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  1. Hustler trailer problem

    I'll get the information off the trailer tag tomarrow if it quicks raining.
  2. Hustler trailer problem

    The dealer ordered the trailer for the boat its a 22sf boat-builder list the specs as. LOA 22' 11.5", pontoon length 21' 4", deck lenght 20' 11", beam 8' 6", hull weight (no engine) 2,196 lbs, The trailer measures about 27' best I can tell with no one hold the tape. The bunks are 18' and the boat is setting with the back of the pontoons flush with the end of the bunks. The bunks run about 14" under the noise cone of the pontoons which don't touch. The motor weights 363 lbs I have the motor, fuel tank, a cranking battery and 2 group 31 deep cycle marine battery's all in the back. From the center of the hitch where it fits on the ball to the steps is 40" and from the center of the ball on the truck to the side of the fender is 38". The steps are 19" wide from the center of the trailer.
  3. Hustler trailer problem

    I have not been able to look at it today it's rained here all day. I did take a quick look I'm not sure I can adjust the wench stand forward because the steps may hit the truck in a short turn.
  4. Hustler trailer problem

    The axel's don't move but the wench stand has room for adjustment. I'm on vacation with it now I wont be able to weight it till I get home. I'll check the air pressure and move the wench stand up a little it don't seam to have much tongue weight.
  5. My new Benny came on a 2017 Hustler trailer with tandom axel and brakes on rear axel. The tag on the trailer says its rated for 3800lbs. I have two concerns this setup seams to really pull hard,Im pulling with a 2002 full size Z71 with V8 engine and I have to give it gas going down small grades. It also fishtail's a little more than it should may just need adjusting forward on the trailer as fuel tank 3 battery's or on the back. Any ideals.
  6. Changing seats

    They swivel but I woulding say freely, there is a lever on one side to lock and unlock the swivel. A lever on the other sideto slide them back and forth. Theywill slide about 4.5 inches The corner cabinets will be a problem.I looked at a few different ones before I ordered mine with different seats and none had enough clearance for my big leg to pass the cabinets. I ordered mine without the corner cabinets for that reason and got the livewell under the bench in front of the helm. I got the big fishing station in back with large livewell and put the batteries under there.
  7. Changing seats

    No they only recline, but will go back enough to clear the cover same as the g-series helm seat if you got that option.
  8. Two more days

    At my age just being able to get out and enjoy the lake on my Bennington is a party. Instead of working 7 days a week which I do most of the time.
  9. Two more days

    I will be trailering mine because I may put in at different docks and sometimes go to Lake Cumberland or Green River lake. My wife won't be able to come down till next Thursday.
  10. Two more days

    I have a piece of land on Scott Finley road off hwy 449 between the water tower and the State Park roadInDog Woods of Dale Hollow.I built a storage building and put in electric and water to have my own hook ups.
  11. Changing seats

    I ordered minewith the G series recliners the pedestals and bases are one piece where the bass seat pedestals snap in the bases. So you would have to measure the bases and hole pattern but most are standard sizes,and change out the pedestals basesandall. I really like the G series recliners as fishing seats they are bigger and take up more room, but a small trade off. The only thing I would change is pedestal height they are about 2 inches shorter than my G series helm seat. Being 6' 3" I would like them taller to be easier to stand up when you hook a big one.
  12. Early Birthday present

    Mine was almost a birthday present I picked it up April 1 and birthday was April 8.
  13. Two more days

    I leave Friday afternoon for 9 days at Dale Hollow lake with my new bennington. Hope to catch some fish and enjoy the new boat and learn to use my new trolling motor a motorguide XI5 with gps. This is a picture from last year this year it be a with my new bennington and old blue chevy 4x4. I took the RV down already and have the truck hooked to the Benny.
  14. 2017 SSRX 21' Yamaha 90 VS 115

    My 22sf with a 115 mercury 2 tube with strakes and a solas 15.25 x15 propwithjust me on board and a full tank of fuel will hit 35 mph, with me and the better half its 32 mph, add a couple of friends and your down to 27 - 28. The strakes make a big differents even with a pretty heavy load it will still get on plane. But if I had it to do over I would have got the salt water pkg. with sealed strakes. These make a lot of noise fishing with the movement of the boat and water and air exchange in the strakes.
  15. Prop Specs for 23 R or G F300 Yamaha

    I would try it to see how it works, You will need to get some of your breakin time done before you can run it hard enough to tell. I had mine out friday and have almost the full 10 hours of breakin done. With just my big 6'3" 300lbs in it and full tank of fuel and two extra group 31 battery's for the trolling motor and safety equipment. I was doing 6300 rpm easy which is max for my motor and 35mph gps. The dealer put a 15.25 x 15 pitch on it. I was thinking was too much for a 115 command thrust but now I think its about right.