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  1. I love it!

    Cool. It sounds like I can just stream pandora then, or even SiriusXM, via my phone, Bluetooth and the KMC 10. Thanks for the information! Woohoo!
  2. new owner question

    Too much to keep track of with the model letters for us newbies. I am good with what series the boat is and having a sense of its general "look". For all other floorplan and amnesty model letter combinations, I rely onpictures. After that, it becomes a blur.
  3. I love it!

    How much does upgrading from the KMC 10 to the KMC 20 cost? I like the idea of SiriusXM capability since we have that in my escalade. Random thought, can you play your iPhone through the KMC 10? Was thinking that might be an alternative way to "stream" pandora or Sirius into the boats sound system.
  4. How old are you, and still ski?

    If my foot heals up properly, I am hoping to give water skiing a try in the summer of 2018. I haven't done it since I was in my 20's, but grew up as a teenager skiing, and hoping to give it another try at our new cottage. Until then just driving others, and tubing, for me. I will be 48 by the summer of 2018.
  5. Muskrat Love

    We had some protection added to our new Bennington at the dealership to guard against muskrat damage. Here is a one that swam up to our neighbors seawall and started heading our way. Cute, but damage causing from the sounds of it. Muskrat climbing up the seawall.
  6. Did I buy enough?

    Sounds like you made the right decision for your use, costs, and engine size. Now just enjoy that 150 hp on an SPS set up. I test drove an s-series with a 150 this past fall, and it was very nice. Based on what you shared about your anticipated use of the boat, I am sure you are going to love it!!!
  7. Here it is!

    That is a fantastic pontoon! Love the boat, styling, and engine. Good luck dialing it in during your break in period.
  8. Wrap BEFORE pics.......

    They new wrap colors and design are very sharp looking. I think you guys did a great job with your choices.
  9. Springtime Safety Reminder

    Just read that article on FB. Good reminder as spring comes around for all of us to rethink safety issues with a new summer boating season ahead of us.
  10. 10 Likes Per Day...Just Not Enough

    Wonderful! Thanks so much for considering my request and looking into making it possible. Very excited to not be limited on likes now. Thanks TBW!!!
  11. 20 Hour Break-In Maintenance

    I would absolutely follow the Yamaha recommendations. They put those in for a reason. There is a chance of metal shavings during initial break in. Not worth the risk of slow long term wear that could have been avoided by this simple and cost effective preventative oil change.
  12. 10 Likes Per Day...Just Not Enough

    Thanks for letting me know.Moderators, you guys run literally the best forum group I have EVER been a part of for anything. I appreciate the efforts you put in behind the scenes as much as I appreciate all of the friendly and amazing people in here. Thanks for all you do! I like to speak up and make recommendations, but hopefully always from a good, respectful, and appreciativeplace.
  13. 10 Likes Per Day...Just Not Enough platform limitation then? Not surprised, but I had to ask just in case it was changeable.
  14. This is the first very detailed post I think I havecome across with details on the upgraded Roswell system. Sounds like it is a well laid out and great performingsound system. I am glad this was on the forum before I ordered my boat. You probably would have talked me into upgraded the sound system, and spending even more money.
  15. 10 Likes Per Day...Just Not Enough

    I'd like this comment, but I already used my ten up. I LOVE the idea of it being like FB in that respect too, where you could see who liked it. I want to second that posibility as a change as well.