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  1. Not boating related

    I have a firestick. It works great. Need WFI. You can get it upgraded and get all the new movies.
  2. Bennington on the bed of a pu truck

    Me either. Looks very top heavy.
  3. Scrolling through the pictures, I came a crossed this picture of pontoon, on top of the pu's bed. It was being pulled by a Class A. Curious how they get it on and off the Truck. Anyone know who posted the picture.
  4. New toon owner

    Welcome. We live not far from you, Greenwood Lake. We bought a new Benny last spring. Tree came down on our Playbouy, totaled it.Actual we bought the Playbouy on Wallenpaupack, Capri Marina. Good luck with yours.
  5. Boat seats 002.JPG

    From the album boat seats

  6. Boat seats 003.JPG

    From the album boat seats

  7. Boat seats 004.JPG

    From the album boat seats

  8. Boat seats 005.JPG

    From the album boat seats

  9. boat seats

    From the album boat seats

  10. Warranty Items -How long to get fixed?

    My problems are in both bow L seats. Brand new, when I opening the front hatch, the back material came out from the webbing, that holds it in place. It was fixed, by the dealer. This was before we took delivery. It happened again. I'm told that new seats are coming, they are on back order. Hopefully they will be in before spring. The dealer is installing them.
  11. Assateague Island Md.

    Wild Pony on the bay beach.
  12. New honey

  13. Assateauge Island, Maryland

    Parked the new boat on a secluded area of the island.