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  1. Do you have any RGB lighting already (speakers, cup holders)? If so, you will already have the controller. If not, you will need the lights and controllers. If you want to go OEM google ITC US they are the company the provides them to Bennington. You can order through them and they can custom size for each seat. A little higher cost than the Chinese versions on amazon but probably a higher quality.
  2. Thanks. I crawled under the helm again and traced the wires coming out of the controller. I found two unused connectors that look like they would be the zones connected to the outside lights if they were installed.. So hopefully that makes it an easy plug and play. See below. If anyone has the factory deck lighting on the outside of their boat, would appreciate if you can confirm that these two plugs under the helm are connected to them. These two plugs seem to have the 3 RGB wires and one power wire. The White/Red power wire from the controller goes to an extra ACC toggle on the dash (next to the Mood Light toggle that is used for toe kick lighting) and then leaves the switch as a Blue/Red wire going to this plug. Which seems to address the point about having the power toggled. Gotta say I am not overly impressed with the quality of the wiring wraps and bundles under the helm. Looks like they just grabbed a handful of wires and wire tied them, w/o too much organization.
  3. I just took delivery of my 2017 22 SXP Swingback and have the interior RGB Toe Kick lights and the built in ITC controller. Wondering how hard it would be to add the exterior lights. Assume it could connect to the same controller since it seems to be a 4 channel controller with unused channels. Anyone with a newer Benny with factory exterior RGB able to take a pic under the helm and let me know what the controller looks like for that set up? Here is mine
  4. Looks great... can you provide details on what you purchased and the install. I just picked up my Benny and have the interior RGB lights and am considering adding exterior also.
  5. Hi Steve, You must be here somewhere in Wa also. I just took delivery of a new Benny Tritoon. I also had the sunstream lift and there is definitely an option to add the toon kit to it. My local installer might be able to help you . Look up Gatco at Lake Tapps as they offer a kit for Sunstream. You can also check with Boat Lifts International (another WA lift installer) and look at their kit.
  6. Dealer is adding the NMEA2k. It was not an option direct from the factory. But once installed, I should get all Yamaha data to the simrad.
  7. You can connect the Simrad to the Yamaha via the NMEA2000 network (which you must install on your boat). But doing so should give you yamaha info on the Simrad. Disclaimer - my boat is on order with this set up and I have not tested it.
  8. ok, I think I settled on the factory installed Simrad GO5, so I dont have to run wire under the shielding to install a transducer. Based on what I have read on here, I can run a NMEA 2000 from my Yamaha 150 to collect the data to display on the SIMRAD. My question is to those that have done similar with the Yamaha. Is there already a NMEA2000 cable from the Helm to the Battery box (under the Swingback lounger on the Port side). Or at least some easy method to get the cable from the motor to the help so I can plug it into the Simrad. I was hoping to avoid wiring issues by going with a factory installed GPS that supports NMEA2000 but didnt think about the connecting from the motor to that. I guess I have a couple of days left to delete the Simrad from the Order if it would be a nightmare to connect it all up. Hoping there is an easy fix (ie, there is already a NMEA network in these boats). My boat will be a 22 SXP Swingback.
  9. Which unit (GPS) did you go with? Garmin, Simrad or other?
  10. Thanks. Didnt know that the NMEA 2000 stuff was not already wired up for the Yamaha F150, but it sounds like an easy add on with the parts listed on the page you linked to. Does anyone know that if I get the Simrad GPS 05 factory installed, if that is already connected to NMEA2000? Also - I read (in the link above) that you recommended to have Bennington run your transponder cable at the factory prior to installing the shielding. Is that something the dealer arranges for you...? Sounds like a great option. Do I need to send them a cable, or just tell them to route an 8 wire cable (are they all the same)? Sorry about all the questions...a lot to learn about these boats. But having fun so far
  11. I just ordered my 2017 22SXP with Yamaha F150. I have a few days left before the window closes on changing options. I am thinking about adding the fish finder (Garmin Striker 4 Fish Graph) as it is only $300 factory installed. Since I dont fish at all, I am wondering if it is the best choice for other information (depth, temp, etc). Or should I skip that and add a better unit on my own after I take delivery. Like one of the units that integrates / communicates with the NMEA 2000 network. My assumption there is that it can pick up a lot of useful info (Fuel consumption, GPS Speed, etc etc) that maybe beneficial. I would like it to be flush mounted and "factory" looking as opposed to an above dash bolt on. I guess another option is the Simrad GPS G05 which appears to have NMEA 2000 integration...but that is $900 for the factory installed option (anyone know where does are mounted when factory ordering it your build)? Appreciate any feedback.
  12. I completely agree. Bennington should have a detailed manual that shows info on all options and configs. It would not be unreasonable to have one for each line (S, R, G, etc) and have it inclusive of all options just like cars. Having the dealer explain stuff during delivery is great. But what if you want to look it up 6 momths later or the following season. Or the new owner if you sell. These dont change that much year to year were it would be hard to update. My 2 cents
  13. Sunday it was $77 shipped. Today (Tuesday) it went to $89. Darn, I should have ordered one instead of waiting.
  14. Just ordered our 2017 Bennington 22 SXP Swingback. Cant wait to get it and join the Pontoon world. We are coming from a Ski Boat, so this will be a new (and very enjoyable) change. Ordered the premium version with the SPS package, Yamaha 150, Power Assisted Steering, MC10, RGB lighting and a few other options. Will be enjoying it on Lake Tapps WA.
  15. The factory ones are available on Amazon for about $77 shipped Prime. I believe the number for the new Yamaha models is Mar-mtrcv-f2-01 Amazon Link