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  1. Nav , running lights don't work

    If the above steps fail to make the light work, check for a broken or lose wire on the back of the switch. Good Luck!
  2. New member intro

    Welcome to the family! Sounds like a nice boat on the way.
  3. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a nice day!
  4. Kayak got wet .....

    Thanks Carl. It came in at 47 pounds.
  5. Kayak got wet .....

    Finally put my Nephew's kayak in the water this past weekend.
  6. Wooden Kayak

    Saturday is launch day!!! Hope the weather is good. Hopefully, no one rolls it over. I know the water is still going to be QUITE KOOL!!! This will be my 3rd boat to be launched.
  7. New boat/new to Bennington

    Nice looking boat! Thanks
  8. New boat/new to Bennington

    Welcome to the forum! There are many good friends here who are always willing to help! Just so you know WE LOVE PICTURES!!!!!
  9. New toon owner

    It could have been Rubber Ducky, the general location for them looks about right. It was many years ago. I'll definitely look you up next time we're down there. If you ever make it up to Connecticut let me know. Depending on the season, we might be able to get some time on the lake.
  10. New toon owner

    Welcome aboard! Wonderful people here! I rented a pontoon on Wallenpaupack several years back. Talk about a beat up boat!!! There were a couple of plastic patio chairs screwed to the deck. The lady at the rental desk asked if I wanted to actually take the anchor. It's a good thing I did, as the engine's oil alarm went off just as we got past the island at the NE corner. Had to wait for the rental people to come out with some oil for us. Turned out not as fun as we had hoped. One of these days I may bring my boat down to that beautiful lake, with the anchor!!!!!!
  11. Better Days

    Hey has anyone noticed that it seems brighter in the evenings???? Must be getting closer to boating season!!!
  12. 2nd bimini top 24scwx

    The $500 cost sounds really good! The extra shade will be appreciated by everyone on board. I paid over that much money for my forward bimini ..... and I made mine!
  13. Bulldogs Cadillac's loss

    Sorry for your loss!
  14. From last night on Lake Norman.......

    Nice Pics!
  15. I guess we'll see

    Sorry about your new position! Keep the faith. Good luck sometimes comes in, "ugly" at first.