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  1. "Steering torque" is what I was thinking about, I'd only ever heard the term when referring to front wheel drive cars. I'd never heard about the circle of death either! Having the basic Sea Star setup will at least mitigate that possibility, it could be good insurance if the wheel slips out of the hand of the driver. As much as I agree with your last sentence, I'm going to keep the basic steering and if I ever need to, add my own power steering pump. Thanks for weighing in!
  2. Thanks, guys. What's the difference in low speed steering effort between the basic Sea Star and the full power steering? Is it significant?
  3. Hi All! I'm a soon-to-be Bennington owner, with no previous experience with pontoon boats, and limited experience with boats that have steering wheels. Pretty sure I'm going to like it, based on many of the posts I've been trolling through for the past couple of weeks. Many of my questions have been answered without asking, but I'll have a few more. I'd like to ask them all at once, but I'll start with the most important, and it's whether to get any sort of power assist steering or not. Since my main interest is fishing and cruising, I'm buying a 21 SFX AGP with a 115 Yamaha Vmax and elliptical pontoons. The lakes I'll do most of my boating on were scraped out by glaciers long ago so there's a lot of rocks and shallows, often in unpredictable places. One reason I'm going with the ellipticals is that Bennington says they're best for shallow draft as well as flotation & stability. Since I don't plan on doing any water sports, high speed handling isn't a consideration. My question is, do I really need anything more than manual steering for low speeds and docking activities? I'm a couple years shy of retirement but in good physical condition. Regardless, I'm not a fan of wrestling the boat trying to dock it, especially if I might have to steer with one hand. Last question: Can Spring come soon enough for those of us who are icebound?? Thanks in advance for any suggestions/input! Charlie
  4. What model do you own (or want to)

    I meant fanatics in a good way, can feel the addiction overtaking me too!
  5. What model do you own (or want to)

    Maybe so, although there appears to be no shortage of fanatics on these forums! Thanks, 1Blderbob
  6. Two battery option

    Did that price include the battery?
  7. What model do you own (or want to)

    Lower Sysladobsis, in Eastern Maine about 35 miles from Canada, as the crow flies
  8. What model do you own (or want to)

    It was a 45 hp Mercedes 2 stroke. The fellow I'd bought it from had replaced a solenoid under the cowling with our new that worked, although it was a bit longer than the correct one so it pressed against the cowling. To keep it from shorting out against the metal cowling, he placed a plastic soda bottle cap on the end of the solenoid & secured it with electrical tape. My daughters & I cruised out to a "hot spot" where I could get cell phone reception one morning. I cut the engine & tilted it out of the water so we could drift. After I made my phone calls, and when I pushed the button to tilt the prop back I to the water I heard a "poof" and turned around to see flames on the lower front of the engine, just above the fuel can. Apparently I had a small fuel leak. My girls were up in the bow (rider). The rest was in slow-motion. I bent down, grabbed the fire extinguisher turned and put the fire out, then immediately fell down with intense cramps in my lower back that I'd never experienced before or since. Never been so scared in my life, likely because my daughters were there. Ran the boat back to camp & sold it to my best friend (I'd bought it from his brother). He fixed it & he's kept it at my camp since then. However, it takes a mechanic to keep the boat going and given the size & remoteness of the lake, I didn't dare go anywhere in it unless my friend was there. Now, since I'm due to retire in a couple years and will be living at Camp for 6 months per year, it's time for me to buy my new Benny. I can hardly wait! All the talk on this forum is just throwing gas on the fire :-)
  9. What model do you own (or want to)

    Hi all, my first post. Ordered a new SFX 21 at the beginning of the month, anxiously awaiting it's arrival and ice-out. I wish I'd have joined this forum before I ordered, there's a lot of good information here from those who use the product. Glad I'm getting a Bennington though, they seem to be well-built. I owned a used, 14' Sylvan bow rider for a couple years in the past, but was soured on it when the engine briefly caught fire while I had my 2 young daughters in the boat. Vowed not to buy a another unless new, because my lake is too big & remote and sparsely populated to take chances.