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  1. I presently have a 2005 1850XL with a Etec 50 HP engine. 120 hours on boat and motor. 18 knots with 2 people and 13 knots with 5. I am considering a 2017 90 HP Etec. I have some questions and I am looking for some opinions. 1. Will I have to modify the boat in any way to swap out the engines? 2. What kind of performance can I reasonably expect to get with the 90 HP? 3. Would the boat have enough torque and speed to pull a skier? 4. Other than a cracked cowl (girlfriend went under a bridge and the Bimini came down and hit it, the engine runs great. I had the software updated right after I bought it. What would a used engine sold by me be worth?
  2. Hi, Thanks much for the wiring diagram. It does appear that they run all grounds through the stereo and then ground lug the stereo with a strap. When I install a new stereo I will make sure that I include the common ground in my new wiring harness.
  3. I bought a 2005 1850xl. The stereo did not have the faceplate. I took the stereo out to try to get a face plate. My navigation and docking light no longer work. I went to the dealer and asked. I was told to put the radio back in as he thought that they had used the radio to ground the lights. I put the non-working radio back in and reconnected the factory wiring. Lights work. I cannot find the same radio to replace my unit, so any new units I put in will not allow me to use the existing wiring harness. How is Bennington grounding my lights through the radio?