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  1. Those look great. Nice job!
  2. A little crazy but our new order came in and we are still out of state finishing up a home remodel. We had to purchase sight unseen. We trust our dealer though as we have had a good relationship in the past. It's killing us not to see it yet and we will be back in Michigan soon for our walk through and maiden voyage. After 3 to 4 years of looking and deciding, this is what we ordered: 23RCW closed stern smokey granite with champagne accent ESP tritoon 250 Yamaha SHO 25", command link gauges, power assist, center tube storage, dual batteries with switch, raised helm, pop up cleats, SS ladder, sharkhide "Special order interior (soft touch vinyl) sandstone, diamond stitched upholstery, greywood accents. Vinyl teak slate flooring. one thing I really wanted but didn't make the budget cut was the blackout package. Oh well. I wanted to put the money in power and utility instead of aesthetics. Thanks to the forum members who post ideas. It did definitely help in making some decisions.
  3. Here is an interesting brochure on the new Simtex Vinyl that Bennington will be using going forward. This is a sticking point for me on placing a new order, however, reading it does make it interesting. I guess Im old school and like regular vinyl (with diamond stitch). What is everyone's take on this new interior? Bennington Simtex.pdf
  4. I understand that some late 2016's have the Simtex. Is yours Simtex or the soft touch vinyl? Thank you.
  5. Hi, We finally were about to order out new R series after two years of research. (We have a speed boat). Had it all dialed in and was just finalizing colors and floor. We happened to stop into a dealer who had just gotten some 2017's in. When I looked at it it felt like I got punched in the stomach. It was the first time I saw the Simtex. I dont know anything about it, but I do know that I do not like it. I'm really disappointed. We were so excited to order ours, but Im afraid this is a deal breaker for us. Maybe it will grow on me, but for now I have to wait. Either they will go back to soft touch vinyl or I start looking at other manufacturers. This really sucks. I not trying to offend anyone who has ordered this. It may be the next best thing. Im sure it is more durable and maybe they switched to have less warranty issues. We are very meticulous about our interiors and we would never have any problems with regular vinyl. I wish they would have made this optional.