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  1. Thanks everyone. I shifted from a 300 to the 250 SHO back to the 300. Yamaha pricing is so inconsistent between dealers. In the end my 300 is only going to be about $1,000 over the 250. So the 300 it is.
  2. After much deliberation, I am probably going to pull the trigger on a new 2350 RSR. I'll get it tricked out with most every option including the ESP package. I have talked with at least 10 dealers about which engine to buy. 1/2 of them say I should get the Yamaha 250 SHO. 1/2 say I should get the F300. Cost is an issue but not a major one. I intend on keeping the boat for 10 years and don't mind the delta if the F300 is the way to go. What say the group?
  3. Thanks everyone. I figured the comfort might have been sacrificed for a more breatheable fabric/vinyl. Leaning towards the Premier due to the quality but your comments are very helpful.
  4. I currently own a 2011 2275 GSW and was thinking about upgrading. I have decided to go with the Bennington RSR, Harris Grand Mariner or Premier Intrigue. I went to a boat show to investigate the 2017 Bennington and was underwhelmed. Perhaps the upholstery (vinyl) is intended to be quite different, but it is much less comfortable than in the past. I was also surprised the synthetic floor wasn't much different than lower end boats. Before I overreact and buy elsewhere, any thoughts on the perceived quality issues?