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  1. The previous picture was a bad angle. Here it is in front of Neyland Stadium on the banks of the Tennessee River. Notice they have moved the Coke cooler off the top deck.
  2. I saw this about 10 years ago. Quite the Redneck Houseboat/Pontoon. Go Vols!
  3. You may have already made the decision now, but when my wife saw the swingback, she fell in love with it. End of discussion. That is her seat ALL of the time (we have the rails). I'm sure the CW is a great boat, but the swingback kind of gives you both, CW up front, sunpad in the rear. Come to think of it, like a mullet, business in the front, party in the rear.
  4. Will do. Didn't plan on cove circling tonight. Didn't expect the water to be so rough.
  5. We did. Started out riding down the main channel, but it was a little rough for some reason. Wound up Circling coves tonight. About 3 or 4 off Kiser Island, turned around at the one next to yours (looked at the castle on the point) and yours then headed back and went through the one behind you. Just trying to relax.
  6. Kaydano, I have put silicone caulk in the hole. I will see how it does over the 4th week. If I do not see it drain, I may wait as well. Just got back from a 1 hour sunset ride on the Waverunner. I happened to think, the service manager told me that it wasn't safe to use with a hole in the toon. He didn't offer to come get it. He just told me that the marina dock was open until 8 tonight and he sure to cover it and leave the keys. I guess it was a CYA thing in case it failed and left me floating in the lake.
  7. I agree. I work in power plant maintenance and I believe the welding is about 15 minutes. It's the testing that will take a while, but if their welding contractor is that backed up, maybe they need more than one sub.
  8. I am headed to the lake now to "gob" it up with silicon caulk. It will cure 2 days before I use it. My mother's 81th birthday is Sunday so I am going out of town to see her. Can't see where I could sink it with the amount of water it could take on in 5-6 hours at a time. I can lift it and drain it each night. Not like it is sitting there and I don't know it. Funny thing is our good friend and former neighbors want to go out on it. We invited them on the maiden voyage and told them it could be a great celebration, maybe like the Titanic. Now I am questioning that joke. But maybe I might just wear a life jacket and stay close to shore.
  9. Thought about that. Didn't know how much trouble to clean that up for the welder. Knew that caulk would come off.
  10. It is below the water line. On the bottom/front/leading edge of the cone, but just before it welds to the tube. How much water does it take to make a 24' tritoon unstable if it is on the port side?
  11. That was kind of my point. Better weather, more people that want to boat and boat more.
  12. Mrs. Salad isn't happy, especially with their timeline on the repair. It is pretty small. About like fine dental floss. I thought about sealing it with silicone and run with it through the 4th. Especially since I can lift it and let it drain each day. Not like it sits in the water. If that were the case I wouldn't have known it and I would use it until I noticed it listing.
  13. Notice that most of the states were southern. Is that because of the weather and a longer boating season or something else? (Am I stereotyping?)
  14. Well, got bad news today. Had the toon in the water 3 times since I took delivery. I have it on a lift and I noticed a stream of water coming from the weld along the bottom of a nose cone, about 1" from the tube weld. I took a video of it and this morning went to the Bennington dealer. I talked with someone in the service department and they told me that if I wanted to use it over the 4th weekend to bring it after then as it would take more than a week to repair. About 1 hour later, I got a call from the service manager. He wanted to know about the leak. He told me to bring it by today and leave it. He said that there was no way it would be repaired in time to use it for the 4th and that I shouldn't use it with a leak. Well of course I hate to not use it as I will be off the entire week. Should I risk using it with a pinhole leak? I can lift it every night to let it drain.
  15. Mrs. Salad is an insurance agent. About 2 years ago she had a customer insure a new pontoon with a 300 HP engine. About a week later he came in to report the engine stolen. Seems someone (i guess several "someone's") had backed a boat up behind his in the marina and lifted the engine off during the night. They basically destroyed his boat getting it off. I think the boat was totaled. He even had the nerve to accuse Mr. Salad of being part of the ring as "she was the only person that knew about the engine". Duh! Don't you think a 300 HP engine on a pontoon gets enough attention on it's own?