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  1. Dave, We went with this one as it fits nicely between the rails of the curtain frame when the Swingback is closed. You need to have the head in a specific area but not a big deal. Works good for the wife. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00194F0CE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Nice work lakeliving!
  3. Always happy to help Lakeliving and you are always welcome to come over and use my machine too. Most important is to top stitch once you get your seams put together. Adds significant strength to it. Bonded Polyester thread will outlast the fabric.
  4. Yes! that was us out on Crane's Cove! Too nice out to stay home.
  5. I've worked on vehicle antennas for over 30 years and unfortunately the boating industry has not kept up with automotive. In the US the FM signal is circularly polarized meaning the signal is via line of site and arrives at the receiving antenna generally at a 45 degree angle. The old mast antennas use in cars for years were a 1/4 wave antenna which means it needed a ground plane in equal diameter as the length of the mast to work well. Also the vertical orientation of the mast is complimentary to the signal polarization. When cars started to hide the antenna in the rear glass, the car makers added vertical elements in the glass to give it a circular polarization to give it any hope of working. The junk they are using in boats is not much better than a piece of wire stuck in the back of the antenna jack. To complicate things the pseudo antenna hidden under the helm is commonly tied back to the harness which significantly reduces it's ability to do anything. On all of my boats in the past I've added a collapsible mast antenna and also lined the helm with copper foil where it was grounded to the antenna base. Significant improvement! What Cwag911 did to his is an absolute requirement to improve reception. Also keep the hidden antenna away from other wires as things like the fish finder will couple noise to the antenna and kill your reception. AM reception forget about it unless you are near a very strong station. If you don't want to add a mast antenna at lease give what Cwag911 did a shot.
  6. This issue seems strange to me. The high pressure pump is inside a reservoir that has a float, under the engine cover. If it's starving for fuel immediately upon starting the fuel tank must be siphoning fuel back out which seems like an opposite affect that heat would have. I thought these all had check valves in them so maybe that has gone bad. Keep us posted.............this is intriguing.
  7. Pure water is actually a very poor conductor but what does allow electricity to flow through the water is the junk and chemicals in the water, including salt. So it depends on the water quality and what the water contains. The human body is a significantly better conductor of electricity than water which is why a human will get electrocuted so easy when mixed with water/electricity. Path of least resistance.
  8. I do this for a hobby. I recommend diamond tip needles for surlast, at least that's what I use on my Singer 111W. Standard needles seems to puncture it more but I use size 20. Definitely top stitch everything once you get it together. Fun project!
  9. Oh man that sucks! Just yesterday I told my wife that anyone can buy a boat and legally get behind the wheel without any demonstration of the knowledge of basic boat laws. I usually stop as well but that could have happened to anyone so don't be so hard on your self. On our lake we see clockwise boaters pulling wake boarders and tubes all the time and some of those ski boats have the bow so high I know the driver can't see where they are going without standing up.
  10. From the album Sunday Afternoon on Lake Fenton

    Wife soaking up some sunshine
  11. Maniac did you get the Seastar hydraulic steering or cable steering? Just curious of your thoughts on the choice of steering you chose paired with the 115.
  12. The sender on mine is under one of the two access covers. I'm assuming the harness mating end is somewhere in the general area. Good luck!
  13. Nope you were right Michiman. Everyone at the marina I show this to are taken back by how loose it is. I don't believe my dealer or Bennington at all that this is normal. My dealer is embarrassed they didn't inform me I needed hydraulic steering and Bennington does not want to start a social media war and are covering for the dealer, which I understand. I for sure would have upgraded to the Seastar if I knew it was necessary. Regardless I'm fixing this once I decide on which brand. I'm looking at Uflex Protech and Seastar. Uflex seems to be better made from my research thus far but not sold on it yet.
  14. Mine has a second access cover under one of the seats where I can access the sender. Did you happen to check under the seats for another access point? Might get lucky.