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  1. I just bought a Kuuma 316 Elite but have yet to use it. A bit pricey, but a big cooking surface with upper rack. It too has fold out feet and I could deploy it on top of my fishing station but I intend to use that as the staging area and sink. I like that it hangs out over the water which keeps it out of the way so no one gets burned but the quick release mount is a bust because I can't install the cover without removing the piece of mount that stays with the rail when the grill is removed. Will let everyone know how it works, if we had been better prepared when my friend caught the salmon double last week we could have had them from water to grill in short order! That will be awesome
  2. Thanks! Already enjoying it immensely but all the more if it ever warms up in these parts!
  3. I opted for Seastar hydraulic steering & am glad I did, if for no other reason it is a requirement for autopilot, which I plan to get next year
  4. Hey all, finally getting to the pics and my report. I've had my 21SXF on the water for 6 days & have over 17 hours on it, and have burned about 2/3 of a tank of gas in that time with the 115 SHO. Right now I have my spare prop, a 13-5/8"x14 aluminum non-SDS. In calm water I can get the speed down to 2 mph (GPS) which is surprising to me but now I'm second guessing not getting the strakes & foils, which might have taken a few more 10ths MPH off to get to optimal trolling speed when using bait. The dealer equipped me with a 14x13 Talon SDS stainless prop which I've yet to try. I did see 30 MPH @ 6000 RPM with the aluminum, but that was a brief run when it had less than 10 hours on it. Very happy with the Yamaha, it's quiet and gets awesome fuel economy when run slow, which is what I've been doing as I'm trying to figure out the multifunction SIMRAD NSS7 evo3 I equipped it with. I've never owned a fish finder (or any other boating-related electronics) so it's a challenge, even though I'm quite proficient with computers. This has a dual-core processor but I have yet to learn what SIMRAD runs for an OS, although I'd guess since they're Norwegian, it's likely a Linux. Just have to play with it some more, but I will sat that the view with the Structure Scan function is like a camera. I can see rocks, logs, sticks, anything that's down there that's not a fish, which the Echo Scan picks up. I can view both simultaneously (can view up to 4 functions at once) which is a big help. The good news is that the first time out fishing, my buddy caught 2 salmon (landlocked) at the same time on a double streamer setup, something we'd never done before. Good karma! However, he had to net them himself, as there's little room to maneuver with the 2 aft fishing seats in the way. I'm leaving the seats at camp when there's just 2 of us fishing, much easier to move around back there now. Being a newbie boater, I'm noticing that the wind can be a problem, especially when docking or putting it on the lift. Practice makes perfect, I suppose so I'll keep at it. Here's a bunch of pics The single axle trailer hauls my Bennie nicely, we were going 75 MPH up I-95 with no trouble at all I had to move the stereo to the right of the helm to have room for the SIMRAD. It's a great location as a passenger can tweak it easily from the couch seat. I ran a NMEA2000 cable from the engine to helm, very easy to do, cost for the starter kit and Yamaha engine interface cable was about $160. Next year I'll get autopilot for it, then broadband radar the year after that. I moved the dual battery setup, which was well into the privacy area when I got the boat, to the port side, as it should have been in the first place. I wish I'd taken a "before" pic, but the dimes show where the screw holes were and the tip of the measuring tape is where the battery was closest to the privacy area entrance door, within 18". If left as it was, someone using a porta potty would have either had to put their feet on the batteries to sit, or leave the door open and put their legs out into the open area of the boat. Also a bunch of aluminum chips left on the floor there from the installation. Very unsatisfactory, but easy to fix myself. I mentioned it to the service manager when I went back to the dealer later, I think the installer needs more training and/or common sense. The NMEA2000 "backbone" can be seen to the left of the batteries. The Yamaha engine interface cable was plenty long enough to reach from the engine to the battery box, so rather than leave the T under the deck where it would get wet, I brought the T up into the privacy area, then ran the cable back down and on to the helm. I'm not going to hook up the gas tank to the NMEA, prefer the gauge which is always in view. The trim function doesn't work on the SIMRAD either, but the gauge is fine. I do use the GPS speedometer on the SIMRAD. More to follow, headed up to Camp tomorrow morning and will do the 20 hour service this weekend while there. Afterward, I'm going to put the stainless 14x13 SDS Talon on and see what she'll top out at. More report to follow, have a nice weekend, all!
  5. I'm planning on toting an AR, being in a very remote area where law enforcement response time would likely be measured in hours. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!
  6. I recently took delivery of a new 21SFX with a 115, I got a 14x13 Talon SS SDS. I haven't had it in the water yet but once properly broken in, I'll post my findings. I also bought an aluminum (non SDS) 13-5/8x14 so I'd have a spare for whichever prop works out best. I suspect I'll use the aluminum in unfamiliar areas of the lake.
  7. I get your drift. A full-face helmet it is!
  8. Does Bennington offer a taller windshield? The one that's coming with my 21SFX is very short, almost looks useless. I don't expect I'll be doing a lot of WOT boating at night here in Maine but it sure is nice to have some protection at times!
  9. I bought a NMEA2000 starter kit here: Yamaha NMEA2000 Interface cable: I haven't installed the system because I have yet to tak delivery of my boat, but it looks quite easy, and this foming from a pipefitter! This thread contains a lot of useful info regarding NMEA2000 installation, especially with regard tp connecting a multifunction device. Props to Jacob & Amanda Hope this helps!
  10. I'm definitely chafing at the bit! Going to get my Benny come Saturday, will post pictures and specs after that. Its going to seem like an eternity until the maiden voyage in late May/early June
  11. Did your friend get his Princecraft at Hamlins? They offered me the demo cruise and also to deliver it. Hey, we're still nearly 2 months shy of summer, give it a chance! When you say Indian, are you referring to Big Indian in St. Albans & Hartland? That's just North of where I live.
  12. Yes, up in Hampden. I've arranged to pick it up on Saturday, they're going to put it in the river and take me for a demo cruise. I swung through the marina today to see if I could spot my boat. There were many more 'toons around, both sitting in the parking lot and inside the fenced area. Mine was nowhere to be seen, they're likely installing the motor & prepping it. Of the at least 2 dozen boats in sight, there was only one other that had ellipticals. Hope we didn't mess up! tcpip95, I read the thread you posted about hoisting ellipticals improperly and took note, although I haven't mentioned it to my dealer. I would think that Bennington would have put out a bulletin on that to all their dealers as it would be an expensive mistake for them to repeatedly make. Yay! A month ago we were drilling holes in the ice right up to the motor but today when I went to camp, it's ice out and yodeling loons!
  13. I'm in western Washington County, in the Downeast Lakes region. It was spitting snow here in Central Maine last night, I'm way past being sick of this extended mud season. Are you planning to run your Benny in the salt or fresh? Did you get strakes? It'll be interesting to see what your 22 will top out at. According to a Yamaha performance bulletin 22SSX_F115LB_2014-10-28 (available on the Yamaha website) they saw 36.1 mph with a 22SSX with ellipticals, saltwater performance package, & 115LB spinning a 14x13 Yamaha Pontoon Performance stainless steel prop. I'm hoping to see 35 MPH with my strakeless 21SFX I'm taking delivery of my Benny on the 29th, but not going to launch until Memorial Day weekend, provided the ice is out of the lake.
  14. Lakeliving, do you recall what type, diameter & pitch prop you used on your 22-SSLX 115 to achieve 35mph? I have yet to choose a prop for my yet-to-be-delivered 2017 21SFX, 115 Vmax SHO (elliptical toons) no strakes. When the day finally arrives that the ice goes out on my lake and I can get my new Benny launched, I'll be sure to publish it's actual performance numbers. mnlakeboy, have you chosen a prop for your 115 yet? I was going to go with a 90 on my new Benny but was convinced by my salesman to go with the 115. I'm not as interested in watersports as I am in fishing & cruising so I didn't order strakes & thought the 115 would be the best balance between straight-line performance (to get off the lake quickly if needed), fuel economy and the ability to troll when fishing. You did well to join this forum and consult the regulars here, their advice can save a lot of future regrets! If I'd joined a little sooner, I might not already be thinking I'd have gotten a different model!
  15. Sweet looking ride right there! I'm so jealous, wish I had that kind of storage right now! Bet you family builds a lot of great memories on your Benny while they're growing up. Enjoy!