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  1. Finally on the assembly line!!! my order # 4326 delivered Feb 24, almost 2000 boats built since then? Wow
  2. IMG-0015.JPG

    From the album Order #

    My order # 4326 was delivered to dealer Feb. 24. Almost 2000 boats built since then? Wow
  3. Disturbing news

    Just went to my dealer to check on my 2017 Slxp that was delivered on Feb 22 it was ordered in Oct. During my conversation with my sales rep he states we are no longer a Bennington dealer. They will only allot thema low number of boats due to maximum build times. My concern is about my Bennington warrranty being honored there as there is no other dealer within about 60 miles. I was directed to the warranty manager who said everything will be honored, but I am asking them to put it in writing . I know dealerships continually change boats they sell and wonder if anyone else has encountered this.
  4. Boat name voting

    My favorite was Comfortably Numb too, I have been looking for custom lettering and decals for my new 21 SLXP and have seen hundreds of sites . My question is has anyone used a site they would recommend. So many to choose from.
  5. Sharkshide

    We are on the bay side in Beach Haven West, almost dead center of the island. Going to try to take it in the ocean on a calm day. Mostly in the bay and up and down the inter coastal
  6. She's here!

    Yes they are very similar, that's what alarmed me. Guess it's just a case of over excitement about the boats arrival. I' m much calmer now butthe anticipation is killing me!
  7. She's here!

    Lakeliving thank you, that's it. I was freaking out ! The foils looked like strakes, all is good, now let's get it in the water!.
  8. She's here!

    Thanks TomS, I think these are lifting strakes and not performance coils. Is that going to make a difference?
  9. She's here!

    My new 2017 Slxp has arrived at the dealer. It's still shrink wrapped so no photos . The one thing I did I notice was that it has lifting strakes on center tube and also inside outer tubes. I thought sps only had them on center tube. Is this going to be a problem or is it a blessing. Anyone have this set up
  10. 2017 21SLXP SPSYamaha 150 on order
  11. Bennington Owners Age

  12. Pricing a Bennington

    Before ordering my new Benny I researched this forum for that same question. Seems like between 15 - 20% off msrp is pretty standard. My deal fell right in that target. I was happy with my deal and I think that's what matters if your happy make the deal. Good luck!
  13. Its official and thank you

    That is one sweet ride, congrats Beezy!
  14. Sharkshide

    No lift, boat is docked in my lagoon behind my house. New Jersey shore,Long Beach Island.
  15. Sharkshide

    Yes the boat is in the water all season, so bottom paint is a must.