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  1. Wow nice job!
  2. It looks like this controller is using low side switching for each zone. The strip lights have several red/green/blue LED's in one package and they drive each one at different PWM levels to get the various colors. I have noticed the controller can be left on when not in use and the individual switches are off which drives me crazy. I plan to use one of my unused switches to control the +12V feed to the controller it's self that way I no it's all off. I see no reason why you couldn't add another set of strip lights to an unused output of the controller. You would just need to run four wires from the controller to the new strip and I would put a switch in-line with the +12V (Red/White) wire for the new zone just as the factory ones are wired. Of course make sure you have a fuse or breaker in there if you are adding an additional switch and don't exceed the max current rating. See link for installation info. http://www.itc-rv.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2016/10/ITC-Zone-Controller-Install-Instructions.pdf
  3. I think the swingback is such a cool looking boat. Love it!
  4. I purchased one that is used to inflate rubber boats. I think I spent about $75 on it but it does draw about 30 amps which required a special connector and hook-up to my battery to make it easy. It inflates a large two person raft in about a minute or so. Looks kind of like this one but a little better built. https://www.wholesalemarine.com/obrien-high-pressure-12-volt-inflator/?gclid=CNHLn9CL_NMCFZeEaQodBH8CKA
  5. But as I read it on Simtex website, 303 cleaner is at the top of the list for cleaning. I guess 303 has a whole line of products maybe.
  6. Ask the dealer how long it will take to get add-on items just so you are not disappointed when it takes months to get a changing room, movable cup holders, etc. They need to be transparent with you about this stuff before you sign.
  7. Yep we really enjoy our 6 weeks of summer here in Michigan.
  8. This is a good head unit if you want to play loud music and are not so concerned with super high resolution sound. Sony put a Class D amplifier with a switching power supply in this unit to get a lot of output power (plays really loud) and this is a reasonable pairing with compressed music like MP3. The drawback is the high frequency content is distorted so it's not so good for audiophiles and also much of the time the switching power supply will interfere with AM reception. For a boat I think this is a really good option but I definitely would not like this in my car.
  9. Well we spent all day Saturday on the lake putting around and the steering got much worse. Now it is making random popping noises when going straight with a slight turn of the wheel. I'm now convinced the problem is in the helm area as others have said. I will give my dealer one more chance to actually look at it instead of trying to make me feel like I'm complaining about nothing. If they don't act I will need to contact Bennington for help. A brand new pontoon and I don't feel comfortable going faster than 10 mph.
  10. I stopped by my dealer this morning and they let me look at 3 other pontoons with Teleflex. All 3 had play in them but not quite as bad as mine and one was hydraulic steering. I'm going to take it easy for a few days on the boat and see what happens. I'm not impressed with this so far. Seems rather cheaply made in my opinion. My dealer said there is cable steering made by Uflex that is much higher quality. Regardless they said they will come to the marina to look at it for me.
  11. It was just really hard to turn at first but I didn't notice any play.I questioned my dealer and they said it was normal but they never looked at it blaming it on the motor size. Now last night I noticed the slop and occasional groans from the helm area along with the large amount of play. I just hope I'm not down for months waiting for parts. It's been 8 weeks and my privacy enclosure is still not in.
  12. My 2017 24SSBXP has less than 10 hours on it and I need to know if the cable steering is supposed to have a lot of play. I'm talking about 40 degrees of rotation and it seems really stiff once the motor does start to move. My dealer said to keep an eye on it but I think there is a problem. Anyone with cable steering................is this really normal?
  13. From the album 2017 24SSBXP

  14. From the album 2017 24SSBXP