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  1. Yamaha F115 Stainless Prop Guidance Please

    Thanks, K. If the dealer won't include an aluminum Yamaha SDS prop, I'll buy one outright and keep the prop they supply for a spare.
  2. Yamaha F115 Stainless Prop Guidance Please

    Lol, so you know what it's like! Aluminum it is. Like Porsche just stated, if the 115 doesn't have enough torque to distort an aluminum prop under hard accelleration, there's really no sense in spending the extra $ for SS and then have greater risk of damage to the motor as well. Is it possible that an aluminum prop will turn up faster than a comparable (diameter x pitch) SS prop? cwag911, if you're ever back to Ambajejus & have spare time, give me a heads-up if you want to get together. I'm only about an hour away & would be honored to give you a tour of my realm in the Downeast Lakes region.
  3. Yamaha F115 Stainless Prop Guidance Please

    The dealer is going to take me out in it & show me how everything works before they deliver it to my lake at a later time. Alicedream, that's they way I'm looking at it too. Better to give the lower unit & drivetrain some cushion in case of a mishap. I'd never heard of aluminum props flexing under high torque, hopefully it won't make much difference with my 115. Maybe I can get the dealer to give me a couple of different props to try (pitch-wise) & just return the one I don't want. I'm going with a NMEA 2000 connection from engine to the chartplotter/fishfinder so I can see lots of engine information (fuel delivery rates) so I can dial in a prop.
  4. Yamaha F115 Stainless Prop Guidance Please

    FWIW, rocks the size of houses are common in many lakes in my region that were created by glaciers during the Ice Age. It's a major concern for me, so I'll definitely follow this thread for a while. I'm not sure what type of prop my dealer is planing to equip my 21SFX/115 Yamaha Vmax with since I was too naive to check into it before I put my deposit down. I'd already been advised that I'd be better off with aluminum since it will be an extra measure of safety for my motor should I hit a rock. Also have read threads here that mention excessive vibration with SS props, something i want to avoid. I was thinking of going with the aluminum Yamaha SDS Pontoon Performance prop with 14"x13 diameter/pitch, based on a Benning performance bulletin. Does this sound sensible? If my dealer won't give me the prop I want, I figure I'll buy the SDS above and keep the prop they supply for a spare.
  5. Electric water hose

    My yet-to-be-delivered 21SFX comes with 2 live wells, and here in Maine it is illegal to keep a live fish. You have to either release it or kill it. I was planning on converting the live well on my aft fishing station into a sink, and the bow live well into a washdown hose station. Does this sound practical to those of you who are familiar with Bennington's live well setups? I think that both live wells are supplied by the same pump, so it should be a fairly easy conversion to do what I want. One thing I don't know yet is the capacity of the pump, if too low I might have to do something different for the washdown. I figured I'd get one of those "miracle" hoses as seen on TV that shrink into practically nothing when not charged with water so as to save space.
  6. Experience with Simrad G05?

    I have no experience with marine electronics and didn't order any with my 2017 21SFX. But after doing lots of research, I ordered a Simrad NSS7 Evo3 with a Total scan transducer. Probably overkill with regards to the fishing part but Simrad is a quality name, owned by Navionics along with Lowrance. They do a lot of commercial applications, so we're playing in their low end. The NSS7 Evo3 appealed to me because of its chartplotting/GPS capabilities, plus it's a multi-function device that will give me the ability to upgrade to auto pilot and radar in the next couple of years.
  7. What do you take along?

    This is all great information for Clueless Noobs, thanks! Copied down to a word document & kept on my phone & tablet.
  8. Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    I'll mention that to my insurance people when go to get the boat insured. Didn't think that I might be liable for someone elses' misuse of my trailer! It's looking like my best course of action could be to get a quality tandem axle trailer so I can confidently haul longer distances. Come summer, I'll start asking around if anyone local has a scissor trailer I can rent for when I want to take the boat out of the lake in the Fall & haul it 6 miles over dirt roads at 30 mph. Vice-versa for Spring. Having a capable tandem alxe will give me the option to haul distance, maybe down in the southern US so I can take a river trip in the winter. Was reading a thread somewhere about a fellow who is planning a 900 mile river trip through lakes, locks, etc & it sounds like it would be a great experience and a fun way to see the country. I'm not real keen on hanging out in Maine come winter after I retire, would like to visit warmer climates!
  9. Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    So grateful to all for the input. The short time I owned a boat and trailer, it was old stuff, from the 90's I believe. Never heard of brakes being automatically disabled in reverse and such. Funny thing, I just learned last night that a shift mate of mine has a pontoon boat. He has no trailer and when he wanted to move it once, he tried in vain to rent a trailer for a day. He thinks I could make good $ if I bought a scissor-type trailer and rented it out when not using it, which will pretty much be all summer. Food for thought, as it looks like I might need that type of trailer to put my boat in it's winter storage.
  10. Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    Never really heard of stainless trailer brakes, I would think they would all be stainless given what the trailer is designed for. While I have no intention of using my boat in salt water, it makes sense for fresh water as well. I haven't been to the dealership I ordered the boat from in over a month but am due to go there and look at things similar to mine like the console, to check if i have room for a 7" flush mount fish finder on the left where the radio normally is. Also want to check out a wave shield as I didn't think to add it to my build & by the time I was viewed the video here a forum member's wife took of the water flying off the toons & pounding the underside of the deck, it was too late to add it to my order. Do you folks unplug the electrical connection your trailers before backing into the water? That's been the order of the day around these parts for as long as i can remember, well before the advent of LED lighting.
  11. Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    Thanks for the tip, I'll have to make sure I have brakes regardless of how many wheels the trailer has!
  12. Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    Does your trailer have brakes, Spoiledrotten? I'm not sure whether mine will or not but except for having to haul it on a 140 mile round trip to the dealer for its first service, I don't plan on going real far with it. My "home" lake is 5400 acres and if that doesn't keep me interested, its a 2 mile haul to an interconnected group of lakes that total over 24,000 acres. My boat is coming with the trailer, but thinking I might be able to upgrade to a tandem axle. The dealer told me my 21SFX was near the weight limit for that particular trailer.
  13. Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    Wow, beastly looking trailer, TomS! Mine will be a single axle so hoping it will run short and I'll be able to put a swing-away or just detachable tongue. I have access to tools, welding equipment and such In any case, if my 21SAFX doesn't fit, I'll take pix and fess up to the forum by posting them.
  14. Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    It looks like I might have to find a place in town to store my 21SFX, although if I weld a trailer ball on my tractor bucket & rent a scissor tyoe trailer, I might be able finesse it into the barn & set it on blocks. When I retire in a couple years, I'm going to buy a house in the area & have storage for it there so I can tinker with it over the winter.
  15. Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    Do you have a bunk type trailer or scissor type that can put the boat down on the ground & pulled out from under it? Mine is the bunk type, quite a bit shorter than the scissor type, I believe.