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  1. No, I really don't know about the garages. You keep your boat at Seves? Not a lot of marina choices on this lake. I know that Skan Marina wants to put in a lot of new, floating slips, but not yet approved.
  2. You picked a great week. I take it the dock isn't at/under water level? I have seen plenty of docks on Skan that have been overwhelmed by the high water level.
  3. I have a nest on the framing of the lift canopy. Eggs haven't hatched yet. So far it hasn't affected my boating...
  4. I have a vertical lift with rails that pick from under the deck. I did add some carpet at the ends to minimize scratching, but sometimes hitting the rails happens. I am on the same lake, east side, and yes, the weather has been lousy for boating.
  5. I have a Hewitt lift with the same type of support rack. On mine, the vertical members of the racks were adjustable, i.e. multiple holes. I was able to lower the racks so that the toons were just above the lift crossmember. For example, if the height from bottom on toon to underside of deck is 25", I adjusted the racks so they were 25.5" from top to lift crossmember. If you do this, and the racks are still to high, can you push the lift further out, into deeper water, without getting past the end of the dock?
  6. I have a Hewitt 3800# vertical lift, and I use the beams that pick from under the deck, and have a tritoon. But the vert supports and horizontal beams are aluminum. Not sure if I would trust wood. Sorry, don't have a good picture.
  7. I have two plastic "birds", an owl and a hawk, that I put on opposite posts on my lift. They seem to work. Never had a problem with bird poop. I think I bought them from West Marine. Supported them by running a piece of all-thread from bottom to the top of the bird, and fastened that to the lift uprights. The birds are above the level of the canopy.
  8. We have a camp and live there from May thru September. We have a canopy on a Hewitt lift, and never cover the boat. Yes, I do get some spiders in the canopy frame, but not really a big deal. Having the boat on the lift with just the canopy, and not having to remove and re-install a cover, makes it so convenient to use the boat, and it gets used so much more than if we had to uncover it. I also put two fake birds (owl and hawk) at opposite corners on the lift uprights, above the level of the canopy, and they have been doing a great job of keeping the birds away.