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  1. Finally got a chance to get a few more pictures of the boat Our dog Bandit enjoying his first boat ride of the year
  2. so, we took delivery yesterday and the wind was horrible. launching was no problem. Dad and i tried to do a quick trip around the lake and going with the wind wasn't too bad but when we turned and headed into the wind it was not fun at any speed. as I had worried about, docking was a major challenge. I made a few test passes and the wind was really whipping the boat. no two passes were the same and it made trying to figure out the best path forward difficult. I heard while watching the news that night that the winds were sustained around 27 with gusts of 40-50 mph. based on some of the gusts we had I would believe it. We did eventually get the boat parked but not without some minor drama. which included my dad saying, I can do this, let me and almost running us into the rocks and sea wall on shore. luckily we were able to correct it and not run ashore. here is the only picture I ended up getting before putting the boat in the water. I'll get more later and post them up.
  3. Thank you! We had a really old Pontoon before this. But where we were situated on our old lake we didn't have to deal with any cross winds while docking, we were in a secluded bay that was mostly isolated from the wind. when strong winds did come, they were head winds. so this is a newer adventure for us.
  4. We are both excited and nervous for our boat delivery tomorrow. The weather forecast is showing high winds (up to 24mph) which could make launching the boat and docking the boat challenging since we'll be fighting the cross winds in both cases. not as worried about launching the boat as the marina people are doing that, but it's been 5 or 6 years since we last owned a boat and we're not looking forward to docking the new boat in a strong cross wind.
  5. finally under a week away from the new boat being delivered. Dock is going in this weekend.
  6. We can't wait! After we bought the boat we thought about trying to get out one more time in the fall since we had such mild October, but it just didn't work. HAHA, so true. We were trying to decide between a pontoon and a tritoon and the dealer keep telling us that we had to get on a tritoon to understand how much better it was for us than a pontoon. Well he ended up being right, as soon as we got off the water we knew that was the boat.
  7. We have our new boat scheduled for delivery on May 18th. We're looking forward to getting out on the water. We bought the boat last Oct. and our only ride on it was when the sales men was trying to sell it to us.
  8. I think there will always be pontoons. There will always be small lakes or even large lakes with size/motor restrictions. I think that the bigger the boat, the more likely a tri will be the only option.
  9. That is awesome! love the color combo!
  10. Last fall my family had the opportunity to take a test ride on a 21 SLX tritoon with 115 Yamaha. with 5 adults on board on a really calm lake we made it up to 34mph. Overall we were really impressed with that boat, but we also came from a 25+ year old pontoon with a 25hp motor. I will say that turning at top speeds required some effort, but nothing crazy. It also wasn't my boat so we didn't try any super tight turns or anything crazy.
  11. I'm curious to see where this will end up. so far I am not surprised by the results. Boating, like a lot of other hobbies, can be very expensive and more "affordable" to seasoned individuals.
  12. There was. we sold it about 10 years ago. I can't seem to find any picture on my computer of it. hopefully I can come across some somewhere.
  13. I work for a third party assurance, testing, inspection and certification lab. I started as an engineer and I now manage our custom durability lab, furniture testing lab, and furniture flammability lab. I help write national performance standards for office furniture and participate in ISO standards harmonization for office furniture. I've tested everything from your office chair and desk to hair straighteners, batter powered saws, automotive lift struts and automotive interiors.
  14. Thanks everyone for your replies and confirming our suspicions. Wind on the lake shouldn't be an issue, but for small lake there are a lot of speedboats/wakeboard boats. There is actually a ski team on the lake so it's a busy lake.
  15. Thank you everyone for your replies. You confirmed our suspicions but we wanted to check with people who had more experience. for reference. Below is a picture of our dock. The far end is in about 5 feet of water, it drops off fast, one more step in and your in over your head. here is an overview of the lake and the pin is where the house and dock are. Mattb we sold the 'cuda about 6 years ago and I can't seem to find a picture of it now. It was a red 66 with the formula S package. If I can find a picture I'll post it.