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  1. Welcome to Club Bennington

    LOL,,,,I love my Mastercraft and you can't surf behind an outboard. Or at least you are not supposed to. I've unfortunately seen it done ( not on my boat). Also, I'm not buying a trailer either.
  2. Welcome to Club Bennington

    Remediation, I have a Mastercraft for the watersports. This boat will be more for cruising, partying, and fishing expeditions. I've read the ellipticals give a much better ride and cause the boat to sit more level? Still doing my due diligence but I certainly appreciate your feedback.
  3. Welcome to Club Bennington

    New member here getting ready to place an order in the next couple of month. Currently have a wake surfing boat but need/want a pontoon for larger outings. Looking at the G series most likely. Love the GCW with at least 200 HP (probably 250:)) and playing around with all of the options. Will probably go ellipticalon the tubes as well. Definitiely the blackout package too, but just trying to pair it up with the proper exterior and interior colors.