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  1. I looked the boat over carefully when I closed on the boat a couple of weeks ago and I know these scratches weren't there then. We'll see what the dealer says, I just want it fixed. The are a bit overwhelmed right now, they are a large multi-state dealer and they were proud to boast they sold over 160 Benningtons during show season. It seems like they are struggling to deliver on that success at the moment. Even though they are spot issues I am going to insist they re-apply the sharkhide. Not sure if they can spot cover areas with a new application.
  2. Hi Everyone. My new 25 GSB was delivered yesterday. There were a few problems, most were quality issues from the factory which should be able to be fixed. But what really bothered me were two scratches in the pontoons that were dealer issues. I realize the pontoons will eventually get marred but I'm not sure how upset to be about this. Thoughts?
  3. I have been agonizing over this since February. I bought a new ShoreStation hydraulic lift for my 25 GSB SPS- 4000# boat and motor before gear - and needed to decide between triple bunks or the pontoon rails which lift from the deck. Everyone I asked had a different opinion, multiple bennington dealers and lift installers. I went with the recommendation from my purchase dealer to get the rails and lift from the deck. He says the boat is more than structurally sound to suspend the tubes and motor. The lift is being installed tomorrow and the boat delivered Sunday. We'll see.....
  4. From the album my new 25GSB

  5. From the album my new 25GSB

  6. From the album my new 25GSB

  7. From the album my new 25GSB

  8. From the album my new 25GSB

  9. From the album my new 25GSB

  10. From the album my new 25GSB

  11. Thanks for posting pictures! I am waiting for my new 25 GSB to get rigged - still haven't seen it in person. I ordered the Evinrude G2 200 HO with SPS and cant wait to see what it can do. I'll be happy to get 35+ MPH. Mine is smokey granite with black accent with blackout package also. Glad to see a real live boat with the carbon interior accent - mine is napa beige with the carbon and I hope it looks as good as yours.