boats, and the regular acid wash on his 14 foot Lund fishing boat. He knows how careful you need to be. Once when we stored the Tahoe at the dealer, they did the exterior wash on the boat, it was perfect. I thought about having the dealer trying to even the pontoons out, I looked around the lake this weekend and most pontoons don't have the shiny appearance that ours did last year. Since we are new to pontoons, I don't know that I looked that closely at the 'shine vs. no shine' before. I don't know if theirs are duller from acid washing, time and/or they weren't shiny to begin with. I certainly have never seen ones that looked like diseased leopard spots before. Do all of you have the pontoons acid washed and do they just turn dull? If so, if the dealer offers to even it out, should I accept? But I am also concerned about the rail, the ladder and the motor area. Will the acid they left from the splash make those spots on the metal prone to pitting in the future? We got top dollar in the past for our resales since we are meticulous. I feel this has ruined the meticulous appearance we are used to in our other boats, and certainly has diminished any resale value.
  14. I am so upset. We bought our 2075 GL last summer. We custom ordered it to avoid all the bells and whistles and get the colors we wanted. It was perfect. This is our 4th boat, first pontoon. We are meticulous owners. We usually store our boats ourselves or find storage (ie. fair ground barn, dealer, etc.). We have mostly done our own cleaning, etc. Since we needed some minor warranty work done (canvas, etc.), we sent the boat to the dealer for the winter. They made the repairs and stored it for us. When I contacted them to have it delivered to our lake (we didn't purchase a trailer yet, spent a little more on the boat than we expected to), they offered to test drive it locally to make sure all the electrical worked and to clean it for us. Since we only used it for 3 months last summer and we only have a speedometer and a radio, we denied the service. The head of the service department called me back and gave me such a hard time about not doing the service (what if the battery is dead on delivery? what if something is not working? everyone else does this service!!), I gave in and had them do it. When it was delivered, the pontoons were totally speckled with acid stain. The white acid splash is also on our ribbed rail, the ladder, and the motor area. The dealer's driver acted like it was no big deal but we were shocked. There were also 2 rubbed marks on one pontoon because they had left it at their low dock against bumpers...we have our dock at 'walk on' height and have vertical plastic bumpers (with no marks on our rail from last summer!!) The driver waited while my husband and I took pictures. I wanted to send the boat back with the driver, but we had planned such a nice time together on our Maine lake on a rare hot and sunny day. We took possession and said we would call the dealer. I sent a seething email with pictures. I told them I wanted a new boat! It looks horrible!! In addition to the appearance, I am concerned about the acid compromising the metal on the pontoons, rails, ladder and motor area. Is this acceptable, is this dangerous, am I overreacting??? Since it was on the trailer, we couldn't see underneath to see where else the acid went. And the water is still too cold to swim in for us! I truly want this sent back to Bennington to be put on a new deck with new pontoons. (I could only upload one picture...I have lots more! What would you do????
  15. Can you postpone the build so it arrives when you would need it?