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  1. Thanks...the extra decking material is just used as a cover just to protect the actual flooring while they are working.
  2. +1
  3. Ha! That's Funny, I didn't realize it was in the shot. I actually brought that along for the guy that was Rigging and Prepping my boat. I figured that's the kind of guy that you want to take care of. I had my sales guy ask him what kind of Brew he liked, and figured it couldn't hurt to hook him up with a little gratitude.
  4. Thanks!
  5. It's here! Got to get a look at it yesterday while they were getting it rigged and prepped...I was able to snap a few wasn't good but you get the point.
  6. That's an amazing site
  7. It's my fault...I bought a new boat....Expect the worst summer weather in at least the last 12 yrs. I'm cursed!
  8. Received a Call this Morning from the Dealer. The Dealer received a call from Bennington and the boat is now built and sitting on the trailer ready to be shipped. Dealer says they expect it either Tuesday 5/16 or Wednesday 5/17. They say they are hoping to have it delivered to me by this weekend. They had originally scheduled me for delivery on 5/12 but due to delay with furniture they cancelled. Hoping to have it by the weekend but not getting my hopes up just yet since they will have to prep and rig the boat but keeping my fingers crossed. Just thought I'd post an update. I'll post pics once I have them.
  9. Thanks Pittsburgh! Hope to have pics soon. Will be sure to post em.
  10. I guess the thing about it is that they don't have unlimited time for delivery because at some point a customer may walk but they are pretty much held hostage same as we are by the amount of time that it takes to build the boat. I know the dealer wants the boat to arrive as quickly as possible because they don't get paid until the sale is finalized. Did the Dealer give you a build date for your boat yet? The Dealer should be able to tell you what your build date is based on the info they receive from Bennington. If you placed your order and it was finalized end of Feb that is something I would think they would have by now. I would reach back out and ask them if they received a specific date for the build from Bennington. If not then I would ask them to reach out and find out when it is. I'm pretty new at this since this is my first boat they was built for me, my build date was 5/4 and on 5/3 the dealer reached out to me to schedule delivery for 5/12. I thought that seemed odd that they were planning to delivery date before it was even build but I wasn't going to discourage it. I'm still waiting to get word that the boat has arrived at the dealer so I can go sign for it but I'm ready to go as soon as I get the call. For what it's worth I understand your frustration as I'm sure many others on this forum do, especially with the weather warming up. It's been 10 days since your last conversation with the dealer so I would call them up again and see what new info they have if any...If they don't have a build date then I would probably ask to speak to the sales manager...At this point you should have at least the build date or a reason as to why not.
  11. Just got some good news from the Dealer (Wilsons)...They received a build date...5/4/17, so if all goes as planned I should be in the water by Memorial day!
  12. Great news! 6 1/2 week turn time is nothing to sneeze at. I'd be happy with even a 10 or 12 week turn time so the fact that yours was done and to the dealer in 6 1/2 weeks gives me hope! Don't forget to post pics once you get them. Once again Congrats on the new baby.....I mean boat!
  13. Ha! That's what my salesman said . I'm trying to look at the bright side...probably saved myself from having to listen to one of my kids crying because they burnt themselves on that hot black railing
  14. Thanks J. Keep me posted on any updates you get if you don't mind...and I guess I'll be the first to tell you to send pics as soon as it arrives...shouldn't be much longer for you now.
  15. Thanks everyone...I really appreciate the info I've gained from you all not just in this topic but the hundreds of others in this forum....Dave thats going to be a sharp looking boat! I loved the blackout but when we went to the g series that's one of the things we had to take off the table. I made a deal with the wife...I picked the floor plan and she could pick the colors..champagne with smoke granite accent along with the sport upholstery in driftwood. Just talking about it right now makes me want to add that blackout back but I'm not going to risk being pushed back any further. I will let everyone know when I hear news from the dealer..might help some others get an idea of what to expect moving forward in 17.