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  1. Two battery option

    We ordered it on ours but it was less than $300 and either way well worth it in my opinion. We love our music and may sit for hours with the stereo going. Around here a good marine battery will run you $75-$100 plus buying the switch and wiring not to mention labor. If I remember correctly there is a single battery option, dual battery with single switch, and dual battery with dual switch option but it may be model specific to. I'll have to look at our build sheet but I think on the Q we just ordered it was less than $200 for the dual battery and single switch.
  2. Amp power supply

    That sounds great! I was afraid the under deck waveshield would have to be removed to access the wiring. I'm going to pm you with a few questions about your Verado.
  3. Amp power supply

    While we wait for our new boat I'm looking at options for upgrading the sounds system. We previously had wet sounds (aftermarket installed system not the factory upgrades) and we loved it. Not previously having a Bennington I don't know what I'll find under the dash for a power source. The boat will be a Q series with the Mercury Verado, will there be any type of 12 volt cable under the dash heavy enough to supply an amplifier or will I have to run wiring somehow? Also since this boat will be a swing back it has lots of room under the rear seating for a subwoofer and amp which is easy to access the batteries to supply the amp. Only issue on the sub located under the rear seating will be running the RCA cables to the amplifier, any suggestions?
  4. PADS - Ordered New 23 RCW

    We got our order in last Saturday since the dealer informed us the prices were changing on the boat builder Sunday. Good looking build, we test drove a 23Rsb with the Verado 300 and it's a pretty sweet package and perfect on the 23ft.
  5. Here's our order, now for the wait.

    We actually spent 6 hours on the lake last year on February 20th and had several more cruises in by the end of march.
  6. Here's our order, now for the wait.

    Just heard due to high sales volumes that Bennington is saying 8 weeks on new orders now
  7. To Order or Not To Order

    I'm not sure which models you're looking into buying but here's my experience. We just went through this same delima, we were looking at in stock boats at dealerships only to walk away each time saying well I wish it had this on it or I wish it didn't have that on it. We were looking into R series boats and found several at very good prices for the options they had, even a few leftover models at bigger discounts but even with big discounts these boats are expensive. One of the boats we really considered was a leftover 23ft 2016 model with a 250 on it and rear stern lounges but we really wanted a swing back and at least a 300. Long story short we ended up ordering a Q series 25ft with a 350 on it in a swing back with many more options and the color we wanted plus blackout package. This cost us $12,000 more than the leftover boat but it's a much better deal in the end and we will be very happy with our choice. We could have built a R series the way we wanted it with a smaller engine and the cost wouldn't have been so much more than the leftover boat. My advice is look at the in stock boats and also go on the boat builder and get some prices from your local dealers on ordering, you might find that there's not much difference to get it the way you want it.
  8. Here's our order, now for the wait.

    Bennington has for sure came a long ways. I looked at buying my first Bennington back in 2008 and didn't buy it and needless to say have regretted it ever since. I'm sure with the way things are advancing I'll be drooling over a newer and better model way to soon but this one is just going to have to last a while. We have discussed maybe looking to upgrade 5 years down the road if there's enough reason to justify it.
  9. Here's our order, now for the wait.

    I'll post plenty of pics but idk if you'll be able to see anything over our smiles on the screen.
  10. Here's our order, now for the wait.

    I'm sure I'll have PADS before it's even finished lol. I'm just going to have to live with the choice for more than 3 years though. We spent a lot more than planned to hopefully help avoid the PADS for a while. Our initial build was going to be a decked our G series or a simple R series with a 250 and I know we would have loved either of them. Wedecided this is going to be a long term purchase so we spent more to get what we both really wanted and have no regrets later.
  11. Extra wide captains chair

    I ended up going with the extra wide once we got to the dealership to place our order Saturday. He had a couple of boats with the standard seat and I could tell that even though I didn't need the extra width it just wasn't as comfy as the ones I had sat in with the extra wide.
  12. 2017 Seagrass flooring...

    We were looking at the Platinum Seagrass when we started planning to buy back in December and noticed that is disappeared from the boat builder. We were told by a couple of dealers that Bennington was dropping it because of complaints that it was to hot on your feet because it was such a dark color and had a lot of black woven into it. They said the new Slate Seagrass is supposed to be cooler and since thenwe've looked at both in person and the Seagrass slate is much lighter in color and we actually prefer it over the platinum for looks. I don't know if any of that is actually true or just what we were told but by looking at the two I believe the new will be cooler to the touch. I only wish thatBennington had offered it as the replacement for $0 like the Platinum was.
  13. Here's our order, now for the wait.

    BOAT IS ORDERED The only thing we changed is added the extra wide recliner. Can't wait to be able to post pictures of this thing.
  14. Which color do you prefer.

    Well the smokey granite was the final decision, just wish it was here now.
  15. Which color do you prefer.

    We've loooked at that a few times, the wife likes it in the pics but would like to see it inperson.