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  1. Sorry I was wrong mine is pillowtop 80/20 and has cup holders but the horizontal does not only has speaker recessed in it. Go to the build site click on the info for horizontal and there is a video showing interior. Sorry for the misinformation.
  2. Yes they do. Will post pics tomorrow.
  3. We don't have barn swallows but we do have rats with wings. There won't be a bird in the sky and throw a piece of bread in the water and 50 will appear out of nowhere. Number 1 rule Don't feed the seagulls!
  4. Also I don't think it affects the warrranty.
  5. Semper, these are from Bennington. You can get these instead of the playpen. They don't show on the build site but my dealer deleted the playpen and added these. I think the price came out to be around $600. But that was the dealer taking off the playpen. A friend of mine had a canvas guy make his and they were &1200. These also have the clips for the rails much easier than snaps, and it's the same material as the Bimini. I'm very happy with them, light weight and easy to clean.
  6. These are my covers, they fit well and are easy to put on and take off. Had the playpen cover on my last boat and in my opinion these are much easier.
  7. We went with the regatta blue with champagne accent stripe. We're in salt water so spots show after day on the water, . With a good coat of wax all that's needed is hose down and spots are gone . Good luck with your new Benny
  8. Thanks Carl, for al you did and all you do now.
  9. I have the exact same boat as you airlifted, the throttle is lower than my last boat but I am adjusting to it. As for the dead space I was told that there is an idol forward and idol reverse before you engage throttle. I actually like it makes docking a lot easier. Oh and the helm on a splx is not a cheap helm, and throttle is not on face of helm. This is a premium series boat! Good luck and just enjoy it soon you won't even notice anymore.
  10. I have checked with Bennington and the manufacturer Spaulding and both have said a protectant is not needed, so no 303. Check my profile post for there exact response
  11. + 1 on the stainless ladder, also think it goes deeper into the water. Much cleaner look than aluminum