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  1. Found the thread:
  2. Thanks for posting the video! Great info. A couple months before ordering our boat I purchased a very large duffel bag in navy blue. It is long enough to hold the poles & top. I'm going to try using this method and see if it can get it wide enough to fit in the bag. Thx again.
  3. Hi all, We joined the Bennington family this month and are proud owners of a 22SSRXP with SPS and Yamaha F150. We boat on Lake Wylie, SC. We are very happy with the boat. Can someone please post the lifting bulkhead locations for my hull?? I saw them previously and cannot locate the thread. Here's the dilemma: I'm needing assistance with my boat lift cradle. I replaced my cables. I then removed the prior bunks (V-hull) and added 3 2"x8"x16' boards. The lift is a Doozie 4 post lift. I believe the distance between the two I-beams is around 9 feet. Obviously this setup doesn't properly support the 2x8 at the ends and I haven't attempted to lift the boat yet.. Only floated the boat over the submerged cradle to confirm it would "fit". I was thinking about bolting/screwing 1&1/2" flat steel bar on both sides of each 2x8. Then I thought about using 1&1/2" Channel... The top will receive 1/2" starboard after either reinforcement. BUT after speaking with my brother/engineer, he said the ends will still sag and I should put I-beams under each pontoon. So now I'm pricing aluminum I-Beams. They are available locally (Charlotte) at a good price. I was thinking 2 beams for each toon (6 total) with the 2x8 then starboard mounted on top. Would I be better off with ONE I-Beam under each toon (3 total) and then adding 4 Bunk Brackets to each I-Beam. picture of bracket below. The aluminum I-Beam is 3" tall, 2.509" wide and .349" thick.