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  1. Well finally got my prop ordered! From ebay. Apparently Yamaha is having problems so props are backordered until September. I am getting the 14.5 x 15 stainless Yamaha reliance sds. Do these props come with the SDS hub or do I need to order separate. Also, I noticed that my motor is hanging from the 2nd hole down from the top. The performance bulletin says it was at the #1 mounting hole when they tested. Am I correct to assume that is the top hole?
  2. Thanks for the reply! Yes it was on gps . I am too I hope I gain something. With it being a 21 I was hoping she would be over 40.!
  3. So far have used the hell out of her, even with the crappy spring-type weather up here! We love it! Only thing is the aluminum prop they put on it. I feel like it is close, but its turning like 6100-6200 rpm, most speed I have gotten is 40. I want to get that Reliance SDS 14 1/2 x 15 prop. The WOT RPM i saw on the Yamaha performance bulletin was 5850. I do not know the specs on the aluminum prop but I will figure it out. Could you guys let me know your thoughts? Thanks Buck
  4. From the album New Boat!

  5. From the album New Boat!

    Just waiting for nice Weather!
  6. Man she is beautiful! Next rig will be a swingback!
  7. 24!
  8. Ok. I should probably just wait till the boat arrives! Lol
  9. 10/4 I contacted them. Thank you Buck
  10. So if you plug your IPhone in via USB or Bluetooth you can control the media from the remote? With the krc15? What I mean is switching songs? What about the pcircx? Basically I'm looking to add this possibly to the stern or front lounger (no idea where yet) to control music from the the water. Any suggested locations? 21 sl? Not sure what can be reached from the water yet. Also I have heard of a remote for the amp where could I find that? Thank you
  11. Does the wave shield need to be removed?
  12. I was hoping to get pictures from in the factory! How long on average do you guys wait for your boats this time of year?
  13. Do they still do this?
  14. Hey how did you run your speaker wire to the rear sub?