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  1. So what I am hearing is it would not be cool to just loan them an oar and say paddle hard?
  2. For all my fellow Mercury engine owners (sorry Yamaha fans ), below is the link for the Mercury prop selector. Being new to boating, and new to our Bennington, I am finding this to be a nice tool for guidance. You click in your specific boat and engine data, and it gives you prop recommendations from Mercury for whatever Mercury motor you have, based on the type of water craft you have, and what your usage goals are. Mercury Prop Selector
  3. Based on your picture above, I think we have exactly what you have for load guides/toon supports. I will take a picture this weekend. We are very impressed with how well constructed the whole thing seems to be. I think it will last us an extremely long time.
  4. Prayers for her recovery. Sounds like she is recovering well, so I hope the two of you can get some peaceful boat time in this upcoming summer.
  5. Congratulations. Looks great!
  6. No decals...with chrome branding like Andy said. Much better look.
  7. Sorry to hear about your dealer situation. That is rough. Is there any other dealers reasonably nearby that you can work with instead?
  8. FYI Lakeliving: We love our NuCraft lift. Thank you for the great advice this past winter when we were looking at buying one. That thing is beyond heavy duty!
  9. That is absolutely a good point. Peronalization and customization create something extra special for sure.
  10. I know I said this replying to the pics, but thought I'd say so in your post. That is some great looking and well laid out work. I hope it works as intended, and you get spectacular results from it. It is very nice.
  11. I absolutely am looking forward to seeing pics once you have it installed. We have the blackout package too, so it really peaks my curiousity. I would like to potentially get one of these nicer mirrors next year.
  12. First you have your auxiliary power button for whatever banks of RGB lights you got (cup holders, or interior floor, exterior along toons, etc...). Once you turn power on to them, the RGB controller is basically a combination button/bob. You push it for one color to come up, and then turn the bob to cycle through the different colors. You can also tap it again to have it basically cycle through the color spectrum, etc... No manufacturer indentification if I remember correctly from our 1 day with our boat so Here is a YouTube video from a marina that goes over the 2017 Bennington RGB light controls. Obviously helm details will be different between differnt models in the line up, but I believe the actual controller is the same across the board. Personally I think its amazingly cool. Not practical whatsoever, but very cool.
  13. want to stop by and spruce up the sound system on our new boat? lol.
  14. Incredibly impressed with the craftsmanship, vision, and quality work. Great job on that!
  15. Very cool, and incredibly well thought out. Very impressive in form and function!