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  1. Not sure about your set up but can you back the boat in?
  2. Good info Jenks...thanks for your post.
  3. Thanks for everyone's help. I will look it over good to make sure it's on there.
  4. It is at the dealer shrink rapped but I did not notice a tag. I will have to look again for a tag. If there is no tag is there any way to know by looking at the toons?
  5. How do you know for sure that Sharkshide has been applied to your new Bennington. I remember seeing new Benningtons at boat shows that had Sharkshide and not really looking any different. Help a newbie out!
  6. Thanks Havasu...not sure I'll ever see 50 with a G 22, f200, sps but good to know the Bimini should stay intact below 50.
  7. Did you run 50 mph + with the bimini top up? Just wondering how fast you can run safely with the top up and it not take off like a kite.
  8. Thanks for the info Maniac. I think I will definitely look into the NMEA 2000 hook up to the Simrad.
  9. Thanks Steve. I might just have to look into to this for my new toon.
  10. Do you know if any sensors are needed to get the data or is the cable just hooked into the wiring harness.
  11. I guess I'll wait for boat delivery and read through the owners packet. I was just trying to have a Bennington recommended product to help protect the new vinyl seats upon boat delivery next month. I'm good on the cleaning techniques.
  12. I sure would like to know what Bennington recommends to protect the new vinyl seats. I can't seam to find anything and it looks like others are having trouble finding anything. Can we get Bennington to comment on this? I am not sure how to go about this though.
  13. All of this is great information on cleaning but what is the recommended product for protection if any?
  14. Is the 303 vinyl protectant still recommended for the new simtex vinyl used by Bennington?
  15. Congratulations on the new toon. Looks like a beautiful ride. I hope you have several pairs of goggles with that 300 HP. Enjoy!