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  1. Well done Amigo. All of us current and future Bennington owners thank you for taking the time to write, produce, shoot, and edit that great instructional video!
  2. I'm not sure how to start this, but wanted to share it with a group who would possibly support this great dealership, his family and friends in such a sorrowful moment. I was on Facebook the other day and a story hit my newsfeed that the owner of the dealership where I ordered my Bennington had passed away unexpectedly on 5/17/2017! I was in total shock as I read the brief story. His name was Jerry Woods and we met through a referral from one of the Bennington representatives. We talked countless times on the phone and I had the honor and privilege of working with him to complete my order on March 31, 2017. He instantly put me at ease and we struck up a very good relationship in our conversations and meetings. He was the type of gentleman you feel completely at ease with and instantly can tell he was a man who valued honestly and friendship, while still running a very successful marina and boat dealership. He was very patient with me and helped me land on the right boat for our family. More importantly, after reading all of the comments on his legacy page, it is clear he treated all of his friends and customers with this same respect and honesty. I guess I am asking for y'alls thoughts and prayers for his wife Diana, and the entire Woods family during this tough time. He has a sign above the dealership entrance that says "enter as strangers, leave as friends" - it certainly was true in my (and many, many others) case. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/jerry-woods-obituary?pid=1000000185407356&view=guestbook&page=2
  3. That is one fine looking boat amigo!!!
  4. Long time CC permit holder, but have never carried on my boat. As someone said above, firearms + alcohol = huge problem. I
  5. As others have said, call them first thing on Monday. Explain that you want a Bennington, just not this model after you have had time to consider it. Most should be willing to work with you, as this is not an uncommon experience after a boat show. Some states have laws where you can cancel the contract after a minimum number of days (especially if it purchased at an off-site sale), but it may not be applicable in your state or your situation. Get the boat you want. Life is short.
  6. Well done. That interior is exactly like mine, so it looks great:) Thanks for posting. Is that Dale Hollow? Only about 80 miles from our house.
  7. no pics?
  8. I agree with others. If possible by out in Arizona where the boat will be serviced. Relative to the trailer tires you will find that is a lacking area for any trailer tire. I would go with the best radial tire you can get for a trip that long.
  9. Welcome to a great forum. Very cool they sent you pics. Did you go through the dealer to set that up or did you contact Bennington directly?
  10. Todd, Hole #2 meaning 2nd from the top (one hole showing)? Did the dealer not mount it in the recommended spot from Bennington? Also, did you opt for the 16 or 17 pitch prop?
  11. Congrats Marble...Yep, they are all good and each one is special for the owner.
  12. Mine too:)
  13. One of the nicest looking toons I have seen....Well done. Good info on the mounting of the engine too. As I'm new to outboards, it really helps me understand why it is important to get it right. Good questions for my dealer too:)
  14. Paradise, Congrats. I ordered an R series with the same color interior as yours. I added the heavy duty top stitch at the last minute when I was down at the dealer. I got it at a pretty heavy discount off of MSRP, so I said, what the h%^&&. I will most likely not get mine until late May so I can't be much help on what it looks like other than the pics online.
  15. Todd, Great looking boat, well done. Thanks for the info on the mounting, as I am new to outboards too. This will be the first one I have owned. Had a stern drive Cobalt, and now an inboard on the Mastercraft. Also, what do you think about the sound system? Didn't you go with Roswell?