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  1. Wow that beautiful, welcome to the club!
  2. Wow! What a great surprise! I have never seen a two story Bennington before. Is it flat and open on top or are there seats or loungers or something? Great place to sun. Also great looking boat.
  3. Havasu I would be very interested in seeing that, please do post pics. My build date is possibly today, and I'm getting a 22ssbxp with black out. Seems like a perfect add. Haven't even got it yet and I'm already trying to add! :/ I think this is going to be a long, expensive trip! Haha
  4. 22ssbxp (when they build it!) :-)
  5. That is quite a beauty! What a great summer you have coming! Happy Easter. Congratulations!
  6. You got the confirmation that many (myself included) are patiently waiting for! Congratulations!
  7. That's funny remediation. Lol. Thank you lake living, I am on Williams lake near Oakland county airport. I ordered a 22ssbxp (swingback). Regatta Blue with granite accent. Two toons because my lake is not so big. Blackout pkg. Regatta Blue Bimini. Driftwood interior with sandstone accent. Lighting package, 115 hp Yamaha, ski tow bar, upgraded stereo, other stuff I can't think of now but seemed ultra important then (haha). I will post pics when it makes it home. Hopefully in late June!
  8. Beautiful! Great choices!
  9. We are in very similar positions decker! I too have a boat on order and am currently waiting on a build date. But I am decidedly behind you in line! I live on Williams Lake which is next to white lake near the Oakland county airport. There seem to be a few of us here from the area. That's great! We had a 20 ft manitou that we were happy with until the wind storm we had a few weeks back blew a pine tree on top of it. :/ Now I ordered a 22 ssbxp swingback. Regatta blue with smoke granite accent. Blackout edition with a Yamaha 115. Driftwood interior, lights, upgraded stereo, and other this and thats. Before you know it, we spent our insurance settlement along with that much more! So excited to get a bennington though. I'm bummed that you haven't gotten your build date yet. We ordered ours just a couple of weeks ago, so We are looking around July 1st. Once we get it, I will post some pics as well. I'll show you mine if you show me yours! :-)
  10. I've ordered my first bennington after a pine tree fell on my manitou. Ordered a 22ssbxp. Waiting on my build date now!