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  1. on our old pontoon and we used a small grill cover to cover the console and one for the seat, worked good and cheap Mike
  2. They do make a center lift for a tritoon with large cutout for toon very heavy duty and expensive $4000.00 a lot of money for a trailer that will seldom be used look at
  3. well i spent a little time over at Dry Dock Marina measuring tritoons on bunk trailers Most measured aprox 7' 8" to 7' 10" not counting the bimini top or windshield which can be easily removed ( i will probably leave them off in springtime anyway until i can clear the bridge. The bucket seat can be tilted back or removed also. The highest point i saw was the fiberglass console which stuck up an average of 6 inches above the rail along with the top of the steering wheel. I did speak with someone at the marina in Elkhart that sells the Midwest pontoon trailers and they indicated that they can provide low profile tires and bunk mounting brackets depending on the pontoon purchased. They did caution me that some manufactures provide center pontoons that are larger than the outside pontoons or are mounted lower that will raise the height of the boat on the trailer. I really think i can fit in 8' high doors but not sure if that is the best choice, My wife does not want to go with 9' high doors as it will change the look of our house, she thinks the garage is too big as it is. Our addition will be 34' x 30' and my garage will be 34' x 36'. I still have a year to decide what to buy and what to build but i am pretty sure it will be a tritoon with a 150, maybe the dealer will allow me to rent his center lift pontoon trailer to put into garage and just put on blocks. Mike
  4. We are in planning stage of building a new addition with garage. Was thinking of 9' ceilings, maybe will have to go with the 10' ceilings and then i could go with the 9' high doors, I would like to get a new mid america bunk trailer for the tri toon, The center lift trailers are ok for short distances but are a little scarey for longer distances, they are pretty pricey for the tritoon versions. We currently live in Fort Wayne and hope to make the move up to the lake in about 2 years or so. I bet it would be a good time to go over to the dealers lot and measure some boats on trailers. They had a very pretty tritoon in the dark blue they just got in. mike
  5. I have another question regarding a purchase of a 22' pontoon with the tri-toon option, as we plan the move to the lake, we are discussing our remodeling to our small lake house, we will be doubling it in size and adding a three car garage. How much overhead room do i need for a tri-toon on a float on trailer, i will probably remove the bimini top to lower the room required, Will it clear a 8' high door? Plans now call for a 10' and a 18' doors both 8' high. on another note, my brother and sister in-law just put money down on a new Bennington 21' pontoon with a 115 hp yamaha, they take delivery on it next spring. Chalk up another sale for Dry Dock Marine
  6. well it looks like i have narrowed it down to a tritoon with a 150 or a two tube with strakes and a 150 after speaking to my dealer the elliptical pontoon will not fit on my lift or trailer so i might as well go with the tritoon if i have to change lifts and trailer anyways. I will make it a point to try both boats next summer as i will probably order in early winter for spring delivery. I am going to hit Chris up at dry dock to order in a stock 22' with a 150 and strakes for me to test out next summer.
  7. Yes i am looking for a triple with a 150 to try out, Dry dock usually has an demo days on lake James but we were out of town this year, i will make sure to catch them next year. I know they will do a private demo but want to wait closer to purchase date mike
  8. Yes I deal with Chris also I have a mid American center lift pontoon lift also my boat lift is the same center lift type, will not work with a tri toon, both should be easy to sell. it looks like we will have to pull our lifts to have our channel dredged next fall 2017 so it will be a good time for a new lift in anticipation for the new boat. I will definitely get another trailer from Paul at mid American, they are another class act. most of my neighbors have been buying lifts from Diamond marine just up the road from dry dock on the corner. good lift and good pricing, I think it is a Star lift, i will probably see the guys at pier place, its hard to beat shore station quality. I was not very impressed with the Hewitt lifts. We are getting ready to build and will be moving up there in a couple of years. I want this to be my last boat. Thanks Mike
  9. My dealer is Dry Dock Marine in Angola Good people, probably not the cheapest but good service, I don't have a problem paying a little more if I get good service They are about 1/4 mile from my house and will do warranty at my house if it does not need to come out of the water, or they will pick it up and redeliver it also no charge. Mike
  10. I live in Fort Wayne Indiana, our lake house is on Crooked Lake in Angola In, we are about 10 miles from the Michigan border. lakeliving, You are probably correct that i should bite the bullet and get the Tritoon SPS, My lake house is about 1/4 mike from the ramp i could dip it for the day if i wanted to, just would not be able to park on lift at house I am going to check with my dealer and a neighboring dealer in coldwater MI to see what i can try out. I am afraid if i buy a two tube with strakes and the 150 i will be looking for a new boat 3 years down the line. The lake goes down alot in the summer probably drops 12 inches or more, i will probably have problems for the first month or so unless we get alot of rain in may .The biggest complaint on my current boat is speed and when we have a large load it really slows down. This may sound crazy but how about a water bladder like they use on the big ski boats drop the hose over the side, pump in about 100-200 gallons into the bladder to get under the bridge, pump out and go have fun, i have a neighbor that has a ski boat with folding wakeboard top and he pumps in water to get under the bridge also. Not sure if you would have to put on deck or if you could put into storage area of center toon??? maybe too much weight for toon. i did find one that is portable and you just drop the pump hose over the side of the boat Hmmm mike when the water is high i can take off windshield and even take off bimimi top
  11. my big concern is the height for the bridge, I would like to keep under 40, I cheaped out on my last boat and here i am 2 years later looking at new boats. I love my harrris but i should have spent more money and got what i wanted. i may look for newer used but it would have to be my ideal boat. There is a newer bennington on my channel with a sport tube ( i think that is what it is called, it has a shorter center tube) but he never goes out, I have only seen the boat gone twice in two years, and it looks at least 6-8 inches higher than my boat at the front, i seems that with the sport tube the front is very high and the rear is very low, maybe the elliptical or the full tri toon the boat will sit more level.and maybe lower than the sport tube. I do like the idea of the elliptical pontoons, does any one know how they sit in the water compared to a std pontoon.
  12. New member, first post Well starting to look at new boats, probably about a year off but trying to decide what to buy My local dealer sells Bennington and Harris so it will probably be one of those. I have a 20' two tube Harris with a 90 but I need more speed My ideal boat would be a 22' tritoon with a 150 The dilemma i have is that my trailer is a center lift and my covered boat lift is also a center lift type so i would have to buy a new lift and trailer $$$. One other problem is to get from my house i have to go under a low bridge, in the spring time with the high water i have to remove the windshield, head rest and drop the Bimini off the short legs and sometimes only clear by a couple of inches. This only last 3-4 weeks in the spring but with the higher ride height of a tritoon i may not able to go out on the lake. I am thinking that a 22' two tube boat with lifting strakes and a 150 may work. we do not do much in water sports maybe ski or pull a tube a couple time a year if we have guests. mostly cruising and anchored at the sandbar. how does the lifting strakes affect the boat compared to a regular pontoon, if i can get into the mid to upper 30's i would be happy. My neighbor has a 22' Harris two tube boat with a 150 (no strakes) and he runs about 35 mph. I would be OK with buying new lift and trailer but the bridge is the big concern. My budget for the boat is approx 35,000.00 upgrading the lifts and trailer will cost an additional $5000.00 even after selling my old ones. I could probably save almost 10,000 by going with the two tube boat. If anyone has a two tube boat with strakes your thoughts would be welcome. also i did see the elliptical two toon option, how does that boat handle and how much higher does it float compared to two toon pontoon I realize that this configuration will require a new lift and trailer. any thoughts and comments are welcome Mike