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  1. There is a public launch in Alton, but that is at the southern end of the lake, which would take close to an hour to get to if you are staying at the north end of the lake. Center Harbor has a launch as well, but I believe it is a pay launch.
  2. I am up at Winnipesaukee and my 22 SCWXP tri-toon handles the lake great. Be prepared for lots of traffic around the Weirs Channel. The launch at Meredith town docks is $20. Get there early as traffic can back up as the day goes on. Also, buy a navigation map, the plastic covered one as there are many areas that you need to stay away from, specifically "The Witches" which is a rock out cropping in the middle of open water. The map also details the proper routes around some of the various markers. Good luck and have fun,
  3. Sorry. I should clarify, I am able to use the boat and the seats only have some rips on the sides. I am just used to dealing with quicker turnaround times for warranty issues.
  4. Well to my disdain, my boat came in March 2017, we took delivery on April 1 and when it came in, we knew the seats were damaged. So I check in last week and to get an update on the delivery. Well, they came in...but they were not even the right color. Needless to say, I am not very pleased with this as I waited close to 14 weeks and they were wrong. I called Bennington and they said I need to wait again another 5-6 weeks. Not very happy at the moment.
  5. Yeah.. I only get two to three stations as well. Seems very strange to have spend this extra money for this and to only get a few stations. Maybe its the antenna or my other thought is that the antenna is under the console surrounded by an aluminum body and it interferes with the radio reception.
  6. I am not sure if it is my unit or this is typical, but the FM reception with my Kicker KMC 10 radio is horrible. I have played with the antenna under the console, but it hasnt seemed to help. Anyone else have issues?
  7. What is the issue with the supply of the furniture?
  8. I am getting a little concerned. My boat came in March this year. We did the paperwork the first weekend of April during which time we saw the rear bottom lounger seat came damaged. Here it is the end of May and I still do not have my new seat bottoms from Bennington. 8 weeks for a seat bottom seems a little excessive.
  9. Got to take it out on my maiden voyage this past weekend. Very happy with the performance of the SPS package. Handles very well and rides very well. I was able to get 38.2 MPH on GPS with four people on board and full tank of gas. This is with the Merc 150 and the Enertia 15 x15 stainless prop. Thoughts on the speed? Yes it only has 1.5 hours on it, so I know once it is broken in may get a little more. I did forget to look at what RPM's it was pulling though.
  10. Well, finally got them uploaded.
  11. Yes..we got to got sit on it ...but we got a foot of snow on April Fools day and the lakes in NH are still iced in. But here are a few pics.
  12. Well...apparently that was a mistake on the website so I can't get it. Darn. Glad to be able to get what we ordered.
  13. So we finally pulled the trigger on our new Bennington, a 22 SCXXP. Options were: Premium Package Matador Red with Smokey Granite insert stripe. Smokey Granite Bimini Stearn lounge upgrade KMC 10 stereo upgrade....thank you members for convincing me. Stainless ladder Merc 150 SPS package Center toon storage Driftwood interior Striker 4 Greywood table Here is the kicker....I went on tonight and I can get this added. Sport Back with Rear Firing Speakers (R/Q) I get they make changes...but why in the middle of ordering season!!! It is shown on a Q, but nontheless I like the look with the stainless railings. Not sure it is worth the 1800 upcharge thouge and then you also lose the ability to seat others in those lounge seats ie like a couch. Thoughts???? Bennington confirmed my order today with the dealer and they can still make changes. Maybe take the money and put a bigger motor on.
  14. Sounds like a stupid question, but do most members here have the dual battery? I am getting at SX22 Stearn lounge with the stearn lounge upgrade. Worried, I may be taking up too much storage space with this. I am getting the center storage though. Second battery worth it?
  15. Other than seeing the digital screen, what advantage does it have?