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  1. But they will still charge $100 if you are lucky.
  2. Take into account it may take an hour to get to the lake from Charlotte depending on the time of day and where in Charlotte the meetings are even though it is only 20 miles north of center city. Cant wait until the toll lanes are finished (que the sarcasm)
  3. It was a surprise. Never expected to see you in just a random cove on a big lake. Good thing you put pictures of the new wrap in the gallery. I recognized the wrap on the front door. Big world made smaller by Bennington's forum. Big K got to meet Boone dog that started this journey.
  4. I am assuming you have the swingback rail installed. I have the same issue in that water collects because of the rail. I haven't 100% solved it, but made it better by looping the strap across the bimini taking it from under the bimini toward the bow and looping it across the top of the bimini and coming down the stern side. This has a straighter pull on the cover. Also helps if you slide it as far to the starboard side as possible. My next solution will be to cut a stiff pool noodle a few inches higher than the rail and stand it up under the "puddle" like a pole.
  5. The road isn't quite as bad as the Dragon's Tail when you are going to Fontana Village from the east. I use to live in East Tennessee and have traveled the Dragon's Tail in from the west. Wouldn't want to do it with a trailer behind, especially if I wanted to get there quickly. No breaking land speed records on that road. Also, dragging a trailer makes those that KC is talking about mad as they can't do what they came to do.
  6. She told me on our bowriders that she could duck behind the windscreen. I told her the next one might need to be a windscreen toon. Fortunately the hair day is only every 6-8 weeks.
  7. I had been out of town a few days and when I got home last night, Mrs. Salad wanted to go for an evening boat ride. One condition, I couldn't go faster than 10 mph because she had her hair done and didn't want the wind to mess it up. So I "semi" complied. When she saw I was at 12 mph, she let me know it. She said said she enjoyed the slow cruise and wanted to know if I did. I told her that someone would complain, either me for going so slow or her for messing up her hair. I told her that we could have saved a lot of money if this were her idea of boating by just getting a 20 HP engine. Then I realized this must be how Semper feels .
  8. From the album PonTuna Salad

  9. From the album PonTuna Salad

  10. I didn't get a trailer for the boat so it stays on Norman. We had talked about taking our other boats there but never wanted to pull around the curvy roads to get to the resort with something that long and it just never happened. There are ramps closer to Bryson City where the roads aren't as curvy, so if I were to take a boat there, that is what I would do, but I wanted to take her to the resort. The original plan was to go that weekend with the Waverunner since the boat would be in the shop with the repair when they were talking 10 days.
  11. It wouldn't be the aluminum expanding, it would be the air in the toon. As it sets in the sun it is heated and the pressure increases. Sitting it in the water cools it and pressure will decrease. If there is a plug that is not right, air will move as pressure changes.
  12. In the mountains of southwestern North Carolina. About an hour west of Asheville. Not far from the Tennessee border. The town of Bryson City is at the headwaters. It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive for us.
  13. On my Yamaha I have to be paying attention to know when it goes into neutral and reverse. There is no definite click. Not what I was use to with Mercruiser I/Os.
  14. I noticed the same thing this past weekend. I pulled in a cove, turned the engine off and dropped anchor. As I went back past the helm I noticed the tachometer. I actually turned the key again to make sure it was off since the engine is so quite.
  15. Had a great time at Fontana. The resort wasn't like Mrs. Salad remembered, after all it had been 3.... years. Even at noon on Saturday after July 4th, the lake was smooth as glass. Only saw 6 boats underway in the first 17 miles traveling upstream. We went 27 miles upstream on our Waverunner then noticed the thunderclouds and Mrs. Salad didn't have a problem with WOT on the way back to the resort 25 miles away. There are 3 rivers that make the lake. When you are in a hurry, every tree and every cove looks the same. No landmarks and only 9 channel markers in over 20 miles. We made it back just as the storm caught us. Oh yea, they welded up the toon and we got it back in time for last weekend.