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  1. Looks great!
  2. The dealer got it done. He said it was his first add on and was "plug and play"
  3. Many dealers sell mid america trailers but buy the trailers from the factory and put there own touches on them such as led's, heavy duty options and the list goes on. I would add a picture but I don't know how to resize them to put them on the site.
  4. The kit is ordered supposedly. Dealer said they will make it work either way. Doesn't matter if its plug and play or not i guess as long as the 10 year warrant applies. thanks
  5. I just bought a trailer from I drove 12 hours each way and would do it all over again if i needed another.
  6. Hey guys, my new benny came in and was supposed to have LED sidelights put on at the factory so that they would be integrated with the cup holder leds and all work with the knob on the dash. My dealer isnt 100 percent sure if the kit is plug and play and is saying he will make it work. Has anyone added a factory set of sidelights and is there wiring provisions in place for a factory quality install? Thanks
  7. At a recent boat show I spoke to a Bennington Rep and he said they are making 40 boats a day right now!
  8. R25 swingback with esp smokey granite with black accent blackout package sandstone with driftwood pillowtop Dual bimini captains chair with bolster 52 inch ski pylon vinyl slate flooring Led cup holder/bimini/side lighting center storage extra table yamaha 250 sho
  9. Thanks. The dealer just got the boat in and can't prep it for a couple weeks because of our local boat show has him busy but here she is
  10. My boat came in! I was able to measure with a caliper and it has a 2.5" diameter.
  11. Great. Thats something i can work with. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the pics and info.
  13. Does anyone know the diameter of the ski pylon on a 2016? Thanks
  14. Hello all, im looking for the diameter of the ski pylon. My boat is on order and im going to fab a flag pole to mount to the ski pylon. Thanks
  15. Darker color!