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  1. Thank you Landscaper2009. Your 2375 RCW Blackout is one sweet looking pontoon.
  2. Never heard of those before but they sure look like a neatidea.
  3. Thank you Remediation. I will certainly check it out.
  4. For you situation and knowing the lake you will be boating on I would believe that ellipticals would be the better choice. Ellipticals it is then. Thanksagain Link.
  5. They could wait until the lakes around here thaw but would probably loose out on any winter deals they can currently get. This seemed like such an easy process until I joined this forum ☺.
  6. Thanks all. I would love to help them out but unfortunately my wife and I are saving for a new house at the moment. Leaning towards the ellipticals as I don't like the idea of the bow riding high with only a couple of people on board and nobody has indicated that the maneuverability gains outweigh this for the express tube.
  7. Thank you for the quick response kaydano.
  8. I've done a lot of reading and it sounds like the elliptical pontoons will give you a higher top speed but adding the express tube will result inbetter rough water performance and possibly better maneuverability. Is this the consensus of others as well? I realize the SPS package would be ideal but my parents are the ones purchasing the boat and I'vealready come up a bit from what they were looking to spend initially to make sure they would be happy with it. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  9. Command Thrust

    Thank you kysportsman. I have watched a number of videos but would still like to hearhow CT affects things like acceleration, maneuverability and fuel economy on a pontoon. The 115 Pro XS Command Thrust sounds like a beast of an engine from everything I've read.
  10. Command Thrust

    Does anyone have experience on the same size pontoon with both a Mercury 4s and the same hpcommand thrust variant? Their marketing identifies the command thrust as the best option for pontoons but I amlooking for some real world experience. The engine in question will be either 90 or 115 hp (115 is the max rating) if that helps.
  11. Seagrass Flooring Option

    Makes sense as it looks like they added some new furniture accent colors. Thank you.
  12. Seagrass Flooring Option

    I noticed the seagrass flooring option disappeared from the configurator yesterday for the S21 model. Does anyone know why?
  13. Pricing for 2017 S21

    Thanks again for all of the responses. I will check out the trailer link and I greatly appreciate all of the advice.
  14. Pricing for 2017 S21

    I couldn't agree more. I am a member of a number of forums and I have never felt as welcomed as a newbie as I have here. One question that I forgot to ask was regarding a trailer. Is $2750 - $3000 a reasonableestimate for a tandem 21' pontoon trailer? It will not be trailered other than putting it in and taking it out but it would be close to maxing out asingle axle so I think the tandem would be a better choice. It will also be stored on the trailer during the winter months.
  15. Pricing for 2017 S21

    Thank you all for the continued responses and suggestions. I did a lot of research here and elsewhere before suggesting an engine based on their needs but there were times where I was trying to justify way more than they needed (twin 454's, possibly supercharged). Vikingstaff - Congratulations on the great deal and thank you very much for detailing your purchasing experience. Hopefully the upstate NY dealers will also be willing to come down a bit from the MSRP.