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  1. Are you guys that have the ptm mirror, are you using the clap on type or the ones with screws?
  2. Very nice! Enjoy!
  3. Looks like it was worth the wait! Nice looking toon... Enjoy!
  4. Hey SirVive Was just looking at the 53dv chirp model over at the gps store. The descriptions says it comes with a 4 pin transducer??? Wonder if that is a typo?
  5. Thank you for the info. Chirp is not a necessity, I don't think... So it would be an easy upgrade. I too have been going back and forth about the flush mount. Would really like to be able to take mine off the boat during the winter months... Been looking at mounts that may work on my helm, but the wife really don't want me drilling any holes!
  6. Thanks waverunner. I sent you a PM... I like your Benny too. Love the name!
  7. Nice, wish my helm had the room for a 7" model...
  8. Thank you...
  9. Look forward to hearing what you decide on.
  10. Been looking into replacing the echo 101 that came with my pontoon. While researching I noticed that most all manufactures suggest you install your transducer on the starboard side or downward rotation of the prop. Wonder why bennington put it on the port side? I don't have the starboard bracket so I guess I'm stuck with the port side. Things that make you go hummmmm...
  11. Link, if you don't mind me asking, what was the cost for the materials? Thanks
  12. But that would mean I would have to know what I'm doing! LOL...
  13. Thanks guys. We have a two toon model and I want to underskin the whole boat. Factory parts would be ideal, I guess. Good idea about the conduit, would make adding accessories much easier in the future.
  14. Can anyone give me a ball park for adding the wave shield? This is on a toon we already have. Thanks in advance.