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  1. New boat on order

    I finally got a timeline on my build it will be built around the 3/9/17. I got this info from my dealer today he also said that any new orders would be about 12 weeks. Benny must be getting really busy now.
  2. Yamaha SDS or not for F150

    I have a 22sf on order with a mercury 115 pro xs 4 stroke command thruston it. I ordered it to come with a stainless prop and would like to avoid the prop rattle. What would be the best prop to put on it.
  3. What model do you own (or want to)

    2017 SF on order.
  4. New boat on order

    I plan on running a motor guide xi5, there is battery storage in under were the tackle boxes next to large livewell. That's where the engine battery is and there is room for at least 1 if not 2 more. The little livewell in the back will serve as a bait well when trolling. Everyone of the sf and sfx's I looked just didn't have enough leg at the front seats for me.
  5. What model do you own (or want to)

    Don't own one yet but have sf22 on order.
  6. New boat on order

    My dealer got this drawing from bennington for approval. It getting a little closer,I'm ready to go fishing.
  7. Trail master tandom axel trailer

    Anyone using a trail master trailer, I have a new Bennington on order and the dealer is putting it on a trail master tandom axel trailer with brakes. I'm not sure how good these trailers are and can't seem to find any reviews online.
  8. New boat on order

    I was lucky My Wife liked the Firecracker.
  9. New boat on order

    I won't get to fish near as much as I would like, stiil workinga lot of overtime. But Me, The Wife and our fur baby will enjoy it every chance we get the next 4 years until I retire. I usually take a weekvacation in april and go to Dale Hollow we have some propery about 10 minutes from the State Park. Setup the RV and fishall week with some cruising mixed in.
  10. New boat on order

    Now the wait begins, ordered 2017 Bennington 22SF details below. Panel color Firecracker Canvas Firecracker Vinyl napa beige with tuscan dune accent G-series helm chair upgrade Portable cupholders Striker 4 fish graph Woven vinyl beige full floor Mercury package Mecury 115 hp 4stroke Pro XS command thrust 20" Solid keel 2 tubes Lifting stakes 2 tubes Docking lights Premium cleats Heavy duty rub rail 4 pole rod holder (delete bow boxes livewell and battery box for more leg room in front.) Angler fish station Rod Locker Deluxe bass seat (2) Bow G-series recliner upgrade Console seat live well Console seat cusion pk Tandom axel trailer with serge brakes.
  11. Command Thrust

    I hope this works here is a link to a you tube video (What is a command thrush gearcase.);_ylu=X3oDMTByZnJkbGl0BHNlYwNjZC10aHVtYgRzbGsDcGxheQR2dGlkAw--/RV=2/RE=1484818605/RO=10/ I am also looking to buy and have a quote on a 22FSwith a Mercury 115 4stroke pro xs command thrust motor on it. Buthave never owned one.
  12. HiĀ 

    I see you have the bow recliner upgrade, how well do you like them and do you think the upgrade is wroth the price. Also do they slide a lot of the boats I have seen the seats are to close to front no leg room.

  13. How do like your 21sf I am in the market for one. I've seen some sfx's but no sf's and would like to know what is in the price difference.

  14. I will be retiring in the next few years and don't plan on buying any big ticket items after I retire. I have been looking at the Bennington 21sf with a f115 yamaha on line and saw one in person a couple of weeksago. I am planning on going to some boat shows this winter. I owned a bass buggy 18 in the early 1990s I loved that old boat it had small round tubes and a 60hp motor it was slow but sill enjoyed it. It looks like they are better now larger round tubes and the twin 32" elliplical tubes. I like the extra floatation and stability of the elliplicals but wonder how well they would set on a trailer. With theold bass buggy you get the tubes started in between bunks on the trailer and raise the rpms it would almost load it's self. The twin elliplical are more flat on the bottom. I'm sure the round tubes would be more like the old ones. Also the one I saw the front fishing seats set too close to the live well and battery box for my long legs, but if you ordered one that could be changed i'm sure.
  15. IMG-0472.JPG

    From the album kysportsman