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  1. Its here

    He is calling me Monday. He answered my email on a Saturday evening. Impressive.
  2. Its here

    i will check with them as well. Their website is almost non-existent.
  3. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Inside pics coming soon?
  4. Cancelled Order Happy Ending

    Congratulations. Sounds like a winner. Is the story of the cancelled order somewhere or can you enlighten us?
  5. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Well done. Nice job on the color selections.
  6. Maiden Voyage

    Congratulations. Check the lugs on your trailer tires too if it is new. As a matter of fact, I would check all nuts, bolts, screws to ensure they are tight.
  7. Its here

    Very nice. What dealership did you use?
  8. Refrigerated Cup Holders

    Yep, not ordering them either. Agree on the Yeti and Yeti knock offs. Those things are great.
  9. Seat Base inner edges

    Ha:)...My point was it should already be included in the cost of the $100K boat . Being from the automotive industry, I understand the importance of cost controls in mfg. Amazing what you can take out of a vehicle to save a few cents or a few bucks. It all adds up over large production volumes. Coming from the sales and marketing side of the industry, we would fight with the manufacturing folks and bean counters all the time on product quality and "right sizing" issues. Or, they just missed it and us OCD folks found the "area for improvement".
  10. Seat Base inner edges

    Definitely doing it...One could ask why this is not done atthe factory, especially on the QX and Q series?
  11. Bennington owners cribs

    Alabama Power limits you to 1444 square feet I believe. It's the largest that you can have on that lake. They have to approve all locations and then approve all docks once you install them.
  12. Bennington owners cribs

    60 feet.
  13. Bennington owners cribs

    Killer design. A man after my own heart with that garage too! Well done.
  14. Bennington owners cribs

    The "real" fire pit will be a bit closer to the lake. That one is where the excess materials are burnt:)
  15. Bennington owners cribs

    Yes, it's a feature our builder uses in some of his designs to give the house a specific look. We definitely did not want it to look like a subdivision house, so we cut him loose and let him design it with some cool features. I'll post some interior pics shortly. Can't wait to close on this baby. Only downside is another mortgage:)