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  1. that is Lake Conroe. Heading there next week I think. Then down to Port O'Conner to night fish reds and flounder in Matagorda Bay in October off Pass Cavallo.
  2. love it! Gorgeous boat! Mines little! LOL! Love the underglows! They definitely make your 'toon stand out! My next step is polished to A MIRROR SHINE! Our new Lowrance Elite7Ti worked like a champ as well!
  3. From the album 2015 20SLX

  4. From the album 2015 20SLX

    Back from SMG Wake and 20-hr maint. Added my fishing gear & new prop
  5. From the album 2015 20SLX

    added new Bennington raised chrome registration numbers
  6. well without going into a bunch of detail Other than to say DOAH! After reading all this I figured I had to have made a mistake in my measurements! Went to storage with my own tape measure. Low and behold 2 things!! A tape measure that had been repaired (the 1 I originally used)! AND I read the wrong side of the measure!! Needless to say..."all is well". My boat is 20'! And I am still a proud owner of the finest pontoon boat made! She goes in on the 20th for 20 hr maint., new prop and the other extras! We can't wait. Pics will sure to follow.....
  7. If it's actual pontoon length....I am still in a quandary. My toons are as long as the deck. 24 ft. My title says 20.03'. And believe me, I am not complaining at all! I feel like I have a 24'....with a 20' fence area. More bang for the buck. Just trying to understand the rational. And that may be Benningtons "hook". "we measure fenced area".....not "deck area". so for all practical purposes you do get more "deck for your buck"....(Bennington may not use my new "catch phase" term without permission ;)). But what is the cut off limit? Is there some sort of maritime federal or state mandated regulation concerning LOA on boats? Who decides? Don't they regulate motor size by footage? Is that "manufactures suggested footage"...or "actual take a tape measure and measure the deck"? 4 feet difference on a "said" 20 foot boat is a 25% variant. I consider that substantial. Especially when considering motor and person capacity!! If it was maybe 5-7%...no biggie! But 25%! Is this an anomaly? Or just "thats the pontoon world"...and I am learning the in's and out's? And I'll say it again "I LOVE MY BENNY AND AM A PROUD BENNINGTON OWNER"! Just confused?? DOAH!
  8. Glad I found this thread! I have similar question I guess. Not really a problem. I LOVE MY BENNY! Although I do have a question for this highly intelligent informative group, who I know will have the answer.....or at least fake it enough to sound good! Kidding!! I bought a '15 20SLX. It was a "showroom" boat since '15. Never seen water. The Benny rep says Bennington measures the boat by the rails, not bow to stern deck size. My 2015 20SLX, 2 toons, measures 24 ft. from tip of bow to stern. Appox. 2' 6" of bow space and the stern is a few inches wider. You could actually lay down and sunbath on either end of the boat. So standing back looking at the boat it does look like a small playpen sitting on a big honkin' deck! So if my deck size is 24 feet long...why isn't the boat registered as a 24 foot. If they made a boat with a 30 foot deck and stick a 20 foot play pen on it...is it measured as a 20 foot boat? Say they build a 30 foot deck and stick a 10 foot play pen on it. It certainly can't be considered a 10 foot boat! And the engine has to still push around all that deck....24 feet of it. Yet the boat is rated as 20ft. Can someone please explain this too me. Not complaining in any way! I LOVE MY BENNY. I love having the extra decking at bow and stern. Other pontoon owners have come over to see my "Benny", they love the extra deck space, their models don't have that. I've been next to SUnTracker 20's and my Benny is huge compared to them. But after I measured the boat I wondered why it isn't rated as a 24 foot? The boat is 24 feet long...EOS.
  9. roger that. Understood. Thanks for everything.
  10. Howdy all. Silly me I should have asked the question that way to begin with. Appears deleting is a "moderator only" function. Link: if that is the easiest thing then yes! I'd be happy to start over now that I understand the uploading process. I'm one of those anal organized goofs who likes everything in labeled dated folders. Any indication that maybe in the future the "delete" function can be added as a "user" function only to those items that person uploaded? If not, no biggie obviously. And thanks to all the "BennyHeads" for input! (Grateful Dead fan hear, "Deadheads"!) She goes in on the 20th for her accessories add-ons! Pics will be soon to follow of beautiful Lake Conroe! I'm a video guy! For vids, is the best thing to post links to Youtube? Can this site handle large vid files?
  11. I understand what you are saying. I've viewed the pics all 3 ways. List, Large & thumbnail. I get no box to check on any of them. I've used Firefox and IE? Is a popup suppose to appear or is it a drop-down type "checkbox"? Do I need to make sure "Popups" is turned on and not blocked? Pop-ups was "Blocked". I added club.bennington.marine.com to the "Allow" list. No change.
  12. When I am in my Profile page & I click albums. It shows the 1 album I have created. 1 bigger photo and 6 smaller pics. I click on 1 of those and it opens. All I see in upper right corner is "add", "rotate", "other sizes" & "set as". No little square to click in and get a check mark.
  13. made the mistake of clicking on "upload without using an album". I would like those gone. Or at least "move" them too the 1 album I did create. Or if they are duplicates, just delete the ones NOT in the album.
  14. How do I delete pics I either uploaded in the wrong album or just flat don't want on-line anymore. I wish them gone. Can I do that or does a site admin have to do that?? Thanks
  15. Dealer will have to research the prop. I have looked all over this one. Not a single number or digit or stamping of any kind.....anywhere. It's a mystery prop! So once the dealer pulls it we may know. Other than that. Once I rule out faulty gauge. And they hook the engine up to the computer. My money is on a new performance pontoon prop. Even if we can't find out what this one is. I'm not leaving it on my engine! Getting a new prop regardless. At least I'd know what I have.