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  1. We were going with the telescoping ladder as my wife didn't want a blackout ladder due to it getting hot. Our salesman talked her out of the blackout package so she decided to go with the aluminum ladder (and was glad of it). She was afraid of the telescoping ladder as our last boat had one. She would never raise the ladder as she was afraid she would get pinched. I even had to put a rope on it so she could let it down.
  2. I have one that looks like a mini hair dryer that I have had for years. May have gotten it from target. Less than $20. Plugs into the accessory plug but came with an adapter that clipped to the battery. Pumps pretty fast, at least better than a reciprocating compressor.
  3. We are in the cove with the discharge canal.
  4. On my way to work this morning at 6am I crossed over Lake Norman and thought to myself, "PonTuna Salad, the lake sure is calm. It would be a great day to be on the lake." Of course if I could have been on the lake, I wouldn't have been up so early. We thought about getting the Waverunner out, but we are puppy sitting while our daughter is traveling for work. Don't want to leave him at home alone (I saw that movie), and don't want to train him to ride. Based on everything else he has cost me, no telling what he would want if I did that.
  5. I leave my guns at home but do always have a Bowie type knife on board the boat. Never thought much about pirates on Lake Norman, but I guess they could be anywhere. Arrrr!
  6. Did you find anything?
  7. The dog will enjoy it. He also likes being able to go in our backyard when he visits us and dig in the woods.
  8. It's here! Didn't get to see it but it arrived last night. Dealer will rig it while I am gone and she will be waiting in dry storage.
  9. I guess it could be the vacation that lasts all summer (except the going back to work part. ).
  10. We were told today that the boat has been shipped and should arrive at the dealer this weekend. Like we thought, after it's rigged, it will be ready to deliver just as we are leaving for 2 1/2 weeks. Is it ok to want your vacation to hurry up and end?
  11. I normally take my battery out, but last year I didn't. I put it in storage in October and in April when I pulled it out I expected it to be dead. I turned the key, and nothing. I was dreading bringing the jump starter to the boat as the marina was doing dock work and the ramp was not attached. I had to climb down an attached ladder the lift operators use to get to the dock. Only thing was the lake was so far down, the bottom rung was 3 feet from the dock and I knew getting the jump starter down would be hard. Then I realized I turned the battery switch off when I stored it. Turned the switch on, turned the key and the motor cranked. That with a 7 year old battery. That being said, I think you will be ok for a few weeks.
  12. They had to move the existing bunks to the center, add another set of bunks to each side and rotate and swap each lift arm. So now the top of the arm is in the water and the arm is on the other side. About 5 hours work. Tritoon conversion kit was $1850. Total turned out to be $2500. Lift now sets about 3' back in the dock.
  13. Let me say "everyone was right". We sold our boat a couple of weeks ago. Last weekend was our youngest daughter's 25th birthday. She wanted to take a few friends to the lake so we decided to rent a boat for the day. First, shoutouts to LNM and our salesman that got us a great deal on a rental. We rented a 24SX with a Yamaha 150. My questions were answered. Sure it won't run 50+ mph like the 300/350 crowd, but I still have that $30k. But I rarely ran that fast when I had a boat that would do that. I found it ran 30+ with 6 people and cruised at 25 comfortablely. That is what I did 90% of the time on the other boat anyway. With 11 on board, 26 mph was lever as far as it would go, but hey, I couldn't get 11 on the other boat anyway. Sure, more HP would be nice, but money in the bank is nice too. I think we will be happy the 95% of the time we are on the lake with 150. For the other 5, that is what the 60mph Wave Runner is for.
  14. Got the Hydrohoist converted from a bow rider to a tritoon this week. Boat is supposed to be on the factory floor as I write. Just waiting.
  15. I was thinking from what I have read on this forum, that the forum built regardless of budget, after all it is not our money.