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  1. Is there a link to see these pins you mention?
  2. We have been out of touch the past few days on the lake but I finally have a little update. I turned the plastic latches around so that they latch by pulling them to the rear instead of the front. I ran with the bimini open all weekend on some extremely rough water at speeds up to mid 30's without any issues. After running it for a while this way I decided to push it a little harder to see what happened since it's already damaged. I ran it at upper 40's for short periods and still no issues other than the wife stroking out thinking it was going to rip it off the boat at any moment. After a few runs like that I got brave and did some wide open runs hitting 52 mph and it stayed latched. Finally on our last night out after the fireworks I ran it wide open for a 5 mile stretch to get away form the insane amount of other boats leaving the show, we ran 48-49 mph the entire stretch with 7 adults on board and lots of gear plus full of fuel and that bimini stayed right where it was supposed to. The only downfall to this is not being able to fasten the front legs up when the bimini is not being used. As for all the talk of why anyone needs it up running fast, I don't need it up for that but if I'm cruising across the water and have a need to run faster that 20 mph I want to be able to without having to stop and put the bimini down. There's no reason at all that these bimini's shouldn't be able to stand at 30mph, I watch other brand toons running over that with biminis up all day long and never have an issue. My buddies new S series with the standard bimini gets ran 36-38mph all of the time with the bimini open and it's never had an issue. That is what makes me believe it's something to do with the way the curved bimini is catching the wind differently.
  3. OK, so we ordered the curved bimini on our Qsb thinking it looked better than the standard with the curves on our Q, we still think so but....... I've been on many Benningtons with the standard bimini over the years and even more lately. Even though you're not supposed to run very fast with them up most people do, and I've been on some at speeds in the mid to upper 40's and never saw an issue and the standard bimini has always seemed rock solid at the higher speeds. Now, what I initially discovered from our very first trip out on the new Qsb with the curved bimini is that when you get to around upper 20's to low 30's the top starts sucking down in the rear really bad. It has a strap to adjust the tension on the frame and it's about as tight as can be but the top still does this. Since it does this I'm constantly having to open and close the bimini just to run moderate speeds which is very annoying. A few weeks ago we were out just cruising nice and slow running mid 20's and I had the bimini open when all at once the front legs came loose and folded the top back slamming it together and scared us to death, I stopped and didn't see any damage done from it and I kinda wrote it off as maybe me not having it latched properly. Everything had been good since until last weekend, we were coming out of the no wake zone with the bimini open and just as we got up on plane good the same thing happened, the legs popped loose and slammed back only this time it ripped the canvas in 5 places and damaged one of the arches that goes through the bimini. I've spoke to my dealer and they've agreed to cover it under warranty but my concern is why this happened. If you look at the plastic latches for the bimini it appears they would hold better if they latched from the front instead of the rear. They can be turned around inside the leg and I was told that many customers have been doing this so I'm led to believe I'm not the first to have this problem. There also isn't any kind of warning on the tag of our bimini stating how fast it's rated for and if I'm not mistaken it tells the max speed on the standard bimin's tag. Has anyone else encountered this with the curved or standard biminis?
  4. The part that's confusing me on our boat is the fact that is seems to run it's best when it's full of fuel, that makes me believe that the 3rd hole is just a little to high. I've been swamped lately and haven't had a chance to go back to the 16P prop but I am switching back and running it a while then lower the motor back down to the 2nd hole if I feel it still needs to be.
  5. With it up 2 holes and around half tank of fuel I had 6 adults up front and there was a noticeable amount of cavitation and I had a hard time keeping it trimmed at slower speeds 18-25mph.
  6. That's exactly where mine started at. You will see a big difference. I will suggest only going up one hole if you have many people riding in the front of your boat. We're always loaded light but the few times I had more people in the front I think it would have done better only one hole up instead of 2.
  7. I have a 25Q swing back with the 350 Verado. I'm on the 3rd prop and the trim of course has been different with each setup. Originally the motor was mounted all the way down running a 15x15 enertia prop and the trim was from 2.0-2.2 at top speed of 50.5mph and 6500rpm's Second setup was raised motor 2 holes and installed 16pitch enertia prop and trim was 1.8-2.0 and 52.5mph and 6480 rpms currently running a 17 pitch enertia with motor still up 2 holes and trim is 1.7-1.9 and hit 53.4 mph but only turning 6200-6250 rpm's The 17P prop got me the higher top speed but only when loaded light, if I'm loaded heavy the 16P prop was faster plus the holeshot suffered with the 17P. I'm planning to go back to the 16P enertia if I can't find another series to try.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for a nice Honda Aquatrax jet ski. I would consider any F series but would love to find a F15x, if you have or know of one for sale let me know please.
  9. Good luck on the missing furniture, our boat arrived at the end of April and we still haven't recieved our cup holders.
  10. That was my next move until I found out they don't make it in a 16 pitch
  11. Prop finally came in and I have some data, unfortunately I was less than impressed with this change. My mph went up from 52.5 to 53.8 and probably actually a little more since the 53.8 was leaving the dock completely full of fuel and on the least rough water we had over the holiday weekend so it wasn't a great comparison. I expect to see it break into the 54's on good water and a few gallons less fuel this coming weekend. With that being said I'll tell the rest of the story, the rpm's dropped from 6480 down to 6250 which I expected. The downside to that is I can tell it hurt the hole shot, hurt the cruising speeds, and hurt the sharp turning. With the 16p I could make WOT turns and only drop to 46mph, with the 17p I'm dropping to 40-42mph and getting to much slip. As for the cruising speeds I noticed I had to run a little faster to stay on plane with the 17 which I didn't expect at all. I'm going to run it more this weekend on hopefully better water conditions before I change but as of now I think the 17 isn't going to work out. In the meantime I'm going to research more props and see what I can find in a 16 pitch but slightly larger diameter.
  12. I think according to your numbers you have more than a prop issue. If you're trimmed properly and your prop is an 11 pitch and you're only turning 6200 I would look at the motor mounting height, If the motor is mounted to low it will reduce your rpm's. My boat is larger and higher hp but I had this same issue, the dealer had a small prop on it to get the rpm's up because the motor was to low. My friends new 22S with SPS and a 150 Mercury runs 36 with 6 adults on board and half to full tank of fuel. I'm betting if you look your motor is mounted in its highest mounting holes which drops the motor to its lowest point. Just for a guideline every 1" of pitch is about 200 rpm's give or take on most any boat, more pitch=less rpm / less pitch=more rpm. Raising the motor one hole will gain about 100-150 rpm's. Here's a quick rundown of my setup from the beginning when I picked it up new, all numbers half to full tank of fuel motor at lowest point, 15 pitch enertia prop rpm's 6400-6450 and 50.5mph raised motor 2 holes, 16 pitch enertia prop on rpm's 6480 and 52.5mph Full fuel, motor still up 2 holes, 17 pitch enertia prop, rpm's 6250 and 53.8mph As you can see I clearly gained a little over 3 mph and I feel safe saying I gained 4mph because the final run was completely full of fuel and on rough holiday weekend waves so I expect to see 54 next time out.
  13. No we are on Dale Hollow lake.
  14. Yes, it's a 25Qsb. I want to see double nickels on that display so bad and I know it's capable.
  15. We test drove a couple of 23ft boats with the 300 on them and they performed great. We saw 47-48 easily on both with light loads but also brand new so they weren't broken in yet. Also didn't pay any attention to the mounting location or the props on the test drives so could be more mph with some tweaks.