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  1. I have a Hewitt 3800# vertical lift, and I use the beams that pick from under the deck, and have a tritoon. But the vert supports and horizontal beams are aluminum. Not sure if I would trust wood. Sorry, don't have a good picture.
  2. I have two plastic "birds", an owl and a hawk, that I put on opposite posts on my lift. They seem to work. Never had a problem with bird poop. I think I bought them from West Marine. Supported them by running a piece of all-thread from bottom to the top of the bird, and fastened that to the lift uprights. The birds are above the level of the canopy.
  3. We have a camp and live there from May thru September. We have a canopy on a Hewitt lift, and never cover the boat. Yes, I do get some spiders in the canopy frame, but not really a big deal. Having the boat on the lift with just the canopy, and not having to remove and re-install a cover, makes it so convenient to use the boat, and it gets used so much more than if we had to uncover it. I also put two fake birds (owl and hawk) at opposite corners on the lift uprights, above the level of the canopy, and they have been doing a great job of keeping the birds away.