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  1. Same companies that make towables. Buy a patch kit when you make your decision, you'll need it
  2. How about this...anyone know that Bennington made fiberglass boats for a few years?
  3. Good choice on the double bimini. Your family will appreciate it. Easy to upgrade later. Suggest a JL Audio amp. I am so impressed with my 700/5
  4. In 2005, the docking lights were relocated up to the bow deck. I haven't had to replace the bulbs, but I'm sure it's not difficult. I'd look for LED replacements. I would think any marine shop could mount a ski pole for you. Mine isn't that tall, maybe 18" - 2' at most. Pics of the interior please. Deadrise is only 16 degrees, so if there is chop, people in the bow will feel it, otherwise, it's a light and very fast boat.
  5. Slide looks more fun
  6. In Maryland, for every life jacket you are short, it's $90 a pop.
  7. Docking lights should not be used when under way. They blind other boaters at night, and at most should be toggled on quickly to get your bearings and then turned off. Turn off all the other "bling" lights, run with just nav and anchor light and you'll be amazed how good you night vision is. Until you come across someone with headlights on. Boating at night is magical, but keeps speeds down and stay in familiar waters. And everyone wears a life jacket at night, no exceptions.
  8. What size are the Roswell speakers and what is the upcharge? Generally, you'll find much better quality in the aftermarket, Polk and JL Audio being top shelf. But you can't just swap out and get full performance, they must be driven by a quality class d amplifier.
  9. Are "Deck Hands" limited on the size of picture they can upload? Like to share a pic of my fiberglass Bennington, but not permitted.
  10. I had a good aftermarket cover for my HPDI. The tie string disintegrated in one season in a saltwater environment. I just keep a good coat of wax on the cowling now.
  11. You won't find direct replacement parts. I would remove the dash, sand off the remaining vinyl and spray paint it. Don't overtighten the screws when reinstalling, it will crack. I have the 2006 model of your boat AZ 210. Awesome hull that holds 11 people and leaves a pontoon in it's wake.
  12. I swapped out regular bulbs for LED's bulbs in my courtesy lights and gauges and anchor light. Superbrightleds is the site for great selection. New member here, BTW
  13. I have an Azure AZ 210, which is the same boat as the RL 210, with cosmetic differences. Purchased used in 09, it's an 05'. Never have gone to a dealer for parts, other than Yamaha for the 300 HPDI outboard. Yes, I know I'm overpowered by 75 HP, but Zoinks it's fun. I can give you tips on how I have maintained her and replaced worn items.