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  1. Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    http:// We just added a second one so we can ride together.This one is my winter pride and joy. It is an amazing two person touring snowmobile.
  2. We put an order in on a 2017 back in December with platinum seagrass flooring. We were notified a couple of weeks ago that the platinum seagrass flooring we had ordered was no longer available. They were discontinuing it, and they ran out prior to getting to our build. Through our dealer, Bennington had requested a flooring change, and offered to give us Beige seagrass free of charge. Since our interior colors are in that direction, this change would work fine for us. We accepted. However, we were offered to make any other change we saw fit too. All of this was communicated to me via email with my sales person at our dealership. That is what should have happened with you originally. You should have been offered options through your dealer, as well as some sort of concession for them not being able to fulfill the order as invoiced. It is nice that they did this in the end, but seems like your dealer may have dropped the ball on this. Since Bennington had contacted our dealer with this issue, and they contacted us...I wonder if Bennington had also contacted your dealer too? I wonder if your dealer just made the change without consulting you vs. contacting you and letting you make the change as you saw fit (as our dealer did with us)? I am hopeful you will like your boat with its different flooring. Hopefully it will not detract from it. It is unfortunate that it went down the way it did, but at least Bennington tried to step up after the fact. We hope you enjoy your new boat this upcoming summer!
  3. To Order or Not To Order

    I think it can vary. Like others have said, I think it depends on the knowledge and integrity level of the salesperson. If they are honest and fair, and know the Bennington's inside and out, then that's a great person to sit down and explore an order with. That said, if there is a great boat on the lot, and they are willing to negotiatea good price, then there is something to that as well. I'd be open either way depending on the quality of salesperson, dealership, and their in-stock inventory. We put an order in ourselves, and I am very happy we went that route. We have a phenominal sales person (the actual sales manager at our dealership). He is insightful, fair, and very helpful. When our boat comes in, it will have precisely what we wanted on it - nothing more, nothing less. I like that its customized to our liking.
  4. 2017 22GSR new build

    How exciting for you! Sounds like a great set up. We have an SPS on order ourselves, but everyone says it drives and rides like a dream. Here's to a fantastic upcoming summer. I cannot wait to see pictures of your new pontoon when you get it.
  5. SPS Plus

    I never followed back up. We were actually still in the window (barely) where we could have added this change to our order. Bennington came back with a quote for $6300 to go from our normal SPS with a 200 Verado to the SPS Plus with a 250 Verado. After some serious deliberation, we decided to stick with our original order. We had already went $1k above our budge originally, and so this would have really blown up our price. Had it been an option when we first ordered, we would have likely cut out other options to fit this in. But it wasn't, so we didn't. Based on what many of you have said that have 200hp SPS set ups now, we are confident we will be very pleased saving the money and sticking with that set up. Thanks for the advice and helping me feel good about saving the $.
  6. 2017 Seagrass flooring...

    I am totally surprised they'd be out this early. All I know is Bennington got with us through our dealer because they are out of the "Platnum seagrass" flooring. I also know that two weeks ago when I was messing around on the boat builder checking out an SPS PLUS, they no longer were offering the Platnum. They must have really been swamped with orders vs. supply chain for the year on that one.
  7. 2017 Seagrass flooring...

    At least on a SXP build in mid-December, the "Platnum Seagrass" was literally $0 if selected. The "Beige Seagrass" at the time was something like $800-810 range. At the time, we felt the varieance in colorwas so slight, we opted for the "Platnum" at no additional cost to save a little $ even though we liked the beige with our interior colors a little more. I guess now we will get it in the end. Anyway, just happy that Bennington did the right thing for us under these circumstances.
  8. Here's our order, now for the wait.

    Fancy-Smanchy! It looks like an amazing build and boat. I cannot wait to see the pictures after you get. You'll have to post at least one selfie with your hair going every which wayafter you go boating and open up that 350 v-rod!
  9. Aluminum restoration

    Impressive work. As someone with NO skills in these areas, I am always amazed at the work people can do. Looking forward to pictures of it when its all done.
  10. 23 GSB vs 24 SXP Swingback

    We struggled with this same decision, and the 16" v 24" cross-member supportswas one of our biggest hang-ups between the SXP's and the G's/R's. We went with the s-series for our order after numerous recommendations that it would not matter for us. It allowed us to shift the same money 50-50 between keeping more of it ourselves , and adding in a fair number of upgrades on our boat order. We are currently waiting on our 2017 SSBXP to be built. The dealer said recently that they are getting close to ours in the lineup, and we couldn't be happier. Whichever direction you go in, I bet you are going to be thrilled! As an FYI, if you go with the SXP, they just added an SPS Plus option, which allows you to go up to 250hp. Not sure if you want that much, but just in case, I thought I would toss that out there. They added thisoption about a month after we put our order in...D'oh!
  11. 2017 Seagrass flooring...

    I want to tip my hat to Bennington. We put our order in on a 2017 SSBXP this past December. For flooring, we went with the Platnum Seagrass. We love the feel of the seagrass on our feet, but we couldn't justify the extra $800+ at the time for beige over the $0 for the platinum. Needless to say, many others felt the same way because we were notified just last week by Bennington that they are out of the platinum seagrass for the 2017 model year...and ist only February. I would think that's a sign of a reputablecompany, with a very good upcoming businessyear. Anyway, to compensate, they offered up in the email upgrading us to the beige at no additional cost. We are new to Bennington, so our only experience is based on word of mouth recommendation about the AMAZING customer service experiences and quality build that Bennington focuses on. This was our first interaction with it, and we are very pleased. We didn't have to follow up, request the upgrade, switch to a downgrade (in our mind), etc... They just put it out there right from the start all on their own. That is outstandingcustomer service! For us, it also meant we just had a bit of dumb luck and got an upgrade we originally wanted, but couldn't justify in cost at the time. Thank you Bennington!
  12. Bennington #2, what an upgrade!

    Looks fantastic! Sounds like it was a great ride the first day out. Wish we could do that right now up here in Michigan. Enjoy the new pontoon!
  13. SPS Plus

    These posts are just another reminder of what a wonderfully helpful group all of you are on this forum! I love how everyone shares their experiences and perspectives on pontoon boating...particularly to those that will be new first time owners such as myself. Thanks everyone!
  14. SPS Plus

    I know, I know: I need tostep off the ledge. :-) The reality is we signed thepurchase order in good faith because we were...and are...thrilled with the boat we spec'd up. Now, had this darn option been available 6 weeks ago, I am 100% sure I would have went with the 250hp. That said, if changes cannot be made now (which I am sure cannot be made at this point), the reality is we did put a200hp in our originalorder. In what world am I sitting here frustrated about a 200hp engine in a pontoon? 200hp! A couple of years ago, I'd have dreamed of having a pontoon boat with a 200hp engine. A smarter version of myself on occasion needs to really kick me in the butt, and wake me up. I do have a pretty incredible boat on the way already. For others down the road, this is going to be an amazing option for them!
  15. SPS Plus

    Are you sure about that?