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  1. Its here

    We have a houseboat at Sulphur Creek on Dale Hollow, hopefully our new Benny's will see each other this summer.
  2. Its here

    Very nice looking toon. We ordered ours at Lookout Marine in Somerset KY and were completely unaware of the dealer in Campbellsville and it's much closer to our house. Performance Marine needs to advertise more, I've since heard that they're pretty competitive on their pricing. Do you boat on Green River?
  3. Just recieved our build date, now the countdown begins.

    That would be harder than the wait onthe order for me. I'd be at the dealer every day sitting in it lol.
  4. Just recieved our build date, now the countdown begins.

    We were lucky with our timing. The weekend we ordered ours the dealer had recieved an email saying to expect 8-10 weeks on orders after that weekend. By the following week he had recieved another email stating 10-12 weeks due to the high volume of sales. Bennington also had a price increase taking effect the following week on the Monday after our order was placed. Hopefully they'll be ahead of schedule and you'll have yours a little sooner than expected. As of yesterday ours is still on track to be built this Friday and supposed to be at our dealer by the next Friday.
  5. Where's all of the new boat pictures?

    Good one Semperfi. I travel I-65 daily for work and almost every afternoon on my way home I meet 1-2 truckloads of new toons heading south.
  6. Opinions Please....2017 build for 23 GCW

    Great looking boat and pretty sure that was at Atlanta Marine
  7. Where's all of the new boat pictures?

    We're down to 9 days and counting, our boat is scheduled to be build on the 24th and we can't wait. Surely there's some new boats being picked up by now and we'd love to be seeing some pictures of them.
  8. Ready to finalize order on 25 RSB

    Our initial build was a 25Rsb with a 250 Mercury as well. We test drove some boats with both Yamaha and Mercury and on the 25R series they both topped out at 43-44mph with light loads. We were happy with the performance until we test drove one with a 350 lol. Now our boat is going to be a 25Qsb with the 350 Verado, it's supposed to be built in 9 more days!!!! Also highly recommend the raised helm. The Sunset Red is a beautiful color, we were down to choosing between it and Smokey Granite. We went with Smokey Granite and every time we see a pic of the sunset we feel like we messed up.
  9. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Yes that's true. When we were looking at the R we were going to order it with standard driftwood interior. When we decided on the white interior there wasn't a way to do the standard. We think it looks more sporty than the pillow top plus felt the standard would be better for our puppy. That G series sport interior is sharp with the colored accents.
  10. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Great looking boat!!! Can't wait to see the full pics. Ours is supposed to be built in 20 more days and the anticipation is killing us. Love the sport interior we wish they had something similar to that on all the models.
  11. 23 GCW vs. 23 RCW difference in starting price

    We'll have to be immune to the strain for a few years lol.
  12. 23 GCW vs. 23 RCW difference in starting price

    That's what we ended up doing. We were looking to buy a decked out G with a 250 and ended up with a Q and a 350. It was more than we had budgeted but only a small amount compared to the price we were already going to be Payingfor the G. We both agreed that we had to love what we ordered since it would be a long time purchase. We won't be changing it anytime soon no matter how much we may want to so we paid more now to hopefully be satisfied for a while.
  13. 23 GCW vs. 23 RCW difference in starting price

    You covered that very well. We spent the last few months going through this exact same thing. If you're adding very many options to the G series you can move up to a R for minimal difference in actual cost. The difference for us was less than $2000 actual pricing, not msrp. I totally agree on the R helm, it's a much nicer looking helm in my opinion, others mat prefer the G helm.
  14. Opinions Please....2017 build for 23 GCW

    It's supposed to be built on the 24th of March. We actually saw a G series in that color at a boat show near us, it may still be on their website, it's The R has several things standard over the G, on your particular build the following is what I noticed G series RGB panel exchange $1053 is standard on R KMC10 is standard on R Stainless docking lights standard on R Recliner upgrade $165 standard on R Pillow top with diamond stitching is $334 cheaper on the R series That's over $2200 in options you're adding that come standard on the R series. When you look at just the boat msrp before options there is a larger difference. If you have a 2017 brochure theres a section towards the back that shows each model and shows standard and options for each model.
  15. Opinions Please....2017 build for 23 GCW

    I looked at the boat builder and I see why it's more difference on your build. They offered the stern lounge upgrade on the R series last year but I don't see that option now. We ordered a swingback and most everything we were adding to the G series build was standard on the R and Q swingback so it was very little difference in actual cost on the swingback. We have a small dog as well and are a little concerned with how open the back of our boat will be but we had to have the swingback to satisfy what we want out on the lake. You'r build is very similar to ours, only we went with the white accent stripe.