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  1. What year is your boat? I have a 2017 22srx and it came with I believe 27 cup holders built in. Every person could have two drinks and still not run out of holders. I had ordered two of those portable armrests with drink holders and had the salesman take them back. He was not aware the 2017 model had changed.
  2. Great info guys. I am one hour from Dealer and it is time for my 20 hr service. Around here they want about $350 for the service. And that includes putting the boat on a trailer and doing the work in the trailer launch area. But I don't have a trailer so I would be doing it over the water. I do have a lift, but still a balancing act. I'm going to call tomorrow and see if I can get a deal since they have to come here anyway for a warranty item. Thanks for all the input.
  3. I got the adjustable height one and the dealer came out and is replacing it because it wobbles. I weigh around 200 so not to much weight on it. I'll wait for new one before making any comment on it.
  4. We went out on the 4th also with 8 on board. Probably out 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. All went well, but after back at our dock and turning off the breakers I noticed they were pretty darn hot. Never thought about the battery going down, but will try to remember in the future to start the engine periodically. I also need to remember to bring a better camera next time. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I have a neighbor that just got one a few months ago. Need to go out on his to see what RPM he turns and how close to redline he gets. I'm surprised they come with a SS prop, but thats good.
  6. Specs on my 2017 22SSRXP are White/w Matador accent, series Captains chairs, Sandstone w/Driftwood, and Suzuki 150. Since its a 2017 and they didn't have any in stock, i'm assuming no big changes are being made. We'll see when it gets here later this month I hope. Now if the weather will just stay nice a while longer. Cheers Sut
  7. Glad to hear that. I ordered that option on my 22ssrxp.
  8. Hi All While I have been waiting for my boat to arrive I have been reading this your posts. So far I have bought Taylor 1139 rail fender hangers, Nufinish Polish, 303 Fabric Guard, 303 Spot cleaner, 303 UV protectant, and I'm only on page 6. Oh, and I'm now having the dealer apply the Sharkhide. I want to thank everyone for sharing your knowledge on this forum. It really has been helpful. Sut