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  1. Thanks all. One less thing to worry about.
  2. Thanks!
  3. Thank you Mike.
  4. When the boat is off the tach is reading 1,000 RPMs. Is this normal? It has a Yamaha 115 if that matters. If it's not normal, is there a way to reset it to 0? Thanks In advance!
  5. Thanks all. This makes sense now. The fuel filler is on the drivers (starboard) side of theirs so I'm guessing it's protecting the fuel line as well as the throttle and steering cables.
  6. I have a picture but can't get it compressed enough to upload. I may be calling it the wrong thing but it's an aluminum sheet that covers about 4' of the bottom back near the transom. Just seems odd that it's on one side and not the other.
  7. Picked up my parents new 21SSRCX yesterday evening and was looking it over this morning on the trailer. While underneath I noticed there is a splash shield on the starboard stern side but not on the port stern side. Is this normal?
  8. So I called Bennington and they confirmed they did have a truck break down recently so it sounds like bad luck vs. being lied to which is relieving. Hopefully they will be able to enjoy it soon. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  9. Thanks goldnrod24. A delayed delivery is frustrating but being blatently lied to is unacceptable. Hopefully this is a freak situation as they said.
  10. Thank you lakeliving. That seems like the best course of action.
  11. My parents ordered a 21SSRCX the first week of April and it was supposedly built the first week of June. They called the dealer on 6/16 to see if it arrived yet and were told it was supposed to arrive on 6/15 but nobody has heard from the truck driver. Fast forward to today I reached out to the dealer to check on the status and was told that an axle broke on the truck and the boat wouldn't be delivered until it could be fixed. While I guess this situation possible it seems extremely unlikely and why wouldn't they have notified them about this? Any advice on how to proceed is greatly appreciated.
  12. Thank you semper fi. Boat is on order currently so I'm just trying to get an idea of what is needed once it arrives.
  13. Does anyone have pictures of where they tapped into power and ground for a fish finder or other accessory? Any pictures of where to run the wiring down the starboard side would be helpful also. Thanks in advance!
  14. West Marine had the Striker 5dv on sale for $199 so I ended up getting that. Unfortunately, it's too wide for the cup holder mount so I'm either going to mount it directly to the flat section in front of the starboard cup holder or use a Ram mount and attach to where Bennington mounts the Striker 4.
  15. Thank you semper fi. I read another post where you mentioned a cup holder mount. That may be another option that I pursue. I saw some kayak guys that made thier own cup holder mounts from PVC pipe which looked like a viable solution.