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  1. I spoke to the guy that wired the fish finder and he suggested I wouldn't even need to run a cable. He was saying we should be able to just get the cable and connect it to the existing cabling coming from the sensor. That would be much better! lol
  2. I will check that because i'm sure that is on my boat. Thank you for your help and I will get back to you once I go out to the slip
  3. Yeah I think you are right.. trying to go off memory I *think* there is a port right there. I will try to drive out there tomorrow and see if that's it. Would be awesome if I can get fuel so I don't have to drill into the helm!
  4. I just added another picture showing the table port in the floor in the back. Maybe it is under that?
  5. I added some more pictures to my boat to this photo library: https://goo.gl/photos/sTriK7bbQuAaJm5P6 I don't really see any port like that. I do have an extended aft deck and I have a infloor storage (not sure if that makes a difference)
  6. 2017 24' Bennington SSRX (triple) with extended aft deck.
  7. I haven't examined the boat looking for the fuel tank yet. Not sure where I could access the sending unit... I imagine you have to be under the boat to get to it right?
  8. I wonder if there is a diagram for my boat that shows me where that would be at?
  9. Thanks for the info! I'm trying to look at my boat and see where that sending unit is. Wish I thought about this when they ran the wires the first time! Argh
  10. I do get flow rate (gph) but not how many actual gallons are in the tank. I'm thinking about drilling a hole where the old fish finder is right between the steering and the throttle and putting the fuel gauge that came with the boat there.
  11. I ended up having someone do it. Cost me about $300 :-(
  12. I ended up getting it wired but don't get how many gallons are left in the fuel tank. Here is all I needed: Lowrance Yamaha Engine Interface cable: http://store.navico.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductName=000-0120-37 Extra 15' cable: http://store.navico.com/Products/000-0119-86 NMEA Starter Kit: http://store.navico.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductName=000-0124-69 That was it! Interface cable connects directly to a plug in the engine. To get digital trim there was two cables taped with yellow cable (one had a pink cable). I just untapped them, took the caps off and connected them together.
  13. Ended up getting it finished. Too bad I don't get actual fuel gallons. Anyone know how to get this data? Pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/sTriK7bbQuAaJm5P6 the file limits on this forum drive me insane!
  14. Believe it or not I've actually thought about borrowing a large lift bag from a local dive shop to lift up the back of the boat while it is in the water lol
  15. Yes there is a bracket on both sides.