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  1. Its here

    Hi He is a small dealer , the owner mostly run the hole place.
  2. Its here

    I live in western ky now but am from Cumberland County. I also lived in Adair county for a while and went to Lake Cumberland and Green River lake. But Cumberland County and Dale Hollow are home.
  3. Its here

    Performance Marine a small dealer In Campbellsvilleky. Close to Green River Lake and my mom lives close too.
  4. Just recieved our build date, now the countdown begins.

    I ordered mine on 1/20/17 and the dealer received it 3/20/17 eight weeks. They were saying 6 weeks but it took 8 and my build date was 3/9/17. I remember the dealer telling me at the end of February that therewere a 12 weekwate. Bennington is selling a lot of boats.
  5. Its here

    The canvas is also the firecracker and the vinyl is napa beige with Tuscan dune accent.
  6. Its here

    My 2017 Bennington 22sf is at the dealer and he's getting it ready. I think i'll will go visit it tomarrow.
  7. Welcome to Club Bennington

    Hi Kenny I ordered a 2017 22 SF with a Mercury 115 pro sx 4 strokeand waiting on the call from my dealer.Thebuild date was last week should be in soon.
  8. Where do you go boating mostly?

    We go todifferent lakes, depends on werewe are athome its a small local lake (lake Beshear).If camping on a two are three day weekend at LBL its (Kentucky lake). And for longer vacations we take the RV and boat to our propery close to Dale hollow state park.
  9. New boat on order

    I finally got a timeline on my build it will be built around the 3/9/17. I got this info from my dealer today he also said that any new orders would be about 12 weeks. Benny must be getting really busy now.
  10. Yamaha SDS or not for F150

    I have a 22sf on order with a mercury 115 pro xs 4 stroke command thruston it. I ordered it to come with a stainless prop and would like to avoid the prop rattle. What would be the best prop to put on it.
  11. New boat on order

    I plan on running a motor guide xi5, there is battery storage in under were the tackle boxes next to large livewell. That's where the engine battery is and there is room for at least 1 if not 2 more. The little livewell in the back will serve as a bait well when trolling. Everyone of the sf and sfx's I looked just didn't have enough leg at the front seats for me.
  12. Don't own one yet but have sf22 on order.
  13. New boat on order

    My dealer got this drawing from bennington for approval. It getting a little closer,I'm ready to go fishing.
  14. Trail master tandom axel trailer

    Anyone using a trail master trailer, I have a new Bennington on order and the dealer is putting it on a trail master tandom axel trailer with brakes. I'm not sure how good these trailers are and can't seem to find any reviews online.