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  1. This is a big part of my worries. However, it was smooth sailing. Only one yahoo on a jet ski (big surprise) came flying into the general area. They were quickly approached by water cops. Otherwise, it was a lot of people coming in calmly, cautiously, and just ankoring/drifting and enjoying.
  2. Brian's Marina on our lake was $4.01. Perhaps the same marina Michman checked...? I pretty certain they are 87 Octane. On the up side, the sell completely ethanol free marine grade rec fuel.
  3. We took ours out with friends for the first time at night for fireworks on July 3rd. Lots of boats, but it went very smoothly. I was very nervous, but once out there, it went great. Docking on my covered lift went fairly smoothly too - that was a big sigh of relief on my part.
  4. I originally replied to this post you are referncing, and then Jack pointed out the thread had been begun almost 5 years ago. Thus, an old post and an old recall. You are good on that part. That said, sorry to hear about all the trouble you're having with your engine. Not good, particularly around the holiday.
  5. Thanks for the additional detail. Sounds like a very worthwhile add on for next year.
  6. +1 on what Semp suggested about build dates and anticipated delivery, as well as also curious about the other specs. Otherwise, it sounds like a great boat! We LOVE our new 24' SSBXP! It is awesome. I know you'll love yours too.
  7. Was the 40 mph on gps? Frankly, for a 150, that sounds pretty darn good to me, especially with that aluminum prop. I'll be really curious what you get with the Reliance. Looking forward to an update when you switch the props around. I top out between 43-45 depending on load, fuel, etc, and that is with my 200 Mercury Verado and a ss enertia prop on my 24' sxp with SDS.
  8. But putting the hammer down is when it gets fun!
  9. ROFL! The post popped up for me, and I didn't even look at the previous posts date. Too funny! So what you are saying is I should be okay on my 2017 Mercury? LOL
  10. I basically cracked that joke with them when I dropped them off at the DNR boat launch. Jokenly I said, "if you ever see me out there stranded, tow me in". They laughed and said they might need to get one of these first (pointing at my Mercury).
  11. Welcome aboard Kenter, Groundhog, and ToddNY! Love the boat pics!
  12. That looks fantastic! +1 on adkboater's request for performance specs. I would love some side profile pictures too. Glad the arch is very user friendly for you as well. Nice!
  13. Where's that dockside or boat item/decoration picture of this rivalry spirit "mid-shipman"? Perhaps Bill the Goat grazes near the boat?
  14. They make those. I believe they are called a Mercury Verado! Joking aside, I really like the "blackout" mirror. Thanks for posting the pic. With our blackout package, this is the direction I want to go in for next season: order this winter, mount on boat as part of spring prep before it gets put in the water next year, and be ready for summer 2018. Out of curiousity, why was the spot you put it in the only spot it could go? Was it due to the rails and the mounting bracket only working in that one spot near your helm? Was it a furniture/rail/mounting bracket issue? Just curious with an eye towards trying to do this same installation on our s-series boat next year.
  15. I am trying this next time. This would speed it up a little bit. Thanks!