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  1. Thank you semper fi. Boat is on order currently so I'm just trying to get an idea of what is needed once it arrives.
  2. Does anyone have pictures of where they tapped into power and ground for a fish finder or other accessory? Any pictures of where to run the wiring down the starboard side would be helpful also. Thanks in advance!
  3. West Marine had the Striker 5dv on sale for $199 so I ended up getting that. Unfortunately, it's too wide for the cup holder mount so I'm either going to mount it directly to the flat section in front of the starboard cup holder or use a Ram mount and attach to where Bennington mounts the Striker 4.
  4. Thank you semper fi. I read another post where you mentioned a cup holder mount. That may be another option that I pursue. I saw some kayak guys that made thier own cup holder mounts from PVC pipe which looked like a viable solution.
  5. My parents recently ordered a 21 SSRCX (without a fish finder) and I would like to get them a Garmin Striker 4cv as a gift. Has anyone moved the circular Kicker head unit to where Bennington typically installs the fish finder and installed the fish finder in that location? I have no idea how large the hole behind it is but I would rather the radio be obstructed by the steering wheel than the fish/depth finder. Thoughts?
  6. Makes sense. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you lakeliving. It will be a two-toon boat. I understand with two 'toons it wont handle anything like a boat with SPS or ESP but I guess my question is will having outside lifting strakes make it handle worse than a two-toon boat without lifting strakes?
  8. Does anyone know if you can choose to have lifting strakes installed on the inside vs. the outside (2 tube 21 SSRCX)? I've read that having them on the outside reduces turning performance and would prefer to get them on the inside if possible.
  9. Thank you Landscaper2009. Your 2375 RCW Blackout is one sweet looking pontoon.
  10. Never heard of those before but they sure look like a neat idea.
  11. Thank you Remediation. I will certainly check it out.
  12. For you situation and knowing the lake you will be boating on I would believe that ellipticals would be the better choice. Ellipticals it is then. Thanks again Link.
  13. They could wait until the lakes around here thaw but would probably loose out on any winter deals they can currently get. This seemed like such an easy process until I joined this forum ☺.
  14. Thanks all. I would love to help them out but unfortunately my wife and I are saving for a new house at the moment. Leaning towards the ellipticals as I don't like the idea of the bow riding high with only a couple of people on board and nobody has indicated that the maneuverability gains outweigh this for the express tube.
  15. Thank you for the quick response kaydano.