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  1. Yes, it's a 25Qsb. I want to see double nickels on that display so bad and I know it's capable.
  2. We test drove a couple of 23ft boats with the 300 on them and they performed great. We saw 47-48 easily on both with light loads but also brand new so they weren't broken in yet. Also didn't pay any attention to the mounting location or the props on the test drives so could be more mph with some tweaks.
  3. Prop is at the dealer, just have to arrange picking it up.
  4. I was actually shocked when we picked the boat up that it only registered 50mph, Merc makes those same gauges that read higher.
  5. Oh that's a horrible color combination! Who in their right mind would pick such colors??? You should've gone with colors more like ours lol! Great looking boat, love the engine color, we almost opted for the white Verado.
  6. There's a shot of a couple of the colors it makes, I'm guessing it has about 16-18 different shades and colors it will change to.
  7. Congrats! We love our swingback and I'm sure you will to.
  8. We went for a quick ride down the lake last night on the smoothest water we've had so far. We had 4 adults, the puppy, fair amount of gear, and half tank of fuel when I took the picture. I cant wait to get the new prop on this thing and see what it will really do.
  9. That's our favorite as well, the lighting around the swingpad looks awesome.
  10. Finally remembered to snap a couple pics of the lights, Bennington did well on the RGB setup.
  11. Ok so I talked the dealer into ordering me a 17P Enertia to replace the 16. The plan was to have it last Friday so I could get some seat time with it over the weekend. I got the call Friday only to find out the prop is on back order.
  12. I completely misread that post at first, sounds like we have similar results loaded heavy. We had 9 adults and one teenager on board plus 3 dogs and lots of gear with almost a full tank of fuel and my rpm's were in the 6100 range and we were able to bump 46 mph briefly trying to outrun a storm. That was with the 16P enertia and in hole #3. My dealer has me a 17P coming hopefully this Friday so I can try it out this weekend. Our boat started out in hole #1 with a 15P on it and it would run 50.5 with 3 adults and almost full of fuel but the rpm's would stay right around 6500 when it was trimmed just right. Raising the motor to hole #3 and going up 1'' on the prop pitch barely dropped the rpm's so I'm expecting to be turning around 6200-6300 with the 17P and should gain 1-3 mph, hopefully 3
  13. A couple we're friends with bought a 2017 SSRX with the Mercury 150 and SPS and I'm pretty sure has the 15x15 prop. Their boat hit around 38.5 with 2 people and full of gas and it will run 35 consistently with 6 of us on it plus coolers and gear and occasionally will bump 36 on the gps. It just had it's 20 hour service so time will tell if it improves any.
  14. What rpm's are you turning with that prop? After running mine and having different loads on the boat I would suggest hole #2. I'm currently in hole #3 and with the boat loaded heavy in the front I get a little blowout cruising at slower speeds on rough water. I'm planning to lower mine and go up on the pro to the 17p.
  15. Thanks for posting the video I've been struggling with the clips almost to the point of regretting getting them.