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  1. Well, I picked the trailer Monday , everything is going well the dealer has received her on Tuesday and got the motor Wednesday , had her in the water testing props . So as planned we are pulling out Friday to St Cloud , we actually. Added a extra stop we have a tour scheduled at the Bennington factory . The wait is almost over !
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  8. So after a anxious few months . it took a little arm twisting but I got some pictures of her . I was told everything was in stock and it should be at the dealers at the beginning of next week . I pick up the trailer on Monday and plan on making the trip fromm So Cal to Minnesota leaving Friday hopefully with no problems be at the Dealership late Sunday afternoon. spend a day or two just to go over everything and then continue the trip , unfortunately I can't post them here so ill try and post them in the Gallery section
  9. Great news , I spoke with Bennington today and they are still on schedule to start the build tomorrow ( August 1st ) it will be one of the first 2018's Built . They said everything is there and shouldn't be any delays ,fingers crossed. I have requested pictures during the build and if I do receive them I will post as it goes . and Yes I'm very excited can't wait to get back on the water its been a very long summer
  10. Mike , I was looking at Lake Greenwood to retire on, Ive actually on a mailing list with Emerald real estate for waterfront property would you mind expressing your thoughts on area . I was originally looking at Lake Wylie near Charlotte but property has become very pricey in the last few years
  11. We placed this order on May 29th after cancelling our local dealers order. I received a update from the dealer Bennington has set a build date of August 1st and if all goes well the dealer expects it to be on their lot the following week I'm keeping my fingers crossed , just hoping there isn't any delays. seeing as we will be traveling from Southern California to Minnesota to pick it up and are tentatively looking to get a house on a lake near the dealer thru VRBO or AIRBNB to stay in for a few days ,to run it and make sure there aren't any issues . if anyone has a suggestion for what lake to stay on,it would be greatly appreciated the dealership is in St. Cloud and would like to stay with in a hours drive .
  12. Just Curious was the 25FT roll enough to finish everything you needed? it looks very clean definitely something I'll be adding
  13. I would check with a local boat cover/upholstery shop and have them make to your liking , They probably will me able to match your same color cover besides that the fabric is probably going to hold up much better
  14. Well after waiting over a month and still not receiving any confirmation from the dealer that Bennington had confirmed the order. I made the decision to cancel the order with my local dealer, it was a difficult decision . However in the end this has worked out for the better . I eventually started some talks with another dealer and had them price out the build, I literally feel out of the chair when they came back with the price, beating my local dealer by huge amount after expenses traveling and all the misc. by well over 15K . and almost 28% off of MSRP. I reexamined the build and added the Heavy top stitch and the VesselView 702 . I gave the go ahead and received a confirmation within 72 hours . its been two weeks and the dealer has kept me very well informed. I'm hoping to take possession around the beginning of August with fingers crossed. The Best part is it will be built as a 2018!!! Now the suspenseful wait!!