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  1. Anyone have any reviews or experience with a Solas RUBEX L3 9571-155-17 SS prop ? It's a 15.5 X 17. I'm thinking about trying it out on my 2275GS w/ a Yamaha VMAX 150 HPDI, I don't know much about Solas props, how would this prop compare to a Enertia or Quicksilver Q3? I'm concerned I may be a over-propped with that size, but I'm not usually heavily loaded. Thanks, jf
  2. I have a Bennington 2275GS w/ a Yamaha 150 V-Max HPDI on it. I'm the second owner, the original owner put a 4 bladed SS 13-3/4X18 prop of unknown mfg on it, I think to have power to pull heavy loads (4 big guys on a tube) ? The boat handles well and has good acceleration, pulling a tube or not, up to about 25-30 mph then it kinda stops accelerating and just revs up. I'm at abt 6100rpm at WOT at 30mph, which is over revving according to Yamaha tech (they said 5500-5800 is ideal). I've trimmed up/down w/o any real improvement. The motor is mounted in the second hole from the top. Ken at PropGod thinks I need a Quicksilver Q3 15x15 or an Enertia 15x15. He said either one of these would be better than what I have and better than any Yamaha prop, What do ya'll think? I'd appreciate any info to save me time/money, Thanks jf