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  1. And some of the boats I was up against And how I ended my day
  2. Left the jon boat at home and took the Benni on the Waccamaw River over the weekend. Everyone was surprised by how well it performed
  3. I have a swingback with no rail. So far I haven't seen local law enforcement to verify the legality of riding back there while underway. But from the few rides I've been on the passengers prefer to sit on the bench facing forward. However, we did test out what it is like to ride on the back while under way to see how easy it would be to fall off. This test was done in an inlet to the ocean where i could try it on some sizable waves to make it a worse case scenario. From a stop, I went full throttle (150hp/SPS) to about 35mph in a slight chop at first, took a few turns, slowed down and sped up again multiple times, took it into some waves. The end result is that if you fall off of a swingback lounge then you were trying to haha. My father was the test subject and he was not holding on, just laying down normally. From this I believe it is safe to ride back there at lower speeds in a safe environment. But I will update once I speak to an officer about if it is legal. Side note, SB with no rail looks so good on the water
  4. Had a good weekend on the new toon wearing shorts and a t-shirt (yes I'm bragging to all of you cold weather people). Now at 7 hours. Took her in the ocean, on some rough seas, and she handled it like a dream. I'll upload some photos later in the day
  5. I was about to make a shout out post as well to Bennington. New boat had a small scratch and dent on the front and Bennington sent a check for compensation
  6. Supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow and this weekend so hopefully I'll be able to update with new pictures
  7. 150hp + SPS is the best decision I have made. Post pictures when you can!
  8. Thank you all for the replies, exactly what I needed to know!
  9. Sun was setting, went later in the day
  10. Do you have a preferred brand of motor cover? Previously had a factory Yamaha cover for a 70hp and it worked good but expensive need to buy a new one for a 2016/17 Yamaha 150hp. Before buying I wanted to hear your experience with factory or aftermarket covers.
  11. Finally got her on the water yesterday. After the break in procedure I had to open her up to see what she could do. With a 14.5x15p prop I hit 41mph at 5900 rpm gps confirmed. Over all the boat performed awesome. Took her in the ocean to see how it would handle the swell and the waves just rolled under.
  12. What one are you referring to? Traded a 2014 S20 for the '17 24. Still have the flat deck one in Florida
  13. Highly doubt that I would have anyone riding back there anyways haha. I would be hard to fall off of the rear seat anyways
  14. Not exactly sure, I will ask local law enforcement if I see them on the water (which I rarely do). This boat does not have the rails on the back and to me it looks way better. Now heres a thought, I have an old 24ft pontoon that we use in Florida for diving and it has no rails or seats at all and we sit on beach chairs and have never been stopped. I have had other boats without rails as well that's never a problem so I don't know why would it be different?
  15. Trucks get swapped out more than the boat does. Toon stays a while while swapping smaller boats (you can see the newest one behind the Bennington)