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  1. Hey glad to hear local lakes. Browns Lake. Lake Mary is nice, also Lake Elizabeth. I like the smaller lakes, have friend on Lake Como near Lake Geneva which is nice, lake Geneva too rough.
  2. You are so right. Just hanging is cool. When you tell people you want to sell it, now they want to go on it. One guy mentioned buyer's remorse; I was getting that just preparing to sell it! And a new boating friend and their fam/kids has summer home on a chain around here and offered to dock it there, keep costs down. Thanks and happy boating. Will keep you guys posted.
  3. Thanks, guys, great help. Am thinking of keeping it, beautiful boat, getting on it more now. Friends coming around! Might just switch lakes, take it to like a chain of lakes or something, for different environment. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for your support.
  4. Good point from the last two boaters. I'm not in a real hurry, the money is already spent on the purchase, and it is a beautiful boat, loaded. My original vision was to have different friends on it every weekend day, partying, and also my grandkids tubing etc. (I'm a young grandparent!) But they have their own lives and hardly come. Plus too big for me to tow so in 1 lake all year. The NADA price is good if I can get it. I'll relax a bit and think hard, I don't want to tip my hand and go back to the dealer lest they low-ball me, only as maybe last resort. Thanks much!! I appreciate all comments!
  5. Thanks so much, you guys, for these great ideas! I'll take them all seriously. Will keep you posted.
  6. Hi; first post! Bought in 2015 a new 21 SLX, loaded, 115 HP Yamaha 4 stroke, ski/tow bar, tri-toon, capt. chair, bluetooth, seats 10, low low hours, acid power-washed and stored inside annually, only taken out like 4x a yr SE Wisc lake. I just don't use it enough, can't get big parties of friends anymore to go, etc. Want to either sell, trade in to a dealer and/or downsize to maybe the 16 8 narrow beam, or a deck boat. To my fellow Bennington affectionados please, any ideas? Should I advertise in local print & outside, Boat, back to the dealer or another dealer? I don't know where to start. I've been looking at NADA prices for value but this is my 1st boat. Thanks for any help!! Also should I do this now or wait til Spring