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  1. Three feet should be OK, but have your installer measure to make sure.
  2. Has anyone had success resolving the problem where you get over 15 mph or so and the striker 4 depth just blinks at the last good reading? This has been a problem for me from day one. I wouldn't really care but when I get back toward the dock I need to power the unit off and back on to get a good reading at idle as I have to navigate a lot of shallow areas to get in the slip. I have not yet tried adjusting the entire transducer down, may have to wait for end of season to do that.
  3. Hi Illinois, I had the toon rail guides put on my hydraulic shore station lift for my SPS this year. So far it has worked really well. The only potential downside is in very shallow locations as the rails require more height clearance than the bunks. I have had to bury my posts in order to get the cradle down low enough as the water level fluctuates at my dock. I think the toon rails saved me about $600 to $800 compared to the triple bunk system (going by memory). Feel free to come back with any other questions.
  4. Where do you boat? Is it big water or rough water? Unless you are on a small lake I think the third toon is nearly mandatory if you are going to have more than a few people on regularly and want to tube from time to time. The buoyancy and smooth ride is fantastic with the SPS for 90% of applications in my opinion. And the tubing will be much better with the turning performance. My SPS with 200 evinrude can run at 40 mph with 9 people on board and turns nearly as well as a v-hull. Our lake has every type of bennington on it and the SPS/150's are all over and perform really well for the money. Personally I really like the look and design of the stern radius with the fastback rails. A lot of seating capacity and smooth lines.
  5. Thanks for posting this. When I took delivery I found 6 screws just laying on the floor under the swingback seat. I never did check to see if they belonged anywhere or if any others were loose. The build quality of my boat ranks somewhere between bad and just plain shitty. A lot of things were loose at delivery and more things are becoming loose/detaching as I use the boat. My dealer is frustrated but not nearly as frustrated or angry as me.
  6. When I ordered mine I spent easily 20 hours looking at benningtons online. Ultimately I decided on the same colors as Vikingstaff, smokey granite panels with black accent, the blackout package over beige interior. My suggestion is to go to and and do a search for 2017 benningtons. You will have hundreds of built boats to look at in most every available color combination. Have fun!
  7. Thanks H2GO, that is the information I was hoping to get. You are right, the frame for the privacy enclosure is kind of tight when shut and I never took measurements to determine what would fit there.
  8. For those of you who own a swingback, have you installed or used a porta potti under the swingback seat? If so, what model do you use and do you know the height under the swingback seat pad? All women in my family so it is necessary for emergencies. The shallowest model I have found is the Thetford 260 which is about 12.2 inches tall. Want to make sure I purchase one that will fit so the seat fully closes. Thanks in advance for any feedback. Dave
  9. All my dash components were loose when I took delivery. I got under the helm and tightened as many as I could find - almost all were loose. After putting a couple hours on the boat this weekend I am covering the boat and notice my garmin is falling out of the dash with only one screw barely holding on. I know I snugged those up and now it is disconnected again. Has anyone else had this problem with a boat delivered this year? Not sure if is a dealer or factory issue but I would guess the factory.
  10. Still not resolved. The dealer just picked up the boat today to replace the power steering module in the ETEC which has been throwing codes since delivery. I expect they will inspect the scratches and offer a suggestion for resolution.. I have NOT had a good experience with this delivery of this boat. QC problems from the factory, Motor/rigging problems, delivery problems from the dealer... Not sure if anyone else had these problems but many of the dash components were not tightened down. The garmin, the instrument panel, the gauges - it's like they didn't finish it. I spent almost an hour under the helm station checking screws, wires, etc. This wasn't easy with that huge Kicker subwoofer in there!
  11. I have the 25 GSB with SPS which should be a little bit heavier than yours, I am running the evinrude 200 HO like builderbob with a 15 3/4 x 15 SS rebel. With 2 people on board I am seeing 45-46 at 5200 rpm. With 6 adults and a full load, getting 42 mph. My expected full throttle range is 5200-5900 rpm per Evinrude and this prop barely gets met to 5200 so I am considering trying a different pitch.
  12. I looked the boat over carefully when I closed on the boat a couple of weeks ago and I know these scratches weren't there then. We'll see what the dealer says, I just want it fixed. The are a bit overwhelmed right now, they are a large multi-state dealer and they were proud to boast they sold over 160 Benningtons during show season. It seems like they are struggling to deliver on that success at the moment. Even though they are spot issues I am going to insist they re-apply the sharkhide. Not sure if they can spot cover areas with a new application.
  13. Hi Everyone. My new 25 GSB was delivered yesterday. There were a few problems, most were quality issues from the factory which should be able to be fixed. But what really bothered me were two scratches in the pontoons that were dealer issues. I realize the pontoons will eventually get marred but I'm not sure how upset to be about this. Thoughts?
  14. From the album my new 25GSB

  15. From the album my new 25GSB